Chevrolet Bolt EV (CBEV)



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Battery voltage:
350.4 volts
Battery cells:
LG-Chem nickel-rich lithium-ion
288 flat landscape cells of 3.75 volts each
96 groups in series of 3 cells in parallel (96 x 3.65V = 350V)
Battery weight:
Body weight:
Battery energy & power:
57.4-kWh & 160-kW peak power
Battery cooling:
liquid active thermal (6.9-liter of Dex-Cool)
Thin aluminum fins between cells connected to active liquid thermal plate at bottom.
Battery heating:
heating element for warm-ups in cold climates
Battery cost:
$15,734.29, part # 24285978
Maximum launch angle = 30 degrees
Motor to wheels gear ratio:


Drive shaft goes through a hollow cylinder in the middle of the motor.

Motor maximum rpm:
8,810 rpm


Michelin Energy Saver A/S 215/50R17 all season (tires code)

Heating & cooling cabin: 1.8-liters Dex-Cool
Battery cooling: 6.9-liters Dex-Cool
Power-electronics cooling: 3.9-liters Dex-Cool
Drive-unit fluid: 2.9-liters
Charging power:
7.2-kW 240-volts (90% or 100%)
50-kW CCS option (~90-miles in 0.5 hours)
Tesla-Wall-Connector to J1772 adapter

Charging times:

240-volts AC: 25-miles/hr (9 hrs full)
480-volts DC: (90-miles/30-minutes)
Motor power:
128-mpge (3.80-mpkWh) city
110-mpge (3.26-mpkWh) hwy
119-mpge (3.53-mpkWh) total
One-Pedal driving by L drive & steering-wheel paddle
Screen size:
10.2" diagonal in middle of dash & 8" diagonal in front of steering wheel
Rear-View Mirror option:
Rear camera "mirror"/mirror
Back-Up Camera:
Surround Vision with washer
Electric range:

238 miles EPA (~55 mph)
190 miles @ 75 mph
160 miles @ 93 mph

Apple Car Play & Android Auto on smartphones
4G LTE Wi-Fi option
Safety options:
Forward pedestrian alert
Forward collision alert
Side blind zone alert
Rear cross traffic alert

Heated seats:
Front and Back
Driving modes:
Regen Paddle
Power cord:
Option: AeroVironment TurboCord 240-volts
Battery warranty:
Bumper-to-bumper: 36,000-miles or 3-years
Powertrain: 60,000-miles or 5-years
Battery: 100,000-miles or 8-years
Cabin heater:
Wi-Fi option:
Roadside assistance:
OnStar availability:
Air bags:
0->30 mph:
2.9 sec
0->60 mph:
6.5 sec
13' 8"
5' 10"
5' 3"
Ground clearance:
Front air dam: 6", Rocker panes: 7", Rear bumber: 8"
"Another important factor to consider with ground clearance is the distance away from the wheels that the bumpers hang out over the ends of the vehicle – this is often referred to as approach and departure angle. A lower ground clearance close to the wheels can still rub less on curbs and up steep driveways than a taller ground clearance higher away from the wheels."

Frontal area:
25.8 ft^2
Drag coefficient:
Turning Circle:
16.9 ft^3
56.6 ft^3 with back seats down
Three levels in trunk.
Release Date:
1st quarter 2017
LT: $37,495 & Premier: $41,780 including destination charge $875

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128 MPGe

110 MPGe

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Premier Extra Features ($4,285)

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Choosing the Driver Confidence Package requires also choosing the Infotainment Package for Premier..

Fast-charging capability cost: $750


MPGe = 33.705 x miles/kWh
kWh/100-miles = 3370.5 / MPGe

VIN decoder

Bolt Ordering Guide

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960-lbs battery provides a low center of gravity.

Entrance is center top and 2 exits are left/right top.
The coolant is Dex-Cool.

Three entrances are on the right and three exits are on the left..

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Power curve of a CBEV charging from ~50% to 100% by an OpenEVSE P50A charging station:

The x-axis is time of day in 24-hours and the y-axis is charging power in watts.

The charging time is ~4.5 hours and the energy supplied is ~31 kWh, for average power of ~6.9 kW.



Drive shaft goes through a hollow cylinder in the center of the motor (coaxial).

"Chevy's rear camera mirror technology provides a live video feed to the rear view mirror. The camera quality is lower than what you'd see with a regular mirror. Fortunately, you can toggle between the video feed and a regular mirror."

"Chevy's 360-degree camera combines the feed of four cameras to create a bird's eye view of the car....the 10.2-inch infotainment display does make the low quality cameras look worse than smaller screens, since it's trying to scale the image to fit."

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The false floor has 3 positions:
1. It can be positioned flat so that the storage area is the same height, as the raar seats when flipped down.
2. At an angle (like in the photo below, which is only useful when trying to access the items below).items could be stored in this small space under the false floor.
3. It can be removed and stored upright at the front of trunk for one large storage space.

Many Pictures

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Bolt Range

Using the following data

the fitted equation for range versus speed is R(S) = 701tanh(S/21.0)exp(-S/61.1). This is an estimate of the Bolt range for constant speeds:

Note that the EPA range of 238 miles cooresponds to ~66 mph.

This curve compares the range the range-vs-speed curves for the Chevrolet Bolt EV to the two Tesla Model 3 curves:

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Bolt Regeneration

Drive and Low Regen are set by the shifter shown below. Both regeneration settings can be increased (Regen On Demand) by pushing on a paddle behind the steering wheel. The lowest curve, Low + Paddle, allow "one pedal" driving. The brake lights come on when enhanced regen is in effect.

Regen. Paddle on left of steering wheel

The L is at the bottom of the shifter is used to put the Bolt in high regeneration mode when the accelerator is let up. The paddle is shown on the left of the steering-wheel column.

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Electric Vehicles



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miles/kWh = 0.0292 x MPGe
kWh/100-miles = 3370 / MPGe

Car recycling

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L. David Roper,
19 December, 2018