Prince Albert Roper's Descendants?

I am seeking information about the descendants of my second cousin one generation removed, Prince Albert Roper. Here is all that I know about his descendants:

Prince Albert Roper (b 28 Apr 1906 Mineral Bluff GA- d 28 Oct 1967 Oakland CA)
m Eva June Walker (b c1910)
Howard Dean Roper (b 1939) m Nancy
Howard Dean Roper, Jr.
Tommy Ray Roper
Erma Jean Roper ( b 1941- d 1954 Carlsbad, Eddy, NM)
Ronnie Wayne Roper (b 1944 El Paso TX-d 2012 Travis TX) m1 1966 Victoria Sue Blitch (b 1946) m2 1968 El Paso TX Anita Jean Louise Hall (b 1945 King WA)
m1: Rebecca June Roper (b 1967 King, WA)
Michelle Louise Roper (b 1970 Dansville NY)
Jennifer Lin Roper (b 1972 Tarrant,TX)
Tiffiny Jewel Roper (b 1975 San Bernardino CA)
Shane Tyrone Roper (b 1977 San Bernardino CA)

I heard about Prince while I was a child in Ellis County Oklahoma because he had lived with my grandparents, Joshua Rufus Roper and Amanda Cordelia Sarah Catherine Little Roper, in the same area.

In September 1932 Prince killed a man in Mineral Bluff, Fannin County Georgia and fled to Ellis County Oklahoma to live with my grandparents. (I was born in 1935.) My grandfather was Prince's sporadic contact with his relatives back in Georgia. Apparently Prince felt that the Georgia authorities might have found out he was in Oklahoma, so he moved to Roosevelt County, New Mexico to stay with my grandfather's sister, Olive Elmira Roper, and her husband, Lewis Abraham Little, a brother of my grandmother Amanda Cordelia Sarah Catherine Little Roper. He married in New Mexico, had children, was divorced and moved on to Oakland California.

My grandfather continued to ocassionally serve as the intermediary between Prince and his family back in Georgia. After my grandfather died in 1954 Prince's family lost contact with him. In the summer of 1962, while on my way from graduate school in Massachusetts to a summer job in Livermore California, I stopped by Prince's sister's (Trilby L. Roper Duvall) house near Ducktown TN (near the NC and GA borders) and she told me that the family needed to contact Prince to settle his parents' estate.

I had a notebook of my grandfather's that gave an address (1915 Castro St.) for Prince in Oakland. After getting settled into my summer job I drove into Oakland to look for him. I went to the address and told a woman who came to the door that I was looking for Prince Roper. She asked "What do you want him for?" I told her that I was his relative and that I needed to contact him for his relatives back in Georgia. Then she told me that he did not live there any more, but that I could probably find him at a bar just down the street where he cleaned up after the night's closing.

I went to the bar, something that I had never done before, and, in the barely visible dim light, asked the bartender if he knew where I could find Prince Roper. He asked me the same question that the lady at the house had asked and I gave the same answer. Then he said, looking down the bar, "Tiny, this man wants to see you." The man he was talking to was huge, about six feet tall. I talked to Prince or "Tiny" a while in the bar and then he took me to his one-room flat (678 19th St.) nearby. I visited him one more time that summer. Then I replaced my grandfather in the intermediary role with his family. By this time the statute of limitations surely had run out for any charges regarding the killing, but he had no desire to return to Georgia and his health was not good. I wrote Trilby and gave her Prince's address. I later heard that they got the signatures from Prince that were needed before Prince died in 1967. (I do not know were he was buried. I was living in Virginia when he died.)

This is just one of many examples where genealogy research yields practical results.

When I was child bearing I thought that, if I had a son, I might name him Sterling Prince Roper, after Prince and a great-uncle Sterling Van Buren Roper, whom I had never met. I guess it is a good thing that I had no male children!

Prince's parents and siblings are:

Robert Alexander Roper (b 21 Feb 1874 NC d 24 Jan 1923 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga
Father: Charles Manley Roper (b 12 Apr 1857 NC d c1886 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga Mother: Caroline Alman (b 1849 NC)
Wife: Georgia A M Shuler (b Feb 1866 Fannin, Ga d 27 Jan 1948 Mineral Bluff, Fannin,Ga) m 6 Aug 1891 Fannin Co., Ga

Father: Shule (b Ga d bef 1880 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga)r Mother: Kizziah A M (b c1844 ,Macon,NC d aft 1919 Mineral Bluff, Fannin,Ga)


Thomas Parley Roper b 5 Jun 1892 Ga d c1918
Haskell David Roper b 6 Oct 1893 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga d 20 Apr 1984 McDuffie, Richmond, Ga
Trilby Lenona Roper b 12 Jul 1895 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga d 24 Jun 1985 Etowah, McMinn, Tn
Lethia L Roper b Jan 1897 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga
Ellen Roper b Aug 1899 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga
Flora A Roper b c1900 Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Ga
Rissa G Roper b c1904 d 17 Jun 1965 Fannin, Ga d 17 Jun1965 Fannin, Ga
Prince Albert Roper b 28 apr 1906 d 17 Jun 1965 Fannin, Ga d 28 Oct 1967 Oakland, Alameda, Ca

I am missing much data for the descendants of Prince's siblings. I would appreciate receiving all such data.

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