Roper Families in Virginia


L. David Roper
18 December, 2004


†††† The First Century of Ropers in Virginia (1600-1699)


Historical Southern Families, p. 88: Crispe of Oxfordshire and Kent, England ancestors of Thomas Warren of Smith's Fort Plantation, Surry, VA: John Crispe of Quex, died 1583, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Roper; whose son was Sir Henry Crispe of Quex; subscribed the 1619 pedigree.


Founders and Patriots of American Independence by H. E. Weston: V. 28, p. 65-66:
William Roper (1606-1670) m 1643 Catherine VA.


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.2: William Cook b 25 Mar 1613 Bristol, Eng. d c1677 Surry Co., VA: Child: William Cook d 1698 m Jane Roper: Child: John Cook b Surry Co., VA m Hannah Jones.


Passenger and Immigration Lists Index:
The following were emigrants by ship into Virginia in the 1600s:
1618 Phillipp Roper Hogg Island and James Island, on ship William & Thomas
1622-4 Thomas Roper James City 1623 Clement Roper 25 Jamestown
1636 William Roper Accomack County 1653 Jane Roper New Kent County
1656 John Roper Northumberland County 1663 Jone Roper Caroline River


Ransom B. True's Biographical Dictionary of Early Virginia lists:
Clement Roper born about 1599 place not known present in VA about 1625 Prince George Co. servant 1625 Prince George Co.
Mr. Rooper granted a patent from 1623 London, England the Virginia Company
Thomas Roper arrived in Virginia 1623 Jamestown orginally from 1623 Bedfordshire, England died about 1624 James City Co. subject of a headright 1650 Lower Norfolk Co.
William Roper confessed judgement 1633 Accomack Co.; payment ordered to 1634
Accomack Co.; received headright 1635 Accomack Co.; nominated for Sheriff 1636
Accomack Co.; mem. House Burgesses 1636-1637 Accomack Co.; Lieutenant received headright 1637 Accomack Co.; Lieutenant married man 1637 Accomack Co.; 1637-Lieutenant commissioner (J.P.) 1637-1642 Accomack Co.; inventoried an estate 1638 Accomack Co.; Junior commissioner (J.P.) 1640 Accomack Co.; named in a will 1640 Northampton Co.; ordered to inventory 1640 Accomack Co.; made a deposition 1640 Accomack Co.; witness to a bond 1640 Accomack Co.; arbitrator 1640 Accomack Co.; debtor 1641 Accomack Co.; had a house 1641 Accomack Co.; named in deposition 1641 Accomack Co.; ordered to perf. act 1641-1642 Accomack Co.; testified 1642 Accomack Co.; witness to a mortgage 1642 Accomack Co.; commissioner (J.P.) 1642 Northhampton Co.; mem. House Burgesses 1644 Jamestown; mem. House Burgesses 1644 Northampton Co.; debtor 1644 Northumberland Co.; executor 1645 Accomack Co.; received headright 1645 Northampton Co.; commissioner (J.P.) 1645-1650 Northampton Co.; witness bill of sale 1646 Northampton Co.; defendant 1646 Northampton Co.; made a deposition 1646 Northampton Co.; executor 1648 Northampton Co.; dead by 1650 Northampton Co.; deceased husband of Kathryne 1650 Northampton Co. deceased father of Verlinda 1651 Northampton Co.; commissioner (J.P.) 1651
Northhampton Co.; married man 1653 Northampton Co.; deceased 1653 Northampton Co.; married man 1654 Northampton Co.;
Captain Roper collector of taxes 1646 Northampton Co.
Katherine Roper widow William Roper 1650 Northampton Co.; named in a will 1650 Northampton Co.; widow Thomas Spriggs 1651 Northampton Co.; widow William Roper 1651 Northampton Co.; mother Verlinda Roper 1651 Northampton Co.; Virlinda Roper daughter William Roper 1651 Northampton Co. ;dau. Kathryne Roper 1651 Northampton Co.


The Minutes of Council and General Court for 1624 states: The oathes of Supremacy & aleg' To these whose names are underwritten of the A[nn] Thomas Fairlay of Worcester in Worcestershire gent which arrived at James Owen Dawson of St. Martin in the fields Cittye the 5 of Sept' jovner and fren Thomas Roper of Milden in the Co. of bedfordshire, gen' (arived in the Southampton 1623)

Virginia Historical Magazine 19 131 states: These emigrants came before Feb 1623-24, for many of the names appear in the census taken in that month. ... p. 132: Between July, 1622 and May, 1623, the Virginia Company issued a patent for land to Mr. Roper, Mr. Fitz Jeffreys and others." Thomas Roper died at James City in the year preceeding the census of February, 1623.


A list of the names of the dead in Virgna since Aprill last, feb 16: 1623. At James Cittie: Thomas Roper


Virginia Historical Magazine 6 372 states: Mr. Rooper was granted a land patent in 1623 by the Va. Company.


Records of the Virginia Company, p. 340 states: At a Court held for Virginia on Wedensday in ye afternoone ye Second of Aprill 1623. ... The Court being moued for a Pattent for mr. Roper & mr ffitziefories vndertaking to transport One hundred persons, & being to goe ouer themselues this next Shipping to Virginia, ordered a Pattent to be drawne vp for them against the Quarter Court.


Clement Roper is listed in the muster of the inhabitants of VA 20 Jan-7 Feb 1624/5 as a servant of Abraham Peirsey and of age 25 (arrived in the Southampton 1623)


The Minutes of Council and General Court for 10th day of Jan 1626 at James City states that Rich Roper and Richard Roper was a witness for a case involving servant Robert Todd, Capt. Douse, Christopher Windmill and Capt Prince.


Virginia Gleanings in England, p 487 states: Mr. Thomas Roper [no place] [Parts beyond the Seas] No date. Proved 5 Feb 1626-7 I desire that John West my servant maie bee sett free and likewise Alexander Gill Servant to Captain Pierce or else if he refuse to release him then the said Alexander Gill to 200lb of tobacco from Captain Pierce. All tobaccoes due to me in Virginia to my brother John Roper in England and that Mr. George Fitz Jefferyes receave it to the use of my said brother. ... To my brother John Roper, pd300 in the hands of my father in law Mr. Thomas Sheaperd, om Mome [?Moine] in Bedfordshire ... Residuary Legatee: my brother John Roper ... 5 Feb. 1626-7 Administration granted to John Roper, principal legatee no executors being named. May 1624 administration granted to Thomas Shepard father of John Elizabeth & Constance Shepard brother and sister "ex materno" of said deceased, during minor estate. [Thomas Roper, "of Milden in Bedfordshire, Gent.", came to Virginia in 1623.] -


Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 856 279 states:
during the late 1620s and early 1630s ... Captain William Roper, who was engaged in mainly mercantile interests, plied a profitable trade in Chesapeake waters.


VA Settlers and English Adventurers by N. Currer-Briggs:
p.363: Ellen Harris 26 May 1630, 25 Mar 1631 of London, widow...
†††† Mistress Francis Rooper, widow;...††††††††††††††††††
p.191: Thomas Gosnold 27 Sep 1648 of Stonham Aspall, Suffolk
Wit: ...James Roper...


Virginia's Eastern Shore by R. T. Whitelaw:
p.126: N22. 1636. Patent to William Roper for 150 acres. When Capt. Roper came to the Shore is unknown, but he appeared in the records as early as Sep 1633. Soon after that he was one of the commissioners and later served as commander of the plantation of Accomack. At one time he also was a burgess from the Shore. He married Katherine, a daughter of Thomas Graves (N30). He died intestate at some unknown date, but in 1653 an entry disclosed that his widow was then the wife of Thomas Sprigge; nothing further was found in the records about either of them.


Co. Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, VA 1633-1640, S.M.Ames
p.5: 20 Sep 1633 William Roper doth acknowledge to owe unto our soveraigne lord king Charles tow hundred and fifty pounds of Corrent monies of England to be levied upon his goods and Chattles.

p.13: Apr 1634 On the petition of William Roper against Henry Bagwell for [55 lbs.] of tobacco which he receaved of mr. Roper to the use of Capt. Richard Stephens for a paire of shoes for which shoes Peter Hull demanded payment of the said mr. Roper for Capt. Stephens the 8th day of January last which debt he was forced to satisfie againe, and received his acquittance for the same In regard wher of, It is ordered that Henry Bagwell shall pay unto Mr. Roper the said 55 lbs. of tobacco, and his Charges in the suite.

p.36: 16 Jun 1635 Whereas mr. William Roper doth make appeere by testymony to Court that there is dew unto him land for tow persons wee the commissioners do certifie the same for a truth unto the governor and counsell under the titill of our court.

p.58: 5 Sep 1636 At this court these names under writen were chosen for the choyse of sheriffe to be presented to the Governor and counsell at next quarter court: Mr. Nathaniell Littleton, mr. John Neale, mr. William Roper, mr. Edward Drewe, mr. Alexander Mountney, mr. Henry wilson.
p. 63: These presents shall witness that I Elizabeht Caursley ... set my hand and seale this 26th day [of] November 1635 ... in the prsents of George Travelor william Roper
These witnesseth that I william Berriman ... set my hand and seale this 26th [day of Novem]ber Anno Domini 1635 ... in the presence of us George Travellor william Roper
According to an order of Court from the Governor and counsell for the Elexion of Burgasses out of this Co., the commander with the consent of the commissioners appoynted the inhabytants of this Co. to meete togeather at the Sheriffs house wher 15th day of February were come togeather and made choyse of mr. John How and mr. william Roper for Burgasses and for their charges it was then agreed on that they should have 1500 lbs. of tobacco.
Ext. Henry Bagwell Clerricus (1636[1637])
p.71: 1 May 1637. mr. william Roper in court.
upon the complaint of mr. william Roper against John ford for abusing the cunstable in bending his fist and offering to stry[k]e him neere the church on the sabouth day which upon dew examination It is ordered that the said John Ford for the said offence byld a pare stocks by the first of July next compleat and to bringe them to mr. neales house syde and pay all charges.
p.76: 3 Jul 1637. William Roper in court.
p.81: 1 Aug 1637 Whereas Lieftenante William Roper hath made it appeare unto this Courte that there is one hundred acres of Land due unto him Itt is thereupon thought fitt and soe ordered that the said land bee granted and confirmed unto the said Roper beinge due for the transportation of his wife and servante viz. William Sterlinge.
p.84: 25 Sep 1637. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.89: 25 Oct 1637. Captayne William Roper in court.
The deposition of Mr. John Neale had and taken before Captayne John Howe and Capt. William Roper onely ...
p.91: 20 Nov 1637. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.95: Whereas Edmond Scarborough stands indebted unto Mr. Holmes ... The same to bee appraysed and valued by Mr. Littleton Mr. Burdett and Capt. Roper and upon theire appraysement and valuation, the said Holmes to bee satisfied his said debte out of the same.
p.96: 2 Jan 1637[1638]. Capt. William Roper in court.
It is ordered that Capt. William Roper and Mr. Stephen Charleton shall take an Inventory of all the goodes and estate of Henry Charleton deceased and retourne the same to the next monethly Courte
p.101: 12 Feb 1637[1638]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.104: Wheras Mary Bibby Widdow lately deceased lefte behind her a small estate in goodes and chattells and whereas her husband a yeare since deceased upon his death bedd made Capt. William Roper and George Traveller his overseers, Nowe Forasmuch as hee Beinge dead and leaveing her said estate dispersed and undisposed of the said overseers formerly appoynted out of charity to her children tooke upon them to be Guardyans of the said estate and procured the same to bee sould by the advise of some of the most judiciall neighbours adjacent and neere inhabitinge for the best behoofe of the said children And the said Overseers performeinge the same this Courte doth approve thereof and allsoe conceave them to bee the ittestadministrators of the said estate and the same to be a just and legall proceedinge All which is hereby humbly certified etc.
p.105: 7 May 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.108: It is ordered that Capt. Roper shall have one hundred and fifty poundes tobacco out of Capt. Howes estate due for the wages of James Small deceased as hath appeared to this Court. It is ordered that Capt. William Roper shall pay and satisfie twoe hundred pounds of tobaccoe out of the estate of Henry Charleton unto Edmond Scarborough provided that hee shall enjoy the said goodes and at the same rate and rates as they are appraysed at.
p.112: 9 Jun 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.115: 9 Jul 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.115: 13 Aug 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.119: 10 Sep 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.123: A true Inventory of such goodes as belonge to the widow Roach taken and prized by William Roper and John Major the 13th day of May 1638.
p.125: 28 Oct 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.126: Whereas it appeareth unto this Court by the testimony of Florentine Payne beinge in open Court positively produced and deposed that Capt. William Roper hath formerly fully satisfied and payed whatsoever hath beene formerly due and oweinge from him the said Capt. Roper unto the estate of James Cooke deceased and more than hath beene oweinge by him as afforesaid as allsoe hath further playnely appeared by the said James Cooke his Booke under his owne hand produced allsoe in open Court.
p.127: 26 Nov 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.131: 7 Jan 1638[1939]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.133: Memorandum that Capt. William Roper doth promise in Cort to pay to Mr. Roger Wingate nintye eight pounds of tobacco out of the estate of Marry Bibby before it goes out of his handes.
p.135: 24 Jan 1638[1939]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.142: 19 Feb 1638[1939]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.144: 28 Apr 1639. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.145: 6 May 1638. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.148: 18 Jul 1639. Capt. william Roper in court.
p.149: 23 Sep 1639. Capt. william Roper in court.
p.153: 7 Nov 1639. Capt. william Roper in court.
p.154: The deposition of John major. This deponent sayeth that about a yere sithince Capt william Roper and this deponent beinge together at [the house] of Thomas Hunt, and the said Thomas Hunt called [to him his] mayde Elizabeth and tould her that now shee w[as a] Fine women and did demand of her ho[we longe she] was contented to serve him soe that she mi[ght have his] man Edward in marriage or to that effect she answered three yeeres provided that [the said man] Edward and Elizabeth might bee marr[ied] promecment[?] of the sayd Huntt whereupon [the said Capt.] Roper replied wee hered that she [loved a man on] the other side of the Baye. The said Huntt an[swered n]owe
for he had inquired and ther was noe such man. And the said Capt. tould the said Huntt that in three yeeres time they might have Children and then how should the parish be discharged, So the said Huntt made answer that if he would be bound to the parish. And further hee this deponent saith not.
The deposition of John Harloe had and taken in open Corte.
This deponent sayeth that he heard Capt. Roper say he would Clere the servant hee would Cleere the servant which Thomas Huntt Claymeth of her three yeer service if she did come to him. ...
p.156: 29 Dec 1639. Capt. william Roper in court.
p.159: [ ] Feb 1639[1640]. Captin Roper in court. p.160: 23 Mar 1639[1940]. Capt. Roper in court.
p.168: 18 May 1640. Capt. Roper in court.


The Virginia Eastern Shore in the 17th Century states:
1634... Frances Pott, Argoll Yeardley, William Roper, John Stringer, and Edmund Scarburgh were among the Virginia traders.


Colonial Life as Revealed by the Court Records in One of the
Original Shires of Virginia by E. T. Crowson:
p.4:At a court held in June, 1635, it was certified to the Govr. And Council that Walter Scott for adventuring six persons into this country have land. Wm. Drew brought 3, Wm. Roper 2, ...
p.9: At a court held the 28th day of October, 1638, ...(p.10) The deposition of Alice Wilson widow sayeth, That she urging Alice Eaton in the time of her travail to declare unto her who was the true father of her child, she was then delivered of, and she said Wm. Fisher. It was ordered that Alice Eaton should nurse the child till it be weanable, and that Wm. Fisher shall give such satisfaction to John Roper as the Court shall think fit.†††††††††
p.10: At a Court held in Acchamack 6th July 1640, Nathl Littleton Esq Commander, The Court consists of Wm. Burdett, Wm. Andrews, Capt. Wm. Roper, Mr. John Neale, Mr. Stephen Charlton.
p.12: It is thought fit and ordered by this Court that Mr. Philip Taylor, nor any other person or persons belonging to him, the said Taylor, shall disturb or molese the Indians, formerly seated at Mattawaman Creek, neigher for any cause or reason, to cledar or work upon the ground, whereon they are now seated, by reason that Nathl Littleton, Argol Yardley, Capt. Wm. Stone and Capt. Wm. Roper have especial charge of the peace. ...
p.15: ...orders establishing the Co. Courts of Northhampton Co.; it took this name in 1642. It consisted of Argoll Yardley commander, Obedience Robins and Capt. Wm. Stone of the Quorum, Wm. Andrews, Wm. Burdett, John Neal, Wm. Roper, Philip Taylor, John Wilkins and Stephen Charlton.
p.18: William Roper died in 1650, also John Wilkins. His will is proved 28th January.


Co. Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, VA 1633-1640, S.M.Ames
26 Nov[?] 1638: p. 129: Whereas John Pope was presented for committing Fornycation with Ollive Eaton. It is ordered that John Pope shall remayne in the Sherriffes handes untill he put in sufficient security for to builde a Ferry boate within a Monthe for the passing of people over the old Plantation Creeke. Otherwise to have 40 lashes upon the backe, and to acknowledge his Fault before the congregation upon the next Sabboth day followinge.††
p.129: The deposition of Alice Wilson Widdowe had and taken in open Courte. This deponent saith that she urginge Ollive Eaton in the instant tyme of her payne in travell, to declare who was the true father of the child she was then to be delivered of, she answered William Fisher. Mrs. Bridgett Severne, idem. Francis Gilles idem.
... It is likewise ordered that Ollive Eaton shall nurse the child till it be waynable and that William Fisher shall give such satisfaction to John Pope for the same as the Courte shall thinke Fitt.


Since no other record for John Roper appears in the early Accomack- Northampton records and several exist for John Pope, I conclude that the first interpreter of the handwriting is mistaken and the record is for John Pope.


Co. Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, VA 1640-1645, S.M.Ames
p.xiii: William Roper first appears as a commissioner at the May court 1637. But earlier, in 1636, he had been elected to the House of Burgesses. He had been listed as a candidate for the office of sheriff, and had been successively designated lieutenant and captain His patent, only 150 acres and the smallest holding of any of the commissioners, was on a small neck of land with a water-front location. There he seemingly carried profitable trade in Chesapeake waters, often with settlers in Maryland. His wife, Katherine(Graves) Roper, a daughter of the "ancient adventurer" Thomas Graves, was sister to Verlinda (Graves) Stone, the wife of his fellow commissioner, William Stone.
p.5: 6 Jul 1640. William Roper in court.
p.7: It is ordered by this Cort that Capt William Roper Executor of the estate of Phillip Chapman deceased shall forthwith satisfy pay and deliver unto Willeam Johnson or his Assignee two Cowes with Calves their sides out of the said estate or els execution etc. It is ordered by the Cort that William Johnson shall satisfy and pay unto Capt. William Roper Executor of the estate of Phillip Chapman deceased the quantity of sixe barrels of sweete sound Indian Corne forthwith or els execution etc.
p.11: Whereas Capt. William Roper hath made it appeare unto this Court that there is justlie due and of right belonging unto him the said Capt. Roper 100 acres of land for the transportation of John Nicolls and John Whitehead It is theirfore thought fitt and accordinglie ordered that the same be Certiff unto the worshipfull Governor and Counsell att James Cittye which Certiff is hereby accordinglie graunted att the request of the said Capt. Roper.
p.14: 7 Sep 1640. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.20: 28 May 1640. William Roper in court.
p.21: 3 Aug 1640. Capt. William Roper, Jr. in court.
Whereas Mr. Steephen Charleton hath made complaint unto this Court against John Holloway for certen Arreres of debts due and unpayed by and from the said Holloway unto the said Mr. Charleton and upon longe debate of the matter in open Courte It is thought fitt and accordingely ordered that all the matters in differ betweene them and alwayes appearinge shall be referred unto the arbitration and finall ending and determination of Capt. William Roper Mr. William Jones Mr. John Severne and Mr. John Stringer and in case that they shall not accomplish the finall end and determination thereof to give a true report of all proceddings therein unto the next monethlie Court.
p.33: 22 Feb 1639. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.41: 23 Nov 1640. Capt. William Roper in court. p.53: 11 Jan 1640[1641]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.56: It is thought fitt and soe Ordered by this Court that Mr. Phillipp Tayler nor anie other person or persons unto him the said Taylor in anye wise belonging should presume to disturbe or molest the Indians formerlie seated att Mattawomes Creeke neither for anie Cause or reson by them stippullated to cleare or worke upon the ground whereon they are now seated by reson that Nathaniell Littleton Esquire Argall Yearley Esquire Capt. William Stone Mr. William Andrewes and Capt. William Roper have taken an espetiall Veiwe of the place and situation theirof and doe finde that if the Indians be displaced of the two hundred acres of land which the said Mr. Taylor doth laye clayme to they in noe wise can subsist, and furthermore that the plantation of Phillipp Taylor cannot be impaired thereby he being seated on the one side of A Creeke, and they on the other, and not hitherto have either built of cleared on that side the Indians
are appointed to dwell on.
p.72: 29 Mar 1641. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.81: 17 May 1641. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.92: 6 Jul 1641. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.103: 2 Aug 1641. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.120: 20 Sep 1641. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.124: 5 Oct 1641. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.128: 30 Nov 1641. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.131: 3 Jan 1641[1642]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.138: The deposition of John Johnson had and taken before Nathaniel Littleton Esquire Commander of Ackowmack the first day of December Anno Domini 1641. This deponent saith that hee being at the house of Capt. William Roper the sayd Capt. Roper tould your deponent that hee was indebted unto Thomas Dimmar a certaine quantitye of nayles, but the certaine Number thereof your deponent knoweth not. And that Capt. Roper did tell your deponent that hee would give a Cowe Calfe for soe many nayles as would give the sayy Dimworth satisfaction, Whereupon your deponent Replid that hee did beleive that the said Dimworth would be Willing to accept of a Cowe Calfe, upon which wordes the sayd Capt. Roper did immediately send for the said Dimworth, and after such tyme as hee was come, the sayd Capt. Roper did tell him that if hee would take the First Cowe Calfe that fell
hee having some Cattell or Cowes at present very big with Calfe (by the said Capt. Roper owne Relation) upon which wordes the said Dimworth was Contented to accept of the firs Cowe Calfe which should afterwards happen to fall for satisfaction of his nayles, but in Case the sayd Capt. Ropers Cattle did bring forth none but bull Calfes upon theire next Calfeing, then his promise was to procure one for the sayd Dimworth, and more your deponent saith not. Juratur Coram me. John Johnson. Nathaniell Littleton.
p.141: 8 Mar 1641: It is Ordered that Capt. William Roper and Mr. John Rosier shall Agree for the Ferry, at Kings Creeke.
[p.70] It appeares to this Court by the Testimony of Nathaniell
Littleton Esquire, Capt. William Roper,...Witness my hand the 20th day of January 1641[1642]. Anthony Hodgkins. Signed and delivered in the presence of William Roper. William Roper.
p.157: [The Award between Mr. Taylor and Mr. Charlton.]...Witnes our hands this 23th of March 1641[1642]. Recordatur die Aprillis 1642. William Burdett. Teste me Edwyne Conaway Clericus. William Roper.
p.158: 25 Apr 1642. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.166: 9 May 1642. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.170: 31 May 1642. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.173: The deposition of Richard Lemon sworne and examined deposeth as followeth (Viz.) This deponent saith that in the beginning of May last past or thereabouts being att Mr. John Stringars hee the said Mr. Stringar did desire this deponent his opinion in a busnes betweene John Stringar and Mr. Stubbins soe being relateing the case to this deponent in the interim there came into the house of Mr. Stringar Capt. William Roper and Mr. Stubbins and Mr. Stubbins sayde unto them you are the men that wee were just now discourseing about you and John Stringar and the said Mr. Stubbins answared Mr. Stringar with these words what your Cosen Cheate soe Capt. Roper desire after this deponent had hard it on being urged by persuasions sayde the busines was very foule in his opinion whereupon Mr. Stubins was in a greate Wrath, and sayde that hee was an idle Cheateing Fellow and came on purpose to Cheate mee of my goods And further sayde where there is but one Rascall in a Co. hee will have manny other take his parte. Richard Lemon. Juratur in Curia. Teste me Edwyne Conaway Clericus Curiae. The deposition of John Stringar sworne and examined deposeth as followeth (Viz.) This deponent saith that about the beginning of May Mr. Lemon and this deponent were in discourse about John Stringar Carpenter and Mr. Stubbins what difference were betweene them and in
the interim the said Stubbins and capt. Roper came into the house of this deponent and this deponent sayde unto the said Stubbins and Capt. Roper you are the men wee were talkeing of, but what reply the said Stubbins made this deponent doth not remember nor any vilifying speeches to his knowledge. And further sayeth not. George Vaux.
p.181: An inventory of the goods and Estate of Anthony Lynny
Millwright deceased taken before Mr. Obedience Robins and Capt.
William Roper and Mr. John Wilkins the 28th day of Aprill Annoeque domini 1642.
p.182: 18 Jul 1642. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.203: 20 Sep 1642. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.208: 28 Oct 1642. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.216: 28 Nov 1642. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.227: 3 Jan 1642[1643]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.248: ...And in Testimony That this is my true Will and Testament I have hereunto Sealed and Subscribed. The marke of George Travellor The Seale. Signed and Sealed in the presence of us. John Rosier. William Roper. Vera Copia cum original Concor. Exam. per me Edwynn Conaway Clericus Curiae Tres decimo die mensis February Anno 1642
p.250: Mary Biby deceased Laft in my Custody two Cowes the First
yeare one of the Cowes miscarried and now hath three Cowes and two Calves And this is all thencrease which I will depose the Calves were. She deceased in November 1637. William Roper. Recordatur vicessimo die February 1642[1643].
p.255: To All etc. I Capt. John West Esquire Governor etc. doe with the consent of the Counsell of State accordingly give and graunt unto Henry Williams one hundred and Fiftie Acres of Land Scituate in Co. of Accomack Lying on the old Plantation Creeke North on the Land of Henry Charlton South West on the Fishing Point...Sealed and delivered in the presence of William Roper Recordature v[?] Septemo die September 1644.
p.255: 6 Mar 1642[1643]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.258: It is Ordered by this Court that Capt. William Roper and Mr. Edmund Scarbrough shall put a period to a difference now depending betweene Henry Williams Plaintiff and John Dennis Defendant concerning Land.
p.263: 24 Feb 1642[1643]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.264: 17 Apr 1643. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.265: 28 Apr 1643. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.274: From Capt. Ropers this 10th of May 1643. ...differences
betweene the said William Holmes Plaintiff and John Holloway ...
p.275: 15 May 1643. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.279: Articles of Agreement betweene William Roper of thone part and John Boothe both of Accomack of theother part had made
Covenanted and Agreed upon the First of November Anno Domini 1640. [Imprimis] It is agreed that the sayde John Booth shall serve and dwell with the said William Roper from the date and date hereof for and during the tearme of one whole yeare. [Item.] That during the tearme and tyme aforesaid the said John Booth shall delingently and carefully labour and performe all such Lawfull matters and things as shalbe required of him by his said Master. [Item.] That the said John Booth shall presently after the date hereof deliver or cause to bee delivered att the now dwelling house of the said William Roper three barrells of good and well conditioned Indian Corne. And the said William Roper doth promise and hereby binde himselfe in manner as followeth. [Imprimis] That if the above named John Booth shal
well and truly performe all the abovesaid Articles That then the
sayde William Roper shall allow him the said Booth meate drinke Lodging and washing. [Item.] That the said William shall Free his said servaunt of and from the Publique taxes during his said service [Item.] That the said William shall att the expiration of the tearme aforesaid pay unto the said booth soe much tobacco as shall bee allowed for the planteing of one head according to the Acts of Assembly and alsoe Fower barrell of good and well conditioned Indian Coren. [p.151][Item.] That the said William shall pay and deliver unto the sayde booth one blacke heifer called Coaine which said heifer was of the stock and breede of Mr. William Burdett, And the sayde William doth hereby bynde himselfe His heyres Executors and Assignes that the said Boothe shall Freely have possesse and enjoye the said heifer with all her encrease and that for ever without lett hindrance of him the said William his heyres executore Administrator or Assignes, And for true performance of all and everye the promises the said William Roper and Booth have hereunto sett their hands the day and yeare above written and in the presence of William Roper
The marke of John Booth. I acknowledg myself fully satisfyed from William Roper according to this Covenant witnes my hand this 11th of April 1642.
p.283: 3 Jul 1643. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.284: 3 Jul 1643. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.290: It is ordered by this Court that Capt. William Roper Mr. John Severne and William Berryman shall with the next conveniency Arbitrate and put a period to a difference betweene Thomas Hunt Plaintiff and Thomas Stratton Defendant Concerning a boate. ...
It is ordered by this Court that Humphrey Edwards shall on Saturday next repayre unto the house of Capt. William Roper there to give Mr. Alexander Mountney a just Accompt of what hee hath received and paid for the said Moutney and to rectify his booke.
It is ordered by this Court that Humphrey Edwards shall on Saturday next repayre unto the house of Capt. William Roper there to put in security with Nichola Parque for his appearance before the Majesties Commissioners att the next Co. Court.
p.295: (Will of William Burdett) ... Item I give and bequeath unto my three God Children William Roper William Smyth and Jane Williams each of them one Cowe Calfe of a yeare old to bee delivered as soone and Convenient as may bee and Marked [fol. 160] for them and their Marks with them to bee Recorded in the Court Booke. William Burdett.
Septimo die Augustii Anno Domni 1643.
p.297: 31 Aug 1643. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.325: 10 Feb 1643[1644]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.330: Know all men by these presents that wee Nathaniell Oldis of Kicoughtan gentleman and William Parry of Kicoughton aforesaid doe by these presents as our Acts and deeds for us and either of us our heyres and Assignes promise Assume Covenante and agree to and with Mr. William Cotton Clerk Captayne William Stone and Capt. Roper and late Administrators of thestate of John Graves and Thomas Graves deceased upon their Relinquishing the said Commission of Administration and leaveing the same unto the sayde William parry and the full power therof to secure save harmles and at all tymes keepe indemnyfyed the said Mr. Cotton Capt. Stone and Capt. Roper of and from any molestation trouble dammage and incumbrance that may hereafter grow or Arise or any way happen unto them or either of them for or by reason of the said Estate or in or concerning the same or concerning the bond entered into by the said Mr. Cotton Capt. Stone Capt. Roper
with security for the saveing harmles and indempnifying the Court upon the graunt of the same For the performance of which our Act and deede wee and Either of us have hereby firmly bound us our heyres and Assignes in the full Summe of two hundred pounds sterling upon forfeiture of these presents to bee paid unto all demaunds unto the said Mr. Cotton Capt. Stone Capt. Roper their heyres or Assignes In witnes of all which wee have hereunto put our hands this 30th day of Aprill 1640. Nathaniell Oldis. The marke of William Parry.
p.330: [p.180] Bee it Knowne unto all men by these presents that I Richard Ingle master of the Recovery formerly called the Reformation and intrusted for the Sale of severall Goods by Thomas Allen and Company Marchaunts of London I doe in my owne and theire behoofes Constitute and Ordayne Captayne William Roper gentleman my true and lawwfull Attourney for to call to Accompt Richard Lemmon and all other debtors in Accomack or Maryland That are indebted to the said Ingle and Company and doe give to my said Attourney power to demand Aske levey Recover and Receave by way or course of law or other wayes And at the Receipt of any such debts to acquitt and freely discharge all such as shall truely pay their debt to my said Attourney or to his Assignes,... p.351: 23 Feb 1643[1644]. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.351: ...Whereas it appereth unto this Court That Thomas Parks hath in a most scandalous manner Affronted Argoll Yardley Esquire Commaunder and the rest of the Commissioners As by the Testimony of John Rosier Clerke Capt. William Roper and Mr. Edward Douglas more at large appeareth for which Contempt the Court hath ordered That the said Thomas Parks shall forthwith have Thirty lashes upon his bare shoulders as a punishment inflicted upon him for his said offence.
p.357: 10 Apr 1644. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.358: [fol.194] The deposition of Richard Mason taken before Capt. Roper being sworne and examined deposeth as followeth (viz.)... Juratur coram me William Roper.
p.359: 30 Apr 1644. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.359: Whereas wee the Comaunder and Commissioners have Received
expresse order from the Governor and the Counsell for Reduceing the stargling and Remote Plantations into Convenient and defensive bodyes, And by their said Warrant have ordered and Comaunded All and everye person and persons to bee obedient and submitt unto the same upon payne of death. These are there to Certifye all and everye one of the Inhabitants of this Co.e. That it is this daye ordered by this Court That ... those from the south side of Kings Creeke unto the house of Mr. Edward Douglas bee ordered and directed by Capt. William Roper and Mr. Edward Douglas. ...
p.367: Articles of agreement made betweene Capt. William Roper and Reginald Hawis Boath of Northampton this 26th of March 1644[1645].
1. Imprimis the said Reginald shall live and remayne with the said William and that for and during the tyme of the Sherifalty of the said William. 2. Item That during the tyme aforesaid the said Reginald shall Faythfully execute the office of under sheriffe. 3. Item that the said Reginald shall so often as hee is thereunto Required by the said William give unto the said William a true and just accompt of all such Fees as appertaine unto the office of High sheriffe. 4. Item that the said Reginald shall pay or cause to be paid unto the said William or his assignes the somme of Fower barrells of good Indian Corne. 5. Item that the said William shall give unto the said Reginald his dyett during the terme aforesaid. 6. Item that for and in Consideration that the said Reginald shall Faythfully performe and doe all and every the promisses, apperteyn- ing unto the office of under sheriffe the said [p.199] William shall give and allow the said Reginald the Full Moyety of all such Fees as appertayne and belong unto the office of High Sherriffe except Imprissonment and Runawayes and for to testify this to be our Act and Deede wee the above said William and Reginald have heereunto interchangeably sett our hands the day and yeerabove written. Recordatur 12th die Mensis July 1644. William Roper Per me Reginald Hawis deputy Clerke. Reginald Hawis p.383: Whereas it appeareth unto this Court That Mr. Peter Walker detayneth a heifer and a bull Calfe belonging unto Edmund Bybby which Calfe the said Mr. Walker hath mark'd on his owne marke. It is therefore ordered by this Court That the sayde Mr. Peter Walker shall forthwith deliver or cause to bee delivered the said Cowe and Bull Cafe unto Capt. William Roper Guardian of the said Edmund Bibby for the use of the said Bibby and the Charges of the Court ewually to be borne betweene the said Roper and the said Walker. (Jul 1644)
p.388 Capt. Stone and loveing Freind I most hartyly desire you to take of my business From Tyme to tyme, And if Capt. Roper whome I have made my Attourney should deceased or be Remiss or careless in my busines, I doe by these Authorize you to call to Accompt him or any other as my lawfull Attourney. ...
p.393: This bill byndeth mee Capt. William Hawley Esquire of Northampton Co.e to pay or cause to bee paid unto Capt. Stone... Sealed and delivered in the presence of William Roper.
p.411: The deposition of Reginald Hawis and Hannah Mountney taken in open Court. These deponents saith That being at the house of Phillip Capman about one day or two before hee dyed the said Chapman desired the deponents beare Witnes that notwithstanding any thinge in his will by writeing to the contrary hee the said Chappman did give full power and Authority unto Capt. William Roper to sell or dispose of his Land and Plantation for the good of his Children....(Mar 1644/5)
p.425: 29 Apr 1645. It is ordered by this Court That Capt. William Roper shall execute the office of high sheriffe for this Co.e of Northampton untill there shalbe another sheriffe appointed for the said Co.e.
p.426: 29 Apr 1645. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.427: Whereas it appereth unto this Court That Thomas Dewin his wife nursed Phillip Chapman his Child three moneths and Keept the eldest Girle of the said Chapman two Moneths As alsoe that the said Estate doth owe and stand indebted unto the said Dewin seven quarts of Venigar, It is therefore thought Fitt and accordingly ordered by this Court That in consideration of all the aforesaid premisses Capt. William Roper Executor of the said Phillip Chappman shall satisfy and pay unto the said Thomas Dewin or his Assignes the quantity of Two hundred pounds of Tobacco and halfe a barrell of Corne out of the said Estate according to precedency...
p.437: The 10th of Aprill 1645. Received by me Capt. Richard Ingle of Capt. William Stone for goods hee sold ofmyne Fiftie Nyne hogs- headss of tobacco and two more on the Account of Capt. Roper and Five on David Wheateleys Accompt and Fower on Mr. Berryman's Accompt, I say Received. Per me Richard Ingle.
p.441: 28 Jul 1645. Capt. William Roper in court.
p.443: [fol. 234-A] It is ordered by this Court That Capt. William Roper shall finde and allow to a Childe belonging unto James Ravis sufficient dyett it being his owne voluntary profer in open Court and that satisfaction shalbe made unto the said Capt. Roper at the Cropp out of the Levey.
p.454: This bill byndeth mee William Stevens of the Co. of Northampton my heyres executors or Assignes to pay or cause to bee payed unto William Roper or his Assignes the full and just Some of seaventeen hundred pounds of good Merchantable tobacco with good and sufficient Caske to conteyne the said tobacco at one intire payment at or upon the 20th day of October next after the date hereof, And for the better securing of the aforesaid debt to bee payd as afore- said. I doe by these presents make and bynde over my whole estate moveables and imoveables of what nature or condition soever unto him the said William Roper his heyres or Assignes witnes my hand this 18th day of Aprill 1645. Signed and delivered in the presence of John Rosier, Reginald Hawis. The marke of William Stevens.


The Enyclopedia of Virginia Biography states: William Roper was a prominent citizen of the eastern shore, who was burgess in 1636 and a justice in 1637. In the former year he had a grant for 150 acres in Accomac for his own personal advernture and the importation of two servants.


Virginia Land Records states:
William Roper, 100 acres in Accomacke, being a small neck, lying between the lands of John Dennis and Henry Charlton; due: 50 for his personal adventure; and 100 for the transportation of two servants, Wm. Jacob and George Cottington. By West, Sept. 6, 1636.


Cavaliers and Pioneers states:
William Roper, 150 acres Accomack Co., 6 Sept. 1636, p. 375 Being a small neck of land betweene lands of John Dennis & Henry Charlton, S. by E. upon the maine woods, & N. by W. into the maine Cr. 50 acs. for his own per. adv. & 100 acs. for trans. of 2 servts. Wm. Jacob, George Cottington.


Virginia State Library Land Office Index: William Roper, 6 Sep 1636 Accomack Co. 150 acres. A Small Neck of land lying between the land of John Dennis & the land of Henry Charlton, Pat. #1, 1623-43, p.375


Northampton Co. records show: 1636. First order for an election. People met at the Sheriff's house Feb 15th & chose John How & Wm. Roper burgesses. They were to have 1500 lbs. Tobacco. Cotton complains constantly about his tithes not being paid.


The following marriage record exists for Accawmack Co.:
1636 Captain William Roper, Burgess, m. Katherine Graves, dau. Of Capt. Thomas and Katherine _____. She m. (2) Thomas Sprigg.


Adventurers of Purse and Person, p. 329 states:
Katherine Graves ([dau of ] Thomas) married (1) William Roper, lieutenant and captain of militia, justice of Accawmack, 1637, and Burgess from Accawmack, 1637, and from Northampton, 1644. He died between 28 Aug. 1650, when he attended court as justice, and 30 Dec 1650 when Mrs. Kathryne Roper, the relict of Capt. William Roper, deceased, was mentioned. She married (2) Thomas Sprigg, who deposed 14 Oct. 1665 he was aged 35 and 17 Sept. 1694 he was aged 64. ... Issue by William Roper, given a calf in the will of his Godfather William Burdett, 22 July 1643; 27, Verlinda, to whom her mother, on the eve of her marriage, made a deed of gift, 1 March 1650. ...


Adventurers of Purse and Person, p. 327, states:
Ann Graves, born 1620, married successively three ministers of Hungars Parish, Accawmack. She married (1) before 10 July 1637, the Rev. William Cotton, who on that date patented land in right of his wife Ann Graves. He left will Aug 1640-29 Dec 1646, naming "Brethrin -in-Lawe Capt. William Stone and Capt. William Roper" as overseers.


The Acts of General Assembly, Jan. 1639 state:
Viewers of Tobacco Crop, 1639. Ackowmack Co.. From the King's Creek to the old plantation creek on that side: Capt. Wm. Roper, Elias Hastue, Jonathan Gibbs.


Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 86 291 states:
His [Cotton's] last recorded transaction was an agreement made April 30, 1640, transferring a security bond as coadministrator of his deceased father-in-law's estate to Nathaniell Oldis and William Parry. Footnote: The agreement transferred responsibility for a bond of two hundred pounds sterling from Cotton, Captain William Stone, Captain Roper, the late Administrators of the estate of John Graves and Thomas Graves ...


The Virginia Eastern Shore in the 17th Century states:
In 1640, for instance, at a meeting of the Accomack Court at which the average size of the eight plantations represented was 1,944 acres, one commissioner, William Stone, led with 5,250 acres and two others trailed far behind with only 300 and 150 acres, respectively.
Footnote: Northampton Co. Records, Vol. II, p. 43. The commissioners present were Nathaniel Littleton, Argoll Yeardly, Obedience Robins, William Andrews, William Burdett, William Roper, Stephen Charlton, and William Stone.


The one who "trailed far behind with ... 150 acres" was William Roper.


Northampton Co. records show:
1640. ... It is thought fit & ordered by this Court That Mr. Philip Taylor nor any other person or persons belonging to him, the said Taylor, shall disturb or molest the Indians, formerly seated at Mattawaman Creek, neither for any cause or reason, to clear or work upon the ground, whereon they are now seated, by reason Nath Littleton, Argal Yeardly, Capt. Wm. Stone, Mr. Wm. Stone, & Capt. Wm. Roper have taken especial charge of the place. ...


William and Mary College Quarterly 5 123 states:
One William Cotton was minister in Accomac Co., and his will was dated August 20, 1640, and proved there November 11, 1646; ... brother-in-law Captain Wm. Stone and Captain Wm. Roper to be overseers of his will.


A land patent exists for Accomack Co. for John Harlow. 200 acres. Aug. 26, 1642, Page 790. At the head of old plantation cr., adj. his former devident & land of Capt. William Roper. Trans. of 2 pers: Stephen Harlow, Ann Harlow, Math. Pett, Wm. Car.


A land patent exists for Northampton Co. for John Harlowe. 200 acres. Nov. 10, 1642, Page 851. Being a neck of land, adj. land late in the possession of Rowland Reyne, N. on land of Capt. William Roper & Wly. Old Plantation Cr. Due by assignment from John Corker, to whom it was due for trans. of 4 pers: John Plummer, Hen. Carleton John Hinton, John Daniell.


Virginia Historical Magazine 23 228 states:
Att the Grand Assemblie holden at James Citty 2d of March 1643 The Names of the Burgesses for the Severall Plantacons in this Collony. Vizt. ... North'ton Co.. Capt. Wm. Roper. Mr. Edw. Douglas. ... The oath of Allegiance and supremacy in the first place was admnstred unto them, &c.


A land patent exists for Randall Holt, 710 acs. Aug. 1, 1643, p. 880 Sonn & Lawfull heire of Mary Bayley, late of Hogg Island, sole daughter and heire of John Bayly of the sd. Island. 700 acs. call Hogg Is. lying over against Archers Hope on the Tappahanna side of the river, & 10 acs. in James Island adj. the late dwelling howse of Robert Epers, towards Goose Hill, N. towards land lately belonging to William Fairefax & W. upon land lately belonging to Jenkin Andrewes. 490 acs. being expressly granted to the sd. Mary Bayly by the name of Mary Bayly Orphant, Feb. 20, 1619, with the special clause & provisoe that if upon due survey hereafter to be made the sd. island doe not amount to fower hundred and nyntye acres that soe much as it wanteth shall be supplyed to the said Mary Bayly in some other place and if the said Island doe conteyne above fower hundred and nyntye acres that then the said Mary doe purchase the Surplusage from the Company, etc. The surplus being 210 acs. is now due by trans. of 5 servts. in the Shipp William and Thomas Aug. 24, 1618 by John Bayly; Hugh Price, William Done (or Dove), Phillipp Roper, Henry Broughton, Robert Reddinge.


Northampton Co. records show:
April, 1644. It was ordered that for the better protection of the Inhabitants they should be under commands in each precint. ... From King's Creek to the house of Edward Douglas under Wm. Roper & Edward Douglas, ...


Northampton County Virginia Record Book V.3 1645-51: Orders, Deed, Wills &c, edited by Dr. Howard Mackey and Marlene Alma Hinkley Groves:

p.1: Present./ Att. At Court houlden at Northampton the Eleventh day of Novemer 1645./ Capt. William Roper

p.5: It is ordered by this Court That the differences between Reginald Harris plt & Capt. William Roper deft shalbe referred until Mr John Rosier shall come downe from St Marys and then by he consent of both ptyes the sd difference is referred unto the sayde Mr John Rosier and Mr Edward Douglas as aritrato indifferently both by the plt @ deft for the finall ending & determining thereof./ (Sept-Oct 1645)

p.22: Present Att A Court houlden at Northampton the 28th of January 1645./ Capt. William Roper

p.30: It is ordered by this Court that Capt William Roper late Sherriff of Northampton Countye shall satisfy and pay unto Reginald Hawis Two hundred pounds of Mrchtable tobacco being in consideration of the full moitye for the Sallary of all Colleccons of tobacco for taxes & Leveyes wthin the sd Countye when the sd Roper was Sherrif or els exec. &c. [1645]

The deposicon of Rebecca the wife of Thomas Peake taken in open Cort/ Saith that Capt William Roper came into Robert Wyard his house and demanded two barrels of Corne for the use of Reginald Hawis and the sd Robert being not at home the wife delivred ye sd Corne unto Capt Ropers men for the use of Reginald Hawis wth Corne being cast away, Capt Roper came unto the deponts husband and sayde I am sorrier fo thy losse more than myne owne. And further not./

The marke of Rebecca [her mark] Peake./ Juratr in apta Curia./ [1645]

p.34: It is ordered by this Cort that Capt Roper shall have an Attachment against Somuch of thestate of Sr Edmond Plowden Knight ass hee shall make appe dew unto him at the next Countye Cort. [1645]

p.40: Att A County Court Houlden att Northampton the 25th day of ffebruary 1645./ Capt William Roper

p.56: (A lease by Obedience Robins) Signed and Sealed & dd in the presence of William Roper

Recordatr 22 die Apr Ano; dm 1646./ p me Edwyn Conaway Cler Cur./

p.58: These three bills agreeth wth the originals executed by mee William Roper

Recordatr 22 die Aprillis 1646 Pr me Edwyn Conaway Cler Cur

p.60: Att a County Court houlden at Northampton the 29th day of Aprill 1646 Capt William Roper

p.62: It is ordered by this Court that John Dennis Henry Bagwell & John Harloe shalbe sworne before Capt Willm Roper to appraise thestate of William Hookings deceased./ [1646]

p.72-73: (estate sale of Anthony Lynny June 1646) lit tob: Capt Roper...0095 Capt Roper for ffive yards of ffuze[?] not in ye Invoyce...0250

p.75: Att a County Court houlden at Northampton the 29th day of June 1646./ Present/

Capt William Roper

p.84: Present Att A Countye Cort boulden at Northampton the 28th Day of July 1646./

Capt William Roper

p.94: It is ordered by this Court that according to an Act of Assembly Mr Edm: Scarburgh & Mr Edward Douglas shall take an exact list of all ye tythable psons Land Cattle hourses Mares goates & sheep wthin their pr [hole in page] nc [presence?] or appointt some others that may bee careful to doe it. Capt Roper amd Mr William Andrewes for the Middle precinct Capt Stone for his neck of land to Hungars Bridge./ Mr Charlton & Mr Johnson for Nuswattocks./ [Sept-Oct 1646]

p.96: Att A Cort houlden at Northampton the 15th day of September 1646./ Capt William Roper

p.100: Att a Cort holden at Northampton County 11th November 1646 prsent Capt William Roper

p.104: The deposicon of Capt Wm Roper taken in open Cort 12th No: 1646 Saith That by a noate under Mr Eatons hand Capt Wm Stone was authorized to receive of Luke Stubbins 250: pds of tobb: And further saith not:/ William Roper

p.105: Att a County Court holden at Northampton je 29th day of Decembr Anno 1646./

Capt Wm Rop [Roper]

p.109: Att a County Court houlden att Northampton the xxxth of Decembr 1646./

Capt William Rop [Roper]

p.111: (will of William Cotton) And desyre my beloved ffreinde & Brethren in Lawe Capt William Stone & Capt Wiliam Rop [Roper] to bee overseers hereunto Witness my hand this prsent xxth daye of August 1640

p.134: The Deposicon of John Browne taken before Capt Wm Stone & Capt Wm Roper 28th of Aprill 1647

p.139: Upon ye peticon of John Coghan Mrchant It is ordered ye Capt William Roper, Mr Edward Drew & John Harloe bee requested & appoyneted to view certayne hogdes of tobacco wch ye said Mr Coghan recd of John Wilkins gent. [1646]

p.146: ye [sic] 12th of 8ber next ensueinge ye date hereof witne my hand ye 21th of Aprill 1647. Tho: Hunt Test me Wm Roper

p.150: Att a court holden for ye County of Northton ye 5th of Aprill 1647./ prsent Capt Willm Roper

p.151: (inventory of estate of Phillipp Taylor) upon oath beinge sworne by Capt William Roper one of his Maties Comissionres for ye Coun [sic] of Northampton ye first day of August Anno Dm. 1646./ [1647]

p.186: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northton ye 29th of Decembr 1647 Prsent Collonll:

Capt Wm Roper

p.197: 29th of Decem: Ano 1646 prsent Capt Wm Roper

p.198: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northampton ye 29th of Decem 1646./ present Capt Wm Roper

p.228: Att a Court holden for Northampton County the 28th of December 1647./ Prsent Capt Wm Roper

p.235: It is ordered ye Mr Edwyn Connawaye & Edmund Mathewes (wth their Consent in Court) shall upon monday next att ye howse of Capt Wm Roper or Mr George Clarke come to Accott & devide ye remayndr of the Bills and Accottes in ye said Mathewes hands./ [1647]

p.238: 29th of Decembr Ano 1647 Prsent Capt Wm Rop [Roper]

p.239: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northton the first day of ffebur. 1647 Prsent

Capt. Wm Roper

p.240: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northampton the first days of ffebur Ano 1647./ Prsent

Capt. Wm Roper

p.242: It is ordered by this Court ye Edmund Bibbeye shall continue & inhabite wth Capt. Wm Roper until the xxth of November next: And then (if the Boye have a desyre to bee an Apprntize.) That Capt Roper shall pcure him a maystr & put him to a trade. And it is furthr thought fitt & ordered. that ye estate apptayneinge unto ye said Edm: Bibbye shall remayne in ye hands of ye sd Capt Wm Roper (until ye Boye attayne the age of one and twenty yeares. &c./ [1647]

p.249: Paid to Capt Roper foure Bar. of Corne due to ye estate of Phill: Chapman pd out of ye Cropp [1647]

p.251: Octavo die mense May Ano 1648 Prsent Capt Wm Roper (order concerning estate of William Mane)

p.266: An Inventory of the Estate of Mris Jane Lemman deceased, Appraysed upon oath by Mr Anthony Hoskins; Mr Geor. Clarke, Jonathan Gile. & George Smyth. upon ye xxth daye of March: Ano 1649. Sworne before Capt. Wm Roper.

p.276: 20 Octobr 1648 Edmund Bibby his Cattle ye numbr Nynteene head./ One Plantacon This Accott was presented to ye Comissionresin open Court by Capt. Wm Roper the xxth of Octobr. Ano 1648:

...A Stocke of hogges; Sixe Barrlls of Corne & a crtayne quantitye of tobac. In ye hands of Mr Roper. Wth some household goods Recordatr 23 Octobr Ano 1648 p me Edm: Mathewes Clir Cur./

...Witnes my hand this ffourth of Novembr 1648 William Roper./

p.293: Att a Court holden for Orphanttes Causes upon ye xxth of Octobr Ano 1648 Prsent

Capt Wm Roper

p.297: Att a Court holden att Northampton County the 27th daye of Septembr. Ano 1648 Prsent

Capt Wm Roper

p.298: Att a Court holden att Northampton the xxth of Octobr. Ano 1648 appounted p ordr for Orphantes Prsent Capt Wm Roper

p.302: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northampton ye Sixth daye of Novembr. 1648 Prsent

Capt Wm Roper

p.316: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northton ye Eight Daye of Januar. Ano 1648 Prsent

Capt Wm Roper

p.317: It is ordrd that ye differ betweene Jno Stringer Philemedq & Jno Little bee referred to ye next Court, And in Case Phill: ffarrant shall not bee able to come to ye Court (to testifye his knowledge in ye Cause) that ye his depo: shallbe taken before Capt. Wm Roper (or any othr Comiss for this Com./) [1648]

p.319: (depositon of Jno ffoster Januar 1648) Wm Roper

p.322: Att a Court holden att Northampton ye 22 of January 1648 Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

p.333: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northampton ye 28 of May. Ano 1649./ Prsent Capt Wm Roper

p.336: Att a Court holden att Northampton ye xxxith of May Ano 1649 Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

p.337: It is thought fit & ordered by this Dourt that Capt Wm Roper bee made choyse of @ Authorized to viewe the Armes and make inquires & diligent pusuall [perusal] of evrye howseholder or any other pson quallifyed to beare Armes wthin the prcinctes and Juxion [jurisdiction] of this County of Northton. And where hee shall fynd any gune or gunnes unfixed or any pson wanteinge Ammunicon hee is hereby inioyned to require the delinquent therein (wth all possible expedicon) to fixe their gunnes & pvide a quant. Of Amunicon (according to Act of Assemblye) And to returne the names of the psons who shall neglect or refuse to pforme his ordr & request herein: And for his performance of the ordr [1649]

fol 174

The said Capt Wm Roper shall att the Cropp next ensueinge bee satisfied & paid out of the County Levyes the quantitye of Towe hoggdes of Tobac. Containinge Sixe hundd weight of mrchantable tobac./

p.339: Att a Court holden att Northampton the 9th day of July 1649 Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

p.340: Att a Court holden att Northampton the 28 of July 1649 Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

p.346: Att a Court holden att Mr Littletons ye 4th of August 1649 Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

Att a Court holden att the Pointe Howse August 13 Ano. 1649 Prsent Capt Wm Roper

p.357: Att a County Court holden att Northampton the 28th of November Ano 1649 Prsent Capt Wm Roper

p.366: Att a Court holden att Northampton 28th of September. Ano dm. 1649 Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

Att a Court holden att Northampton the 29th of November Ano 1649 Prsent Capt Wm Roper

p.370: Att a Court holden att Northampton upon ye 15th daye of Octobr. Ano 1649 Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

p.373: Sn appaysmt of pte of the Estate of Richard Turner decd beinge praised by us whose names are here undr written And in ye presence of Capt. Wm Roper this 15th daye of Decemr 1649

p.374: Att a Court holden att Northampton the Eighteenth daye of Decembr. Ano 1649./ prsent

Capt Wm Roper

p.382: Att a Court holde for ye County of Northampton the 28th of January Ano 1649 prsent

Capt. Wm Roper

p.384: Vicesimo Octavo die mense January Ano 1649 Prsent ut antea It is orderd by the Court that ye last will and testmt of Mris Anne Pettit decd bee pved before Capt. Wm Roper And that Wm Munnes: Steph. Stringr Wm Dynham and Tho: Bankes bee Ellected & Authorized to appayse the Estat of the sd Mris Ann Pettit. who are accordingly to bee Sowrne by a Comissionr/ [1649-50]

p.408: Att a Court holden for ye County of Northton the Seaventh day of May Ano 1650:/ Presnt

Capt Wm Roper

p.409: Whereas it appeth to ye Court that Mr George Clarke decd bought Cattle of Capt Wm Roper for wth hee is indebted ye Sume & quant. Of Sixe hundd Eighty ffive poundes of tobac. It is therefore ordrd that the Admx of the sd Mr George Clarke shall make paymt unto Capt Wm Roper (for ye use of ye orphant) accordinge to prcedency. The sd Sume Sixe hundd Eighty ffive poundes of tobac. Als Exec./ [1650]

p.417: Att a Court holden att ye howse of Mr Littleton the Eight day of ffebur. Ano 1649:/ Prsent

Capt. Wm Roper

p.418: Att a Councell of Warre held before His Mates Comissionres [Majestyís Commisioners] for ye County of Northampton ye 25 of July 1650./ Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

p.428: Att a County Court holden att Northampton 28th of August Ano 1650./ Prsent Capt. Wm Roper

p.451: [In left margin:] Exec exit con Estate[?]

It is ordrd by ye Court that Danll Baker shall forthwith make paymt unto Mris Kathryne Roper (ye Relict of Capt Wm Roper decd) The Sume & quant. of one thousand sixe hundd pownds of tobac. & Caske (due unto her sd deceased husband Capt Roper by spec.) wth Court charges als Exec./ [Dec 1650]

p.459: Die et Ano prd:/ present ut antea./

Upon the conclusive determination of all & evrye pte of ye Estate,goods; Chattelles & Lands formerly belongeinge to Phillipp Chapman decd & Consequently descendinge to his Heyre Jno Chapman alsoe decd The Court determine their pticulr Judgmt upon ths Question; whether it was Lawfull for Capt. Roper to sell the Land devised by will to Jno Chapman somne & heyre to Philipp Chapman (or not) It beinge pleaded by the ffeoffee in trust for ye next heyre...

Recordatr vicesimo Sexto die Mense ffebur. 1650

p.461: 8th January Ano 1650./ This daye before ye Comissionrs Mris Kathryne Roper widd the relict of Capt. Wm Roper decd made prsentacon of ye Estate of Jno Chapman (orphant) decd wth (upon Exaiacon) was delivred unto Elias Hartree Guardyan to Elizabeth Chapman. The Inventory of wth Estate is herewith Recorded wth goodes & chattels (beinge delivred to the feoffee in trust.) The sd Kathryne Roper her heyres Exres & Assignes are fully and absolutely discharged maye or shall have relacon thereunto. [inventory follows]

p.463: Upon serious & mature Consideration of Edmund Bibby orphant of Wm Bibby decd alsoe ye Estate apptayneinge unto him. It is thought fitt & ordrd by the Court that ye sd Edm: Bibby shall forthwith bee att Libertye, And ye Mris Kathryne Roper widd & Relict of Capt. Wm Roper decd shall (sthall Conveniency) make delivry unto the sd Edm: Bibby


pa 243

Bibby [sic] all ye female Cattle belonginge unto him It is furthr thought fit & ordrd that Mr Thomas Hunt shall receive ye sd Cattle unto his charge (for the orphantes use) And that ye Estate bee delivred by him untothe sd Edm: Bibby (wthin ffourteene monethes after ye date of this ordr) Provided that Mr Thomas Hunt give suffict securitye to ye Court to bee responsible (in case any thinge should intervene wth maye prove prjudical to the sd orphant.) This to bee an absolute period of the business and Mris Roper to bee discharged of the same./

p.465: Upon ye Complt of Mr Tho: Hunt) It is ordrd by the Court that the sevrall & pticulr ptyes indebted Corne for the County Levyes, shall forthwth make paymt unto the sd Mr Tho: Hunt the quant of Corne due from them at ye place appointed.) Accordinge to a lyst undr ye hand of Capt. Wm Roper (wth should have bine pd when hee was Sherr.) (in case they shall not sufficientyly make appr that they or either of them have already satisfyd the sd Corne in question. Als Exec/

Recordat 18 die Marty Ano 1651. [p me Edm:] Mathewes Clir Cur/


First Families of America, p. 619, lists:
Col. Thomas Sprigg (1630-1704), from Kethering, Northamptonshire, Eng., appeared in Northampton Co., VA, 1650, and earlier ... m. 1650, Kathryne-, widow of Capt. William Roper, whose sister Verlinda Roper, m. Gov. William Stone, of Md.


Virginia Genealogist 28, p.147: National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars Lineage Book V, 1966-1982 ... p.376 Sarah (Sprigg) Peirce is correctly identified as a child of Col. Thomas Sprigg's first marriage to Katherine (Graves) Roper, ...


Northampton County Virginia Orders, Deed & Wills 1651-1654 Book IV, transcribed by Frank V. Walczyk, Coram, NY: Peterís Row, c1998.

p.11: The estate of Virlinda Roper, daughter of Capt. Wm. Roper decíd, set apart for her use this first day of March Anno Domini 1650 list, four cows by name of old Hanry and young Hanry, blackbeard, and Mawdlyn and two yearling heifers with all their increase male and female, one gray mare with the increase male and female (only the first colt that the mare shall bring excepted) a dozen spoons silver, and a silver tankard, a feather bed with furniture to it and three pairs Holland shoes, one dozen napkins and two table clothes, thirty pounds of powder. These to be delivered unto the above said Virlinda Roper at the age of seventeen years (or at the day of marriage which shall first come.)

Witnessed Obedience Robins, Wm. Andrews, Kathryne Roper, Thos. Sprigg.

This was done by my consent witness my hand this first of March 1650, Thos. Truman witness.

Memorial: That I the above Kathryne (with the approval of my now husband Mr. Thomas Sprigg do further declare and desire that it is not my intention or meaning that any part of the portion herein expressed shall be diminished (or attached) for my daughter her education, diet or apparel, but that my said child (until she attains unto life or marriage,) be maintained out of the estate which my said [FOLIO 14] said husband Mr. Thomas Sprigg is possessed of by me Witness our hands this third day of March 1650.

Kathryn Roper, Thos. Sprigg

Test. John Springer, Thos. Truman, Ann Springer

Recorded tertio day mensis March Anno 1650 by me Edm. Matthews ctr. Cur.

p.47: Lt. Wm. Waters his account of the estate of Mr. George Clarke


Paid to Capt. Roper 0685


Virginia Historical Magazine 32, 110 states: Descendants of Mordecai Cooke, of Mordecai's Mount, Gloucester Co., Va., 1650, and Thomas Booth, of Ware Neck, Gloucester Co., Va, 1685 by Dr. and Mrs. William Carter Stubbs, New Orleans, 1923, pp. 282, ... In addition to the families named there is much about those of ... Roper ... .


William and Mary Quarterly 20, 294 states:
Roper Family. The following notes will serve for a biginning in the study of this family: Captain William Roper was one of Justices of Northampton Co., and died about 1650 when his wife Catherine admin. on his estate. The Ropers are found next in New Kent and the following entries are taken from the Parish register:
John Roper, Jr. & Susan, his wife, had issue: Mary, bapt. 11 Apr 1686.
John Roper, Sr. had issue: Mary, bapt. 25 Aug 1687
John Roper had issue: Anne, bapt. 18 Feb 1699. Jane, bapt. Dec 1700. Rebecca, bapt. 20 Jul 1702. William, bapt. 2 Apr 1708. Joseph, born 13 Oct, bapt. 6 Jan 1711.
David, born 8 Jan 1727, son of John & Mary Roper, bapt. 24 Mar 1727.
Thomas & Elizabeth Roper had issue: John, born 10 Mar 1722. Martha, born 4 Sep 1725. Elizabeth, born 21 Feb, bapt. 24 Mar 1727. Mary, born 12 Mar 1729. Isaac, born 30 Jan, bapt. 31 Jul 1737.
David & Elizabeth Roper had issue: Benjamin, born 25 Apr, bapt. 19 Jun 1737. Frances, born 5 Mar, bapt. 6 May 1739.
William & Mary Roper had issue: William, born 24 Sep 1736.
William & Anne Roper had issue: Elizabeth, born 27 Feb 1759.
John & Elizabeth Roper had issue: Martha, born 14 Mar 1759. Sarah, born 25 Aug, bapt. 29 Sep 1754. William, born 25 Oct 1756.
Thomas & Mary Roper had issue: Elizabeth, born 9 Dec, bapt. 6 Jan 1770.
George Walton & Sarah Roper were married Feb 1710.


A land patent exists for Northampton Co. for William Mellin. 500 acres. July 1653, Page 252. Incomplete. Mentions Stubbins branch Capt. Rooper. Trans. of 10 pers: William Melling, Anne Melling, Agnis Barnes, Mary ___, John ___, Hugh ___.


Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia, Part I, 1654-1737", Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. WEISIGER, III (1976).  Although I have copied a number of pages which pertain to the COX and CARTER families, there are NO ROPER, RAPER or ROSSER mentions.

A land patent exists for Northampton Co. for Thomas Stratton. 257 acres. 5 Oct. 1654, Page 289. Being a neck called Aqusca, Wly. Upon Old Plantation Cr., & cr. Nly. on John Dennis, & Sly. on Henry Charlton. 150 acs. granted to Wm. Roper, 6 Nov. 1636 & assigned unto sd. Stratton, & 107 acs. for trans of 2 pers: Alice (or Alin__ altered) Stratton, Tho. Stratton.


A land patent exists for Northumberland Co. for Col. Richard Lee 600 acres. 4 Mar. 1656, Page 84(123). Upon S. side of the dividing creek, S.E. upon his own land & N.W. Nly. upon Freemans Ford. Trans. of 12 pers: Col. Richd. Lees 3d adventure, Mrs. Anne Lees 2nd adventure, John Roper, Nich. Britton, Owen Kelly, Richd. Porke, Walter English, Coniers Murally, Anne Firsh, Morris Roch, Doctar Goodrand(?), Alice Parker.


A land patent exists for New Kent Co. for Lt. Col. Robert Abrall 950 acres. 8 June 1657, Page 98(146). On N. side of the narrows Mettopony River, beg. at Mr. Digges' lower devdt. Granted unto Mr. John Hansford 16 Dec 1653, by him deserted & now granted by order of the Govr. &c. & retaken by new rights: James Tyler, Mary Rodes, David Otley, Roger Patter, Robert Mallet, Robert Wade, Eliza Ware, (or Ward), Tho. Parker, Jane Roper, Jacob Kickerley, George Mosse, Tho. Dissey, Jone Evans, John Okelly, Edward Cooke, Edmond Thacker, Jenkin Yearkey, Tho. Coury(?). Renewed 11 Mar. 1662.


Westmoreland Co., VA Records 1661-1664 by J. F. Dorman: p. 16 20 Aug 1662 John Ropier doe assigne my interest of the above assignment and within pattent by my attorney Mr. Thomas Soly, thereto impowered by my letter of attorney 14 Aug 1662, to Charles Wood. Thomas Soly. Wit: John Ryves, Daniell White. 20 Aug 1662. Acknowledged by Thomas Soly, attorney of Jno Rop[ier]. p. 17: 14 Aug 1662. John Roper of Upper Northumberland Co. doe authorize my friende Mr. Thomas Soley my attorney to acknowledge pattent unto Callonell Gerrard Fowke. John Roper. Wit: Wm. Brerton 20 Aug 1662 Rec.


A land patent exists for Northampton Co. for Robt. Marriot. 950 acres. 23 Feb 1663, Page 273(221). At the old plantation Cr., adj. to the head of land which Capt. Wm. Rooper lived on & bounded on the other parts by the "Ancient Adjacent devidents." Trans of 9 pers: Wm. Salt, Morras Mathews, Theo. White, Jone Mills, James Southfeild, Mary Williams, John Turner, Jeffry Marlin, Tho. Spann.


The Co. Court Note Book, V.VII, #1: p.1:
Ship William and Mary; Capt. Sam Groome; Dep'n of John Gustinge of Gloucester cry that Tho. Colley m Sarah Ropier (Rapier?) who came into this country about one and one-half years before in the Wm. & Mary 20 Jan 1664


The following marriage record exists for Boddie-Isle:
bef. 9 April 1665 William Cook m. Joane Roper, dau. of Hugh of Burnham in Somerset.


Marriages in Isle of Wight Co. 1628-1800: William Cook and Joane Roper, daughter of Hugh Roper of Somersett Co., England. 1665. W.&D.B.I., p.32


In Southside Virginia Families is the following starting on p. 161: William Cooke, Jr., and Joan his wife, on November 10, 1665, sold to Thomas Woodward 360 acres formerly patented by him in 1664?. On April 9, 1665, William Cooke, having married Joane, one of the daughters of Hugh Roper of Burnham in Somerset, appoints "George Stoat of Bristol, England to receive of my wife's brother, Hugh Roper, legacy left by her father." William Cooke made several transactions in land in Isle of Wight. Because he had a son, William, he also made his will as William Cooke, Sr., May 17, 1698 and same was probated August 9, 1698. He gave his three sons, John, William and Reuben, each a plantation. He gave his wife, Joan, the plantation "I now live on" and at her death to his son Thomas, who was not 21. Witnesses Peter Vasser, Peter Hays, James Atkinson. More information is given about the children.


A land patent exists for Thomas Hankes for 300 acres. 8 Oct 1667, Page 84. On branches of Peanketanke Swampe & Poropotanke. Beg. at his other devdt. in the line of Coll. Lee's land, S. to Rapahanock path, &c. Trans. of 6 pers: Edward Roe, 2 tymes. Hannah Wilson, John Law, Edward Roper, Francis Tersell.


KY Family Records: V.4, p.11: Pearce-Culver Family Record, Revised- Submitted by Mrs. Dorathy B. Stewart. The Pearce family came from MD resided in St. Mary's and Pr. Georges Cos. Calendar of Wills, V.I by Baldwin- Will of Francis Graille, St. Mary's Co., MD. Dated 6 Feb 1675-Mentions Edward, Thomas and John Pearce, sons of Thomas Pearce, deceased. John Pearce, son of Thomas, married Sarah Spriggs, d/o Thomas Spriggs & Katherine (Graves) Roper. Katherine, d/o Thomas Graves. Another daughter married the Rev. Cotton and another married Wm. Stone who became Governor of MD. John Pearce d c1685, his widow, Sarah, married Enoch Coomes, d 1727. Children of John & Sarah Pearce John Pearce b 1684 d 1766 MD; Sarah Pearce m John Bell/Beale. Children of John Pearce (1684-1766): John Pearce b 1714 d 1774 m Margaret Culver (1717-1786)Children: Henry Culver Pearce m Verlinda Semmes d/o Elexius Semmesand Verlinda Sanders, widow of John Sanders.Catherine Pearce m Raphael Knott Ruth Pearce b 1716 m Daniel Jenkins Edward Pearce b 1717 d 1751 m Lydia Waters William Pearce b 1718; Thomas Pearce b 1719 Benjamin Notley Pearce b 1726 d 1792 m Catherine ?:Child: Ann Pearce m Keagan


The Vestry Book of Blisland (Blissland) Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1721-1786, p. xlvii: John Roper signed a greivance from the Virginia Colony to the English Government dated 2 April 1677. A footnote states "See p. xxxiii where a certain John Roper is mentioned as being one of the churchwardens of St. Peter's Parish in the year 1688. This John Roper was a vestryman of St. Peter's Parish as early as 1686, and is listed in 1689 as a processioner."


The Complete Book of Emmigrants by P. W. Coldham 1661-1699: 1677 20 Jul-17 Aug. Shippers by the Crown Mallago, Mr. Thomas Applewaite, bound from London for Virginia...Samuell Roper...

Henrico County, Virginia Deeds, 1677-1705", Compiled by Benjamin B. WEISIGER, III (1986): NO ROPER, RAPER or ROSSER Mentions.

Fifty Years of Public Life by Daniel Calhoun Roper: There seems to be little doubt that my family descended from John Roper, a vestryman of Blisland Parish (VA) in 1678. My great- grandfather was Richard Roper, who settled in that part of Brunswick Co. which later became Greensville Co.. Richard Roper moved to Northampton Co. in NC in 1700 with his second wife, Ann Lewis. This Richard Roper served in the American Revolution. My grandfather was Thomas Roper, who in 1802 married Hannah Hunter of VA. She was the granddaughter of Captain William Hunter, a Revolutionary cavalry officer who was a cousin of the famous cavalryman Andrew Hunter, the hero of the well-known exploit of David Fanning, who rode the famous horse known as Blue Doe. Thomas and Hannah moved to Mountain Creek in that part of Richmond Co. now incorporated in Montgomery Co., NC. Their children, all of whom reached maturity, were: Rebecca, Charlotte, Green Hill, Mary Ann, Mourning, James Turner, Nancy Ann, Martha, and John Wesley. The last named was my father. I married Lou McKenzie of Gibson, NC, in 1889. She was the daughter of William A. McKenzie. The children of this marriage are May (Mrs. David R. Coker), James Hunter, Daniel C., Jr., Grace (Mrs. Frank Bohn), John Wesley, Harry McKenzie, and Richard Frederick.


This is probably the same John Roper who was a vestryman of St. Peter's Parish (see below), which was formed from Blisland Parish in 1679. However, I think that Daniel Roper is wrong about his ancestor; I think it is John Roper, Jr. from Charles City Co.


A land patent exists for Rappa. Co for Mr. Thomas Wood (Woods). 400 acres. 16 Apr. 1683. On branches of Pascataway Cr. Beg. at his house; adj. Mr. Joseph Goodrich; Francis Brown; his own plantation; Mr. Thomas Edmundson; Richard Jones & George Turner; & George Keffield. Trans. of 8 pers: Eliz. Ward, Tho. Parker, Jane Roper, Geo. Mosse, Tho. Dissey, Jane Evans, Jon. Okelly, Edwd. Cooke.


A land patent exists for New Kent Co. for John Easterly & Robert Clifford. 320 acres. 22 Sept 1683, Page 325. Adj. Mr. Lockey, upon Howcock Sw; beg. at Richard Morley, &c. Granted to John Maddison 4 July 1664 & sold to Isaac Collier; by him deserted, & now granted by order, &c. Trans. of 7 pers: Jon. Roper, Gwen Kelley, Nicho. Britton, Walter English, James Jones, Jon. Gerald, Arthur Price.


The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1786 shows John Roper Senior as a vestryman and churchwarden from 1685 to his death in 1697/8.


The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1786 lists records for the 1600s:
Mary d/o Jno Roper Jun & Susan bapt 3 Mar 1685/6 page 371
Mary d/o John Roper Junior & Susan bapt 11 Apr 1686 388
Mary d/o Jno Roper Senr bapt 25 Aug 1687 388
John Roper, vestryman, died Dec 1697/8 62
Anne d/o Jno Roper bapt 18 Feb 1699 389

St. Peter's Parish was formed from Blisland Parish in 1679.


The Vestry Book of Blisland (Blissland) Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1721-1786, p. xxxiii: quotes p. 7 of the vestry book of St. Peter's Parish showing John Roper, churchwarden of St. Peter's Parish as ordered on 31 Mar 1688 to help "Runn a dividing line between this P'ish of St. Peter's and ye Parish of Blissland ..."


A land patent exists for New Kent Co. for Henry Waring. 500 acres. Stratton Major Par., upon Pianketank Sw. 20 Oct 1689, p. 23. Adj. David Bram's land, &c. Granted to Mr. George Burge, 16 Apr 1683. deserted, & granted sd. Waring by order, &c. Imp. of 10 pers: James Nicholson, Jno. Richards, Israel Sheppard, James Welch, Andrew Neech (or Welch) James Rogers, Sarah Ellis, An. Jordan, Moses Roper, Anselm Bayly.


A land patent exists for Charles City Co. for John Evans. 818 acs. In Bristoll Par; 21 Apr 1690, p. 75. Adj. his patt. of 557 acs., granted 22 Nov 1682; beg. on E. side of the Southern run, &c. Trans. of 17 pers: Ja. Appleby, Peter Feake (or Flake), Antho. Tarkin, Wm. Weaver, Andrew Corby, Susanna Hall, Jno. Roper, James Thornton, Adam Rugsbye, Tho. Hamilton, Robert Ellis, Jno. Carver, Joan Relfe, Anth. Hux, Jane More; Grace & Judah, Negroes.


Pocahontas' Descendants by S. E. Brown, Jr., L. F. Myers & E. M. Chappel: p.248: 4128 Lavinia Bentley m William Roper