William Roper (b 1498) & Margaret More (b 1505)

William Roper (b 1498 Canterbur, Kent, England d 4 Jan 1577/8 Canterbury, Kent, England) married Margaret More (b 1505 Chelsea, Kent, England d c25 Dec 1544 Butclose, Kent, England) are buried in St. Dunstan's Chuch on the west side of Canterbury, Kent, England. Margaret is a daughter of Sir Thomas More (b 1476 Chelsea, Kent, England d 6 Jul 1535 in the Tower Prison, London, England [beheaded by order of King Henry VIII])

William Roper & Margaret More
St. Dunstan's Church, Canterbury, Kent, England where William Roper & Margaret More are buried:
Picture of Sir Thomas More in St. Dunstan's Church and the coffin that is purported to contain his head?
Plaque dedicated to Anthony Roper and his wife on a wall in the parish church of Famingham, Kent, England. Anthony is the youngest son of William Roper & Margaret More. (Picture taken by Margaret Roper Beardall)

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