Baron Teynham (Linsted, Kent England)

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1st: John Roper b 1534 d 1618
2nd: Christopher Roper b c1562 m 1590 d 1622 (son)
3rd: John Roper d 1627 (son)
4th: Christopher Roper b c1621 m 1640 d 1673 (son)
5th: Christopher Roper m 1674 d 1689 (son)
6th: John Roper d 1697 (son)
7th: Christopher Roper d 1699 (brother)
8th: Henry Roper b c1676 m 1703,1715 d 1723 (brother)
9th: Philip Roper b 1707 d 1727 (son)
l0th: Henry Roper m 1733,1766,1772 d 1781 (brother)
l1th: Henry Roper b 1733 m 1753 d 1786 (son)
12th: Henry Roper b 1764 d 1800 (son)
13th: John Roper b 1767 d 1824 (brother)
14th: Henry Francis Roper-Curzon b 1767 m 1788,1828 d 1842 (cousin)
15th: Henry Roper-Curzon b 1789 m 1815,1839 d 1842 (son)
16th: George Henry Roper-Curzon b 1798 m 1822,1873 (brother)
17th: Henry George Roper-Curzon b 1822 m 1860 d 1892 (son)
18th: Henry John Philip Roper-Curzon b 1867 m 1895 d 1936 (son)
19th: Christopher John Henry Roper-Curzon b 1896 m 1927,1955 (son)
20th: John Christopher Ingham Roper-Curzon b 1928 m 1964 (son)

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Tomb of John Roper (1st Baron Teynham b c1534 d 1618) and his second wife Elizabeth Dyon in the Roper Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Lynsted, Kent England. His first wife, Elizabeth Parke is memorialized by a brass in the chapel floor.
Tomb of Christopher Roper (2nd Baron Teynham b1561/2 d 1622) and his wife Katherine Seaborne in the Roper Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Lynsted, Kent England.
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Map showing the location of Lynsted, Kent, England:.

The first Baron Teynham commissioned a genealogist to work up a genealogy of the Roper family. The result was recorded in a book and a large parchment roll called the Roper Roll, c1636. The contents of the Roper Roll can be found in the Latter Day Saints Genealogy Library, Salt Lake City UT, film #1751697, Item 11. The 20th Baron Teynham showed me the book and the Roper Roll in his home near Lymington, England.

The 20th Baron Teynham and the Roper Roll:

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L. David Roper took this picture of at Pylewell Park, Hampshire (west of Lymington on The Solent) in the summer of 1992 of the 20th Baron Teynham with the Roper Roll, which hangs in the stairwell. He also visited there in the summer of 1991 and saw the Roper Roll in the attic then..

Roper Roll in the London Metropolitan Archives. It is layed out different than the Roper Role the Baron Teynham has.

Location of Pylewell Park east of Lymington, Hampshire, on the The Solent.

A detailed document about this family is at

Roper properties in England

William Roper, who married Margaret More daughter of Sir Thomas More, is an uncle of John Roper, 1st Baron Teynham, with common ancestors John Roper and Jane Fineaux.


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