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15"-diagonal landscape screen

This is the only speed display.

Version 9 Update

Data (also)(also)

Check the official documentation for items listed here to be sure and in case of changes.

350 volts
Tesla/Panasonic 2170 cell (21-mm x 70-mm) 3.7-volts, 21.8 Wh
Standard: 2976 cells; 31 cells/brick; 2 modules of 25 bricks & 2 of 23 bricks
Long-Range: 4416 cells; 46 cells/brick;
2 modules of 25 bricks, 2 modules of 23 bricks
Long Range: 1054 lbs
Standard: 50-kWh; Standard-Plus: 55-kWh; Long-Range 78.27-kWh usable (80.5 kWh total)
Charger power:

Standard: 32-amps or 7.7-kW; Long-Range: 40-amps or 9.6-kW
Supercharger 30-minutes:
Standard: 130-miles or 70-kW; Long-Range: 170-miles or 91-kW

Supercharging Cost

EPA: 192 kW/416 Nm (258 hp/307 ft-lb)
Independent tests: 325 hp/320 ft-lb

RWD; AWD optional; AWD Performance optional
Standard Features (Owner's Manual)
Traction Control (p.51), Vehicle Hold (p.54), Park Assist (p.52),
Auto Wipers (p.48), Auto Dimming (upgrade download)
Enhanced Autopilot:: $5,000 (TACC
Full Self-Driving: $3,000 (for eventual autonomous driving)
Autopilot Features (Manual)

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (p.61), Autosteer (p.67),
Auto Lane Change (p.70), Autopark (p.72), Lane Assist (p.74),
Collision Avoidance Assist (p.76), Speed Assist (p.79)
Hardware: 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, forward radar
How Tesla Autopilot Works

Solid state fuses that are self resetting

Can be used with software update 2019.24.2 or later , but no CCS adaptor

Note: "you need to lock the car ("turn it off") before the charging session will successfully start, or you'll get error messages on the charging station."


Standard: 220-miles; Standard Plus 240-miles,
Long-Range: 310-miles/updated to 325-miles 1 Mar 2019
AWD Long-Range: 310-miles; AWD Performance-Long-Range 310-miles

Top speed
Standard: 130-mph; Standard-Plus : 130-mph; Long-Range: 140-mph
Acceleration (0-60-mph)
Standard & Plus : 5.6-sec; Long-Range: 5.0-sec; 0-30-mph: 2.4-sec
LR: acceleration = 30-mi(5280-ft)/3600-sec/2.4-sec = 18.3-ft/sec^2 = 0.57-g
Independent test for LR: 4.6-sec
Chill mode acceleration is about 1/2 of standard Sport Mode.

Long-Range: 130-MPGe or 3.97-miles/kWh or 25.1-kWh/100-miles
134 MPGe
AWD Long-Range:
AWD Performance-Long-Range:

Battery warranty
8-years or Standard: 100,000-miles; Long Range: 120,000-miles:
with minimum 70% retention of battery capacity over warranty period.
Basic warranty
4-years or 50,000-miles
Supplemental Restraint System: 5-years or 60,000-miles
Keyless (p.6 of manual)
5 adults
15"-diagonal landscape screen
Most car functions are done using this screen.
Standard: 3539-lb; Long-Range: 3838-lbs
Distribution: 48-lb/52-lb
Body Panels
Steel: front & back fenders, strips under & over doors, trunk cover;
Aluminum: frunk cover, doors; Plastic: front & back bumpers; Glass: roof
Length: 15.4', Width: 6,18', Height: 4.71'"
Center of gravity: 18.5"
Ground Clearance


Solid Black ($0), Midnight Silver Metallic ($1500)
Deep Blue Metallic ($1500), Pearl White Multi-Coat ($2000)
Red Multi-Coat ($2500)

5-Star in all categories
Standard: $35,000; Long-Range: $44,500; Delivery Fee: $1200
EPA Range (miles)
Standard Range
Standard Range Plus
Long Range
Performance AWD

Top: Turn signals; wiper; high beam
Bottom: Park, reverse, neutral, drive
Cruise control 1 down, Autopilot 2 down

1: Volume, song/station, mute; Wheel position; Mirror position
2: Cruise speed, distance; Voice control

Driver-facing camera:

Aero wheel cover off.

With red wheel bands.

The bottom two were painted after purchase.

Acceleration, Speed, Height

Tesla Model 3 Owner's Manual
esla Model 3 Emergency Response Guide
Tesla Model 3 Configuration
Inside Tesla's Model 3 Factory

Climate Control

Climate Control on when in Park

On and Dog Mode when Parked: When in Park press Climate button and choose On or Dog. Dog Mode keeps the climate control on, while the main screen displays a message: "My owner will be back soon. Don't worry! The A/C is on, and it's 70 degrees," or whatever temperature the owner sets. If leaving the temperature on that setting pushes the battery below 20 percent, the owner will get a push notification to take action. To turn it on, while in park, tap the fan icon, then set Keep Climate On to DOG.

Also, there is a Party and Camping Mode.

Cabin Air Filter

Premium Upgrades ($5,000)

Speaker Locations:
Location SR
Partial Premium*
Front Dash
2 – 4” mid-ranges
1 – 1” tweeter
2 – 4” mid-ranges
1 – 1” tweeter
3 – 4” mid-ranges
Side Mirrors
2 – 1″ tweeters
A pillar
2 – 2.5” mid-range
Front Doors
2 – 8” woofers
2 – 8” woofers
2 – 8” woofer
Rear Doors
2 – 4″ mid-ranges
2 – 4″ mid-ranges
2 – 4” mid-ranges
2 – 4″ mid-ranges
1 – 8” Subwoofer

Wheels' Upgrades

TM3 Performance/AWD Configuration

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Software Updates

Tesla Software Version 9 (late 2018)

Tesla Software Version 10

List of software updates


Model 3 battery cooling
Coolant Superbottle
Model 3 battery is heated only when plugged in or driving.
Tesla battery recycling
Car recycling


Single speed 9:1 ratio gearbox

Model-3 AWD

Maintenance (p. 112 of TM3 Owner's Manual)

Tesla Service


The curves are the function R(S) = R0tanh(S/tt)exp(-[S-Se]/te). These two curves for Model 3 were calculated approximately using a Model S/60-kWh (weight 4700-lbs) curve modified by:

However, it may be that the larger-format Panasonic 2170 batteries in the Model 3 will cause a different decaying exponential time constant than is the case for the Tesla Model S, which uses the smaller-format Panasonic 18650A batteries. An estimate of range vs speed for the TM3 AWD gives the 5 data points in the graph below:

The red curve for TM3LR range fitted to the data points is R(S) = 206.4tanh(S/21.80)exp(-[S-91.49]/52.27).
The blue curve for TM3S range fitted is calculate by R(TM3S) = R(TM3LR)*50/75.

Here is another estimate of range vs speed for Tesla Models S, 3 & X:

This curve compares the range the range-vs-speed curves for the Chevrolet Bolt EV to the two Tesla Model 3 curves:



Tesla Model 3 Home Charging Guide

Recommended charging habits (Daily ~20% to ~80%)
Leave plugged in after finished charging for cells balancing.

Supercharger charging curve (~2% to ~97%):

Red: Power (kW, left axis)
Blue: Estimated distance (miles, right axis) versus charging time.

Charging equipment that comes with the TM3:

Optional Tesla Wall Connector (~11.5-kW):

The Tesla CHAdeMO adapter is capable of being used with the TM3 (480-V DC, ~40-kW):
. See http://teslapedia.org/model-s/tesla-driver/chademo-user-guide/.

Tesla NEMA Charging Adapters:

TM3 will have a CSS charging port in Europe. The Superchargers there will have two cables, one the standard SC cable and one the CSS cable. Soon there will be available a CSS adapter for Models S and X. Does this imply that a CSS adapter for Model 3 will soon be available in the United States? That adapter would greatly increase fast-charging capability for Model 3 in the U.S.!



9 cameras are light green, 12 ultrasound sensors are dark green, radar on right front bumper is gray.


Superchargers Enabled (480-V DC, ~120-kW)

Supercharger at Burlington NC:

Tesla Wall Connectors

EPA Ratings

131 MPGe

120 MPGe

The MPGe was increased to 130.

Explanation of the EPA Monroney label



Inside the front of a wrecked Model 3.

Crumple Zone at work, driver not injured.

Low polar moment of inertia reduces crash damage.

Model-3 Emergency Response


Movie about TM3 emergency response


Electric Vehicles


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Many pictures of a silver Model 3

When I Can Get My Tesla Model 3


Performance Computer Model

These curves are for the Long-Range RWD TM3 with a full battery. "Regardless of the state of charge...the torque remains the same until peak power,however,.the lower the battery charge is, the power caps off sooner."

Hardware Deficiencies

Mobile App


Powering Off TM3

You really cannot power off a Tesla. If you could, there would be no way to open the door from the outside. The difference in the power off methods is in how much of the car gets powered off and when.

The normal way to power off the car is to walk away from it carrying the paired phone. The car locks and the screen goes dark; however, there is still some power to the car. Sentry mode can keep working; you can receive software update notifications, and you can use your app to query the car’s cabin temperature and location. The similar way the car powers off is when you just sit in the driver’s seat for 15 minutes without doing anything.

If the car remains unoccupied for longer periods of time, like overnight, the car shuts down more systems to preserve the battery. Over time the car sleeps more and more deeply.

The manual power off procedure (Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off) basically puts the car in the deepest sleep state immediately, but the car still has power because the door locks, for example, work, and communication with the app works. The specific virtue of the manual Power Off procedure is that power is removed from various hardware components, and this is what can reset a problem. As far as I know, the manual power off is the same as the automatic power off after it’s been off for a long time.

For maximum power off, disable Dog Mode and Sentry Mode.

If all of the above fails to correct a problem, remove the cable from the negative 12V-battery terminal and then reattach it. That worked for the author when his Model 3 would not charge.

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