Roper Families Documents created by
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Roper Union Meetings I through VI
Origin of the Roper surname
Roper Families Reunions Notices
Roper Genetics Project
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Roper Hearing Loss Genetics Project
Speculations about U.S. Roper Families Origins
Roper Surname: African-American Ancestry
Roper/Rooper families in Britain
The Barons Teynham
Roper Families in West Indies
Roper Families in Northern United States
Roper Families in Virginia
Roper Families in North Carolina
Roper Families in South Carolina
Roper Families in Oklahoma
Roper family of Burke County NC
Roper Families in Other Southern States
A Roper Family in West Virginia
Roper family of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Persons with Surname Roper who Passed Through Ellis Island NY to Enter the USA
The Mysterious Meredith Roper
Family of Joshua Rufus Roper
Prince Albert Roper descendants?
Sylvester Howard Roper, inventor
Roper-Little Families Connections
The Roper Nose
Imaginary and Real Famous Ropers
Places Named Roper
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