Imaginary and Real Well-Known Ropers
(If I have left any out, let me know:
A listing of Ropers on Wikipedia
Stanley Roper in Three's Company TV show played by Norman Fell
Mrs. Helen Roper in Three's Company TV show played by Audra Lindley.
Steve Roper, news photographer in comic strips (cartoonist John Allen Saunders (b 24 Mar 1899 Lebanon IN; d 29 Nov 1986 Toledo OH)).
See: and
Mr. Saaunders also created the comic strips Chief Wahoo, Mary Worth and Kerry Drake.
Douglas Roper, detective, is featured in several English novels by Roy Hart.
Flint Roper and the Six-Gun Showdown
Scott Roper in the 1997 movie Metro is played by Eddie Murphy; Scott is a hostage negotiator.
Officer Roper is played by Grant Goodeye in the T. J. Hooker TV episode Blue Murder
Mrs. Roper, a Cockney cleaning lady in the Agatha Christie's play Verdict.
George Roper (George Francis Funival), British comedian
A rental cougar named Roper.
Schooners named Jane Roper, Richard Roper and Tom Roper in England
William Roper (b 1498 d 1577), who married Margaret More, daughter of Thomas More (b 1476 d 1535).
Data for this family can be downloaded at
There is a web site devoted to Thomas More.
William Roper wrote a book about Thomas More.
John Roper (b 1534 d 1618), First Baron Teynham.
Data for this family can be downloaded at
William Roper (1765-1832), Irish lawyer on Isle of Man: wrote A Short History of the Transactions in the Isel of Man.
James W. Roper (b 1801 James City VA d 1856 Mobile AL), son of Randolph Roper, built a mansion called Oakleigh House in Mobile, Alabama. Read about and see a picture of the house at and
Not many of the European-ancestry Ropers in the United States had enough wealth to afford having slaves during the slavery period of the United States. One who had slaves was Henry Roper of Orange/Caswell County North Carolina. One of Henry's sons, Moses Roper was born to Nancy; a slave of Henry's. Moses became quite famous in England because he escaped slavery and wrote a book about his life, which is very explicit about the torture methods used by many slave holders. (Several universities use Moses' book in African-American studies courses.)
A picture of Moses (He was 6'6" tall with white skin and kinky hair.).
A short biography of Moses. A Chronology of Moses' Life
Richard Roper (b c1730 d 1775), British painter who specialized in painting horses.
Sylvester/Silvester Howard Roper (b 1823 NH), builder of steam motorcycles and automobiles.
See Sylvester Roper, American Inventor for more details. Also, see:
He was born in Francestown NH, lived in Roxbury MA and died in 1896 in Cambridge MA while demonstrating his steam motorcycle. The motorcyle is in the Smithsonian Institution.
Ancestry of Sylvester Howard Roper.
There was a Roper Caloric Machine in New York City. Was it Sylvester Roper's?
Joseph Basil Roper, Catholic Church priest; made 2nd Bishop of the Diocese of Toowoomaba, Australia in 1938.
He is a member of the John Roper (b 1495 Eng d 1559 Eng) family.
John Roper, Australian explorer; Roper Peak and Roper River are named after him. His ancesty is Lakenheath, Suffolk, England.
Mary Anne Roper Wragg (b 1848 Charleston SC d 1926 Charleston SC m 1874 Samuel Wragg) composed sheet music:
The Roper-Starch Company, originally Roper Opinion Research Company.
Connected is the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Univ. of Connecticut. This company was started by Elmo Burns Roper, Jr. (b1900 NE d 1971).
His ancestry is well known back through the John Roper who came to Massachusetts c1637 (see above).
However, I only know of his son Burns Worthington Roper and nothing else about his descendants.
I would appreciate getting more data on this family.
The Roper Manufacturing Company of Zanesville OH. This company makes kitchen appliances and yard-maintenance machinery. This company was founded by George Denny Roper (b 8 Feb 1855 Springfield IL d 17 Nov 1925 Rockford IL), a member of the Massachusetts Roper family. Search for George D. Roper on dogpile search engine.
Roper Industries of Bogart, Georgia is a publicly traded manufacturer of fluid handling,
industrial controls and analytical instrumentation for a diverse end market base.
Roper Pumps of Commerce GA
Lanning Roper (b 1912 NJ d 1983 London England) was a well known garden designer in England.
He immigrated there from the United States. He authored seven books and many magazine articles about designing gardens.
A book about his work is: Lanning Roper and his Gardens by Jane Brown, 1987.
His ashes were scattered over the gardens at Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent England.
He received an honors degree in Fine Arts form Harvard University in 1933.
He served in the U.S. Navy in WWII, and was in charge of Div 67 on D-Day.
He was commissioned as Prince Charles' landscape gardener in 1981 to do the grounds at Highgrove House in the Cotswolds.
His ancestry is well known back through the John Roper who came to Massachusetts c1637 (see above).
He married but had no children.
Myra Ellen Roper (b 13 Dec 1912 York, England), Australian educator and author. Does anyone know about her ancestry?
Daniel Calhoun Roper (1867-1943) of Washington, D.C. Born in Marlboro County, S.C., April 1, 1867.
Member of South Carolina state house of representatives, 1892;
Delegate to Democratic National Convention from District of Columbia, 1924, 1936;
U.S. Secretary of Commerce, 1933-38; U.S. Minister to Canada, 1939.
Died in Washington, D.C., April 11, 1943. Interment at Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
He was a graduate of Trinity College (now Duke University), Durham NC.
He is a member of the Richard Roper and Ann Lewis family
Roper Hall at American University in Washington DC was named after him.
J. Roper was a map engraver in England c1800.
Historian Hugh Trevor-Roper (b 1914) has written several books.
He is the Baron Dacre of Glanton and a descendant of the 8th Baron Teynham.
For a discussion of his role as a historian see:
He died on 27 Jan 2003 in Didcot, Oxford, England. I have a letter dated 5 Dec 2002 in his handwriting that I received from him.
June Roper, dancer in the 1930s
David Roper, actor, played Chris Hawthorne in TV comedy The Cuckoo Waltz 1975-80 on ITV in England.
Steve Roper, mountain climber.
Does anyone know who his ancestors are?
Skid Roper, rock musician
Clyde F. E. Roper, (b 1937 MA) zoologist at National Museum of Natural History
His ancestry is well known back through the John Roper who came to Massachusetts c1637 (see above).
He is an expert on the giant squid. Web pages about his work:
A boxer named Jack Roper boxed three exhibition matches with Jack Dempsey on 18 Nov 1931 in Kansas City Mo, 12 Dec 1931 St. Paul MN and 8 Feb 1931 Milwaukee WI. He fought Joe Lewis in 1951; here are pictures of that fight:
Jack Roper, movies actor
Robert Roper, movie actor
Leroy Roper, body painter in Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
There is a Stephanie Ann Roper Gallery at Frostburg State University, MD
John Francis Hodgess Roper, Baron Roper (b 1935 England)
He is a descendant of John Roper (b 1745/6 d 1830 Kent England) and Mary Fox (b 1746 Kent d 1819 Kent).
David Roper minister well-known for his sermons, which can be found on the Internet:
Doug Roper (,, sculpture and painter
Craig Roper, artist
Gail Roper, master swimmer. (
Elmer Ernest Roper,
member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta province of Canada
and Mayor of Edmonton, Alberta Canada 1960-63.
There was an Archbishop Roper in Ottawa Canada c1920:
If anyone knows to which family he belongs, let me know.
A John Roper died in the Lusitania torpedo sinking:
Edward Charles Roper was a well-known fox hunter in Findon, West Sussex, England. He was from Etham, Kent, England and was Master of the Charlton Pack in 1675.
William Roper made a List of Earthquakes.
(List of Remarkable Earthquakes in Great Britain and Ireland During the Christian Era, Lancaster: T. Bell 1892.
Does anyone know his genealogy?
Walter F. Roper wrote some books about guns.
Dale Roper, race car driver
William Roper, jazz tuba player:
Jack M. Roper, subculture researcher
Tim Roper, metal furniture designer/maker in England.
Robert Roper, author of children's books
David Roper, England, World Freshwater Angling Champion 1
Kirsty Roper from Manchester, England was Miss United Kingdom in 1988.
Paul Roper, author of books about hiking in Scotland.
Marianne Trevor-Roper, TV actress in England.
Stuart Roper, artist in North Carolina.
Also, see:
Alison Isolda Rooper BBC TV producer and writer.
A descendant of Henry Rooper (bc1480 Turnditch, Derby, England).

Jemima Rooper, English actress.
Her parents are Jonathan Royden B. Rooper

and Alison Connor Roper, BBC Radio 3 & 4 announcer.

David Henry Ingham Roper-Curzon, English sculptor:
Anthony Dean Roper (Tony), pickup race driver. See;;
His father Dean Roper was also a race driver.
Roper Scientific, Inc., maker of precision instruments
Billy Roper, folk artist
Bill Roper, film actor and producer
Lester Virgil "Sam" Roper, author (John Roper, Jr. family)
Ramon Roper, music composer
Grady Roper, civil rights hero: Last time we checked in on former Wimberley art teacher Grady Roper, he had just been fired from the Katherine Anne Porter charter school for his role in protesting the destruction of a controversial student mural that contained an image of two men kissing. Administrators took it upon themselves to whitewash the mural at the insistence of the conservative charter school board, which had problems with the gay imagery and other "violent" aspects of the painting. Roper was fired after he let a student paint the First Amendment on a piece of plywood to protest the administrators' decision to destroy their artwork. These days, Roper spends his time working as an illustrator, housepainter, and sometime coffee barista, taking care of his young child, and publishing Proper Gander, his bimonthly magazine. Recently, he added another title to his résumé: plaintiff. Last week, Roper sued the school district, alleging they'd violated his (and his students') First Amendment right to free expression by whitewashing the mural and by firing Roper after he told the school's administrator, Dr. Yana Bland, that he was taking his story to the media. "Grady's primary motivation in all of this was trying to protect the students' right to express themselves freely by painting the mural," says Andrea Gunn, the Texas Civil Rights Project attorney who has taken up Roper's case. Administrators "labeled him a troublemaker and then they fired him." Roper, who's seeking actual and compensatory damages and reinstatement as an art teacher at the school, says he's not interested in reaping big financial rewards from the lawsuit. "I was hired to work a year for $12,000 and worked for three months [before being fired], so I think if the school was to finish our contract that would be more than compensation," Roper says. "But the main reason is that I'm hoping to set a precedent about school boards stealing entire walls full of people's art."…

William Lee Roper (b 1948 AL), physician and public-health policy administrator at the national level.

L. David Roper (b 1935 OK), discoverer of the Roper Resonance in particle physics:
History of Roper Resonance (119 kbytes)
He is probably a descendant of John Roper, Jr. of early Virginia.