Roper Families in Virginia


I have worked for over forty years on the Roper family history in the United States and England.

The major Roper families in early Virginia are:

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Most of the early data about the Charles City and New Kent Counties Ropers come from the following documents:

St. Peter's Episcopal Church, New Kent Co. Virginia
(Picture taken from

We probably will never know exactly how the early Ropers in Virginia fit together, because the St. Peter's and other meager data are not sufficient. Probably the best we can do is find out which families from there are related by Y-chromosome testing of at least one male-line Roper in each family that connects back to early Virginia.

Notes about Roper documents in Virginia:

Timelines for Virginia Roper data:

Map of Virginia counties
Map of John Roper 1714 land patent in Charles City Co. VA
(prepared with the help of William Alexander Roper, Jr.)

I have many data on the Roper family in England. The northern United States Ropers, who descend from John Roper who came from England to Massachusetts c1637, are well connected back to England. (I have many data on this family.) Despite large efforts by me and others, only one of the southern Roper families connection to England is known. I continue to work and hope for finding those connections.

My Roper ancestry goes back to my sixth great-grandfather John Roper, Jr. (b c1660 d bef1759 VA) in New Kent and Charles City Counties, Virginia in the late 1600s. My fourth great-grandfather, David (b bef1727 VA d 1795 NC), moved to Orange/Caswell County, North Carolina c1760 and on to Burke County, North Carolina c1790.

I am providing my computer as the repository of Roper family data. I wish to collect all Roper family data that I can. Please contact me and tell me all you know (names, dates and places of births, marriages and deaths) about your Roper ancestry. (I like to have details about parents of spouses, also; that often helps to make family connections.

L. David Roper genealogy web page.
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