Software used in the genealogy work of L. David Roper
Storing and manipulating the data: Personal Ancestral File version 5.1 (free download).

I have tried several other Windows genealogy programs, but none have allowed me to enter, edit and compare data as quickly as I can with PAF4.

If you are looking for a Linux genealogy program, see How to get GRAMPS (Ver 0.8.1) Working on Lindows. I have set up a light-weight Linux/Lindows notebook to carry with me when I travel doing genealogy that runs Windows 98 on Lindows, so that I can run PAF.

Creating gedcom files: I use PAF version 5.0, which produces smaller files than version 3.01M.
Creating descendants'-list files: I use Brother's Keeper, which gives full dates and places; it creates an RTF file which can be indexed. I sometimes use PAF5 which gives birth, marriage and death dates and birth and death places, but no index.
Creating surnames lists:Brother's Keeper. It lists the number of females and males for each surname.
Creating locations lists:Brother's Keeper program.
There are some PDF files to be download. To read them you need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) installed on your computer.
Another program that I use almost daily is City/County Finder III "It will help you find the location of any stored city/town/community (populated place), county, or geographic location in the United States. It can also search for all cities in a given county, all counties in a given state, and do a proximity search listing all other cities within X miles (from 2 to 99) of a designated city or set of coordinates. Searches can be based on complete names, "sounds like" names, or partial names."
A Lindows/Linux Genealogy Notebook Machine