Roper Union V
21 October 2006

"Ropers are more interesting with faces."

L. David Roper
540-951-7047 (9 AM-9 PM)

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The nice thing about knowing 6th and 7th cousins is that you have many more from which to choose as friends.

The Roper Union V meeting was held in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England (population ~100,000) on the afternoon of 21 October 2006.

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We call these meetings Roper Unions, rather than reunions, because most attendees have never met each other before. In fact, there have been at least two unrelated Roper families represented at the past meetings. We welcome more different Roper families to attend. At minimum we share the Roper surname, if not much genetics. There were Ropers in over ten unrelated Roper families at Roper Union V. That makes it an unusual genealogical gathering. Keeping track of unrelated Roper families helps genealogists find data for members of a specific family.


The organizer was greatly helped by Peter James Roper, Michael John Roper, John Howard Roper and Robert Preston Dye.


Location of Meeting:

Ramada Bury St. Edmunds, Symonds Road, Bury St. Edmunds, 1P327DZ, England

Meeting Agenda:

Free 12-markers Y-chromosome testing for 10 male attendees who have the Roper surname:

There will be 10 testing kits available for those Roper males who wish to join the Roper male-lines Y-chromosome project. (See 12 markers will be free for up to 10 testees. Two of the intended attendees (JHR & SGR) have already submitted for Y testing. We should have the 12-markers for those testee by the time of Roper Union V; so knowledge would exist as to which other attendees are related to the testees. Another intended attendee, AR, has submitted a test kit, but his results may not be available by the time of the meeting.

If you plan to attend and want to participate in the Y testing, send me your full name, address's and telephone number, so that I can have a test kit sent to you. Then we will know eventually if you are related to others at the meeting. It takes four to eight weeks from the time the test kit is received at Family Tree DNA to get the results.

"...there is something moving in feeding into a database one's own detailed Y chromosome haplotype and finding in that database a dozen or so relatives of the paternal line, members of far-flung populations, men whom one has never met, who know nothing of one's own existence but who, nevertheless, share a common ancestor not so long ago."

Items to display at Roper Union V:

The Ropers who attended Union V:

  1. Leon David Roper*, Blacksburg VA USA (ancestry New Kent & Charles City, Virginia, USA/Norfolk & Suffolk, England)
  2. Caio Araujo-Roper* but not male line, Velburg, Germany (born Leesburg VA USA) (grandson of L. David Roper through his daughter Truda Gaye Roper) His Y-chromosome defines a new Roper family. (ancestry New Kent & Charles City, Virginia, USA/Norfolk & Suffolk, England); HG: E3b1
  3. Robert Wilbur Soady (and Lynda)^ but not male line, Ooltewah TN USA (ancestry Charleston SC & England)
  4. Michael John Roper (& Carolyn)#, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England (ancestry Kings Norton, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, England)
  5. Caroline Link Chapman, Brantham, Suffolk, England (ancestry Docking, Norfolk, England)
  6. Peter James Roper (& Joanne)*, Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, England (ancestry Hoxne, Suffolk, England for 10 generations!!)
  7. Derek John Roper (& Rosemary)|, Yelverton, Devon, England (ancestry Otley, Suffolk, England)
  8. John Howard Roper (& Michelle)|, Ipswich, Suffolk, England (ancestry North Lopham, Norfolk, England) (2nd cousin of Patrick Edward Roper & John Douglas Roper) (His Y test is underway.)
  9. Patrick Edward Roper (& Judy), Macclesfield, Cheshire, England (brother of John Douglas Roper & 2nd cousin of John Howard Roper) (ancestry North Lopham, Norfolk, England)
  10. John Douglas Roper (& Margaret), Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England (brother of Patrick Edward Roper & 2nd cousin of John Howard Roper) (ancestry North Lopham, Norfolk, England)
  11. Stephen George Roper (& Margaret)>, Ixworth, Suffolk, England (ancestry Broadwindsor, Dorset, England)
  12. Gillian Roper Bennett (& Tony)> but not male line, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England (ancestry Chideock, Dorset, England)
  13. John Francis Hodgess Roper (Lord Roper)<, London, England (ancestry Kent, England); HG: R1b1
  14. Kevin Norman Roper (& Wendy)>, Denton, Norfolk, England (ancestry Thurgarton, Norfolk, England)
  15. Granville Barry Roper (& Elaine)<, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England (ancestry Derbyshire & Teversal, Nottinghamshire, England); HG: R1b1
  16. Ian Thomas Roper (& Elizabeth)|, Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire, England; antique coin shop in London (ancestry Tannington, Suffolk, England)
  17. Alan Peter Roper (& Jill)*, Whitehill, Hampshire, England (ancestry Hoxne, Suffolk, England for 8 generations!!) (Of the English Ropers tested, he tests closest to the U.S. Ropers of family RY1.)
  18. Ann Elizabeth Roper Lindell, Lulsgate, Somerset, England (sister of John Howard Roper )(ancestry North Lopham, Norfolk, England)
  19. Peter Digby Lewington Roper (& Virginie)&, Montreal, Canada (ancestry Lakenheath, Suffolk, England)
  20. Gordon Paul Roper&, Cambridge, England (son of Peter Digby Lewington Roper) (ancestry Lakenheath, Suffolk, England)
  21. Michael Roper@, East Sheen, London, England (possible descendant of a Charleston SC Roper; known ancestry TX) (His Y test is underway.)
  22. Geoffrey Edward Hodgess Roper, London, England (brother of John Francis Hodgess Roper) (ancestry Kent, England); HG: R1b1
  23. Margaret Roper Beardall, Croydon, London, England (ancestry north Kent, England)
  24. Peter Noel Roper (& Jackie)|, Cheddar, Somerset, England (brother of John Howard Roper)(ancestry North Lopham, Norfolk, England)
  25. Bernard Cedric John Roper@, Norwich, Norfolk, England. (ancestry Norfolk, England)
  26. Anthony John Roper (& Bridget)@, Roughton, Norfolk, England (ancestry Norfolk, England)
  27. Anne Marie Roper Robinson, Newbury, Berkshire, England (cousin of John Howard Roper)(ancestry North Lopham, Norfolk, England)

41 Ropers and spouses were at the meeting; there were also a few children there.

* = shown by Y tests to be in the RY1 (EMUR) family; HG: R1b1c; & = shown by Y tests to be in the RY2 or RY3 family, HG: R1b1
# = shown by Y tests to be in the RY4 family; HG: I; | = shown by Y tests to be in the RY5 family; HG: G,
^ = shown by Y tests to be in the RY7 family; HG: R1a, > = shown by Y tests to be in the RY9 family; HG: I;
< = Y tested but no matches, @ = a Roper being Y tested.
HG = haplogroup
(See .)

Information about Ropers in the United Kingdom

Bury St. Edmunds map showing the Ramada Bury St. Edmunds Hotel and the railway station:

Things To Do in Bury St. Edmunds Area:

Roper villages visited in northern Suffolk and southern Norfolk during four days after the meeting: Norfolk: Bressingham, Shelfanger, Winfarthing, New Buckenham, Diss, Norwich; Suffolk: Hoxne, Stradbroke, Fressingfield, Walpole, Southwold, Wickham Market, Debenham, Eye, Combs, Thornham Magna, Wetheringsett, Mendlesham, Old Newton, Onehouse, Rattlesden, Buxhall, Bacton, Cotton, Walsham le Willows, Woolpit, Bideston, Chelsworth, Little Waldringfield, Lavenham.

Previous Roper Union meetings:

Will there be a Roper Union VI?

Probably this is the last Roper Union that I will organize. If some of you want to have more Roper Unions, some Roper or group of Ropers needs to step forward and plan them. I think that any near future ones should be held in England for the following reasons:

The next Roper Union VI meeting was held in Lynsted, Kent, England in 2008.

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L. David Roper
540-951-7047 (9 AM-9 PM)