Easy Backyard Composting

L. David Roper

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Why Make Compost

I tried several different types of composters before I settled on the tumbler one described here .

Urban Compost Tumbler

For details about the tumbler composter and how to order it, see the web site:
http://www.urbangardencenter.com/products/composter/uct9/index.html. I highly recommend getting two. I am sorry to report that the Urban Compost Tumbler is no longer being made: http://www.urbangardencenter.com/.

Some items that I have found helpful in using the tumbler composter:

The company that made these composters no longer exists. It appears to me that a similar vertical rotating barrel composter is available at https://www.thecarycompany.com/plastic-rain-barrels-56bcom.


Another important part of composting is how to store compostable material in the house before taking it to the composter outside. I tried several ways and finally settled on a 2.5-gallons bin with an activated-carbon filter in the lid:

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Green Cone Food Digester

The location of our composters is not ideal: There is much shade. Even with the two tumblers the compost is still not quite done when I take it out. So I added food digester. I bought the Green Cone Digester.

The black 18"-deep basket goes underground.

The hole is ~2'x2' with ~6" of rocks under the basket because of clay soil.

Only food scraps are to go in it. My plans are to put about half of our food scraps in it to give the tumblers a longer time to cure the compost.


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18 July, 2020