Bush's Iraq War

L. David Roper (roperld@vt.edu)

Almost all the reasons given by Bush for invading Iraq have been shown to be invalid and almost all the reasons given by others for not invading Iraq have proven valid.

The major reasons given by Bush to invade Iraq are:

The only reason Bush sometimes gave for invading Iraq that is valid is that Saddam Hussein was a tyrant. The world is full of tyrants. Are we going to invade all countries with tyrants as leaders, or only those who have oil under their sand?

Some of the reasons given by others for not invading Iraq are:

So how does the United States get out of this quagmire created by Bush?

Bush made a huge terrible mistake by invading Iraq. A mature person realizes his/her mistakes, admits to them and tries to correct them. We are waiting to see whether Bush does this, or whether he continues to lead our country toward greater destruction of our economy and moral standing in the world.