Sun Roper Trips

L. David Roper

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Installation and Usage Guide for the PakTrakr ES1R Automatic Logging Serial Interface
Short neighborhood trip

The southern streets were not in place when the topographic map was made.
The streets are not at the correct angles relative to the cardinal directions.
The elevation lines are in 25' intervals, so the maximum height change is about 25'.


Trip from Roper home to Whitethorn on the New River

It is about 7 miles.

The location is a very wide place on the New River where one can canoe/kayak in flat water.
Analysis of a Sun Roper trip using PakTrakr
Voltage and current versus time:

It is obvious that the trip was mostly downhill going and mostly uphill coming back.
I stopped for about seven minutes after coming up the hills, then drove on home.
The small negative current due to solar charging is visible.
Voltage and power versus time:
Voltage and SOC versus time:

Obviously, the SOC is not very accurate and must be noted immediately after stopping moving.

Charging Sun Roper:

The jog at about 5.4 minutes must be when the charger changed charging modes.
The large voltage and current transient at turnoff of charging may be a logging error.

Solar Charging Voltage

The sudden drops in voltage occurred when I moved Sun Roper slightly.
The other slight drops were due to clouds passing over.

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