Roper Union IV
8-9 October 2005

"Ropers are more interesting with faces."

L. David Roper
540-951-7047 (9 AM-9 PM)

The nice thing about knowing 6th and 7th cousins is that you have many more from which to choose as friends.

The Roper Union IV meeting was held in the Greenville SC area on 8-9 October 2005.

Next Roper Union meeting RUV:

We are considering having Roper Union IV-E in Hoxne, Suffolk, England in October 2006. Roper Union V may be held in Greenville SC in 2006. Watch this web page for future announcements.

We call these meetings Roper Unions, rather than reunions, because most attendees have never met each other. In fact, there have been at least two unrelated Roper families represented at the meetings. We welcome more different Roper families to attend. At minimum we share the Roper surname, if not much genetics.

Location of Meeting:

The meeting was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 851 Congaree Rd, Greenville SC 29607, 864-297-6300 (I-385 Exit 37, which is Roper Mountain Road). Web page:

Schedule for Roper Union IV 8-9 October 2005

7 October:

7 PM: Meet in the designated conference room to get acquainted in the evening at the hotel for those who arrive early. Name tags will be available.

8 October:

9 October:

Those who attended:


Presentation of Plaque to Richard Samuel Roper for many years of hard work collecting data for Roper families.


Previous Roper Union meetings:

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L. David Roper
540-951-7047 (9 AM-9 PM)