Roper Families in Southern States of USA
L. David Roper (

I have worked for about forty years on the Roper family history in the United States and England. My family originated in the USA in Virginia in the 1600s, then migrated to North Carolina and then on west.

I have collected much data for the Roper family in the Southern states. Data for some of the states can be found at:

Roper families Data
Roper Families in Virginia
Roper Families in North Carolina
Roper family of Burke County NC
Roper Families in South Carolina

Ropers were, of course, in all Southern states. Here are links to Roper documents for some of them:

Roper families Data for Other Southern States of USA
Roper Families in Georgia 1700 & 1800
Roper Families in Georgia 1900
Roper Families in Kentucky 1700 & 1800
Roper families in Kentucky 1900
Roper Families in Maryland 1600 & 1700
Roper Families in Maryland 1800 & 1900
Roper Families in Tennessee 1700, 1800 & 1900
Roper Families in Arkansas 1800 & 1900

I am providing my computer as the repository of Roper family data. I wish to collect all Roper family data that I can. Please contact me and tell me all you know (names, dates and places of births, marriages and deaths) about your Roper ancestry. (I like to have details about parents of spouses, also; that often helps to make family connections.

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