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I have removed all families' data files from the Internet, since so many people have asked me to remove certain names from files. Brother's Keeper is used to create surnames lists and locations lists.
For more details about the software I use, see software.
There are some PDF files to be download. To read them you need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) installed on your computer.
Here is an example of a family entry for downloading gedcom or descendants'-list files:
Descendants of Alias Surnames/ Comments/Spouse(s) List of Surnames in file No. of Persons Zipped/Unzipped Size (kbytes) Some Places
James Roper
(b1766NC d1853NC)
(Also in John Roper, Jr. file)
probably Mary O'Neil
View surnames list.
View locations list.
8799 (Y-Chromosome test available for at least one member of this family.) Orange, Burke & Macon Cos. NC;
The spouse(s) name is in the second column. The third column is a link to a list of surnames in the files. Try clicking on these four links here to see what happens.
Suggested procedure for using this web site:
  1. Look for a surname, given name and places of interest in the list of available downloadable files.
  2. View the surnames list for surnames of interest for a possible downloadable file.
  3. View the locations list for locations of interest for a possible downloadable file.
  4. If you want more information about this family, e-mail me:
There is a large amount of overlap among the files.
Some of the smaller files are completely contained within a larger file. When this occurs, it is usually indicated.
If you cannot find the person(s) you are looking for, send me, as I have many more persons in my files than are represented here.
I collect all Roper and Franklin family data and data for families connected to these two families. One of those families is the Capt. Daniel Little family, for which I collect all data. Please send me all such data that you have, preferably as a gedcom file, so that I can make those data available to others in our mutual families.
!Warning!: These data have been collected from thousands of sources for forty years.
There is no way to guarantee their accuracy.
Let the user beware!
Sources for the data are indicated in the notes for an earlier ancestor, if not in the notes for an individual. By "source" I mean "where I got the data". I have not personally done research from original documents for most of the data.
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