Roper Families in North Carolina


L. David Roper
6 March, 2002


The Fourth Century of Ropers in North Carolina (1900-1999)

Except data for Burke County see and


Caswell Co. Heritage: #575: Joshua Jackson "Pat" Powell was born 17 Aug 1900 in Caswell Co. and on 13 Jan 1923 he m Myrtle Cornelia Butts. Mr. Pat's parents were Josh Powell who d 1914 and Rebecca Brandon who d 1927. Josh Powell's parents were Jack Powell & Susie Roper. Rebecca Brandon's parents were Thomas Samuel Brandon & Frances Catherine Roper.
Myrtle Cornelia Butts, Mrs. Pat, was b 13 May 1905 in Caswell Co. and d 1 Nov 1961. She was the daughter of Charlie Henry Butts & Laura Talbert Ware. C. H. Butts was b 23 Apr 1880, m 1904 and d 12 Jun 1938. He was a son of Thomas Henry "Tom" Butts & Sarah Blackwell. L. T. Ware was b 21 Jan 1882 & d 24 Mar 1955 She was a daughter of Silas Ware & Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Williams. James Henry Powell b 6 Nov 1923 was the first child b to the "Pat" Powells. He m Lila Virginia Yarbrough 2 Sep 1944, and they have two children, James Kyle b 11 Aug 1945 & Frances Carol b 26 Apr 1950, & 3 grandchildren. Virginia Malloy Powell was the 2nd child & she was b 23 Feb 1925. Both James & Virginia are graduates of Bartlett Yancey High School, Yanceyville NC and Averett College, Danville VA. James has been employed by Schewel Furn. Co. since 13 May 1945, & has been Southern Div. Superv. for the last 10 years. Virginia was employed by Dan River Inc. from 27 Apr 1943 until 1 Sep 1980, when she elected an early retirement. Most of her years of dedicated service were in the Personnel Dept. with the last eight as an executive secretary in the Law Dept. Since retirement she has done a bit of free lancing-namely J. C. Bradford, Danville Travel Service, H&R Block and Drs. Connie & Sam Fletcher. In addition, she is just enjoying life-  most particularly golf. The Pat Powells are lifetime Caswell Co. residents & are well respected by friends & neighbors. Mr. "Pat" was actively engaged in farming most of his career and is now retired. However, he still is active and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys visiting family and friends-both the young & the old seek him out because of his keen memory and telling "tall tales" of the past. Sources: Personal knowledge and old family records. -Virginia M. Powell


Macon Co., NC marriages:
W. H. Roper 19 m Beula Waters 18 6 Oct 1901 Mark Deweese, JP
Clingman C. Roper 23 m Carey Chochran 20 17 Dec 1902 Mark Deweese,JP
G. H. Tallent 28 m Ida Roper 19 14 Jan 1903 Mark Deweese, JP
C. C. Roper 36 m Clara Ghormley 27 26 Dec 1904 A. H. Gregory, JP
Harlie Roper 24 m Florence Fouts 23 2 May 1905 J. L. Younce, MG
Urban Woodberry 31 m Addie A. Roper 28 25 Oct 1905 S. J. May, JP
Sidney R. Bolick 19 m Sarah J. Ashe 18 3 Jan 1906 J. H. Roper, JP
Charlie Yonce 21 m Gorda Roper 22 8 Apr 1906 W. L. Bradley, MG
Robert S. Roper 17 m J. Elizabeth Rowland 19 2 Oct 1906 H. P. Ray, JP
John Deweese 28 m Florence Roper 22 12 Jan 1908 H. P. Ray, JP
James Roper 50 m Martha Swafford 24 13 Sep 1908 M. F. Morgan, MG
Lawrence Roper 19 m Carrie Tallent 20 29 Sep 1908 H. P. Ray, JP
Edd Roper 21 m Fannie Pendergrass 20 24 Apr 1909 D. A. Younce, MG
M. E. Roper 47 m Mrs. Ellen Owenby 40 10 Dec 1909 W. E. Welch, JP
Charles Cling. Roper 31 m Sallie Owenby 34 31 Aug 1910 S. J. May, JP
Raleigh J. Roper 22 m Catherine Dills 19 25 Jun 1911 J. H. Grant, MG
Harley Roper 22 m Bertha Garner 19 21 Sep 1912 G. M. Bulgin, JP
Alex Sprinkles 19 m Laura Roper 19 26 Mar 1913 J. R. Pendergras, MG
Arthur Roper 22 m Emma Denny 21 12 Jul 1913 D. A. Younce, MG
Earnest Roper 22 m Zada Wilks 19 10 Aug 1913 W. E. Welch, JP
E. E. Roper 21 m Ella Hughes 18 8 Mar 1914 J. A. Morrison, JP
C. S. Tilley 27 m Carrie Roper 17 18 Oct 1914 T. F. Deitz
John Roper 41 m Hyacinth Ray 26 3 Jul 1916 T. J. Vinson, MG
V. E. Roper 21 m Arlesa Roper 18 1 Oct 1916 J. H. Grant, MG
Alonzo J. Roper 28 m Maude Owenby 22 15 Oct 1916 J. R. Prendergras, MG
Harvey Roper 22 m Anna Drake 18 24 Dec 1916 E. G. Led ford, MG
Will Roper 26 m Estella Denny 22 14 May 1918 Frank T. Gettis, JP
W. T. Roper 42 m Rebecca Houston 30 14 Nov 1918 J. A. Brendle, MG
H. G. Wilks 24 m Annie Bryant 16 22 Dec 1918 L. P. Roper, JP
J. A. Ledford 42 m Ada Raby 18 14 Feb 1919 L. P. Roper, JP
Edd Tallent 35 m Tallie Roper 18 23 Mar 1919 L. P. Roper, JP
John Anderson 20 m Elsie Roper 21 30 Mar 1919 Jacob Anderson, JP
James Waters 55 m Mrs. Dora Raby 45 17 Aug 1919 L. P. Roper, JP
Floyd Roper 24 m Daisy Hughes 22 29 Dec 1919 J. L. Bryson, JP
Alex Pendergrass 21 m Iler Roper 19 27 Jan 1920 L. P. Roper, JP
C. M. Reeves 35 m Texie Roper 25 28 Mar 1920 L. P. Roper, JP
W. L. Nelson 28 m Laura Smith 22 2 May 1920 L. P. Roper, JP
J. P. Collatt 29 m Mrs. Anna Drake Roper 21 21 Nov 1920   David F. Howard, MG
E. D. Smith 25 m Myrtle Roper 19 28 Nov 1920 A. S. Solesbee, MG
Wiley Pendergrass 26 m Vinnie Roper 18 2 Dec 1920 A. S. Solesbee, MG
Chas. L. Bateman 30 m Belva Roper 23 1 Oct 1923 L. P. Roper, JP
Carl F. Lord 24 m Virginia M. Roper 16 27 Nov 1923 L. P. Roper, JP
C. C. Roper 44 m Clemmie Rowland 29 31 Mar 1924 Geo. Carpenter, JP
Edgar Queen 19 m Maude Roper 18 24 Jan 1927 G. A. Cloer, MG
W. Furman Welch 22 m Ethel A. Roper 18 13 Aug 1927 J. R. Prendergras
Clyde Johnson 23 m Margie Roper 18 25 Mar 1929 Geo. Carpenter, JP  He from Hiawasea, GA
Roby C. Roper 21 m Lola L. Bryant 18 17 May 1929 Geo. Carpenter, JP
Rufus Justice 21 m Eva Roper 23 29 Dec 1930 Fred Anderson, JP  She from Asheville, NC
Arthur M. Morgan 31 m Dorothy Roper 19 9 Aug 1931 W. C. Mason, MG
Frank S. Roper 24 m Grace Wood 18 8 Jul 1933 Geo. Carpenter, JP
Gay Younce 19 m Elda Roper 18 10 Mar 1935 Geo. W. Stepp, JP
John Mason 38 m Lillie B. Roper 18 3 Dec 1936 Geo. W. Stepp, JP  Both from Nantahala, NC
Troy Swafford 23 m Lottie Roper 18 6 Mar 1937 L. A. Jolley, MG
Gordon Roper 37 m Alfreda Simonds 16 17 Apr 1937 Lester Arnold, JP


Swain Co. Heritage, 1988, #11, The Family of Jesse J. Grant: Nestled in the foothills of NC, in the small town of Bryson City, Johnny Grant and Nancy Franklin were united in marriage. After the marriage ceremony they resided in B-Branch, of the Silvermine Community. Johnny & Nancy had a family of 6 children. These children were Cordelle Grant b 1897; Texie Grant b 1900; Nellie Grant b 1902; Wesley Monroe Grant b 1904; Jesse J. Grant b 1906; Zell Grant b 1908 Nancy had three other children in later marriages.  Jesse J. Grant, 5th to the oldest, never remembered seeing B-Branch as a child. His father died at the age of three, and he was sent to an orphanage in Goldsboro NC. There he grew up and learned from school books, working on the farm & cooking in the kitchen. ... He was practically raised with girls; this is why he says he likes them so much. The girls set a good example before him by not cussing or fighting. At ; the age of 13, Jesse Grant ran away from the orphanage... he began helping build bridges in the NC mountains. ...he joined the Navy for excitement and adventure....brought about sea sickness he endured for 4 years. ...He was known among all the girls as "Palmolive" for his fair complexion. He has said all of the girls wanted to touch & kiss him, for his fair skin. ...He got himself in a lot of trouble with all his women, so he headed back into the deep hills of NC. While strolling thru the hills one day he saw a young lady milking a cow. At first sight he said to himself, "Right there is my wife." ...he and Velma Roper were (married) on 10 Apr 1914. They resided in the Silvermine Community for a short while. The rest of the years were spent in moving from NC to TN, GA, OR & KY. Jesse built bridges and worked on dams.  In 1944 Jesse J. Grant's life took on whole new meaning, as he was called to preach. He was ordained to preach at the Silvermine Baptist Church in...1944.  During his early pastoring days, Jesse Grant built 2 different churches and reorganized the Silvermine Baptist Church....he was elected pastor where he still resides...  During all the traveling and preaching Jesse & Velma had 11 children: Jesse M. b 13 Sep 1936; Joseph J. b 19 Jul 1938; Nancy E. b 11 Aug 1940; David D. b 26 Oct 1942; Linda J. b 19 Dec 1944; Raleigh b 14 Feb 1947; Lance & Vance b 20 Sep 1949; Marvin b 2 Oct 1954 (deceased) Mary I. b 31 Jul 1934; and Joan b 18 Feb 1933) ...


Families of Yancey Co. NC: Deaths in Yancey Co.:
24 May 1915 ? Roper (F) #10 place, Robert L. Roper & Cora Leakey


Caldwell Co. NC Cemeteries: Collier's Methodist Church: Bertha Roper b 15 Jan 1920 d 29 Sep 1944, Clyde M. Roper, Jr. b 26 Oct 1947 d 8 Nov 1947, Nannie B. Roper b 13 Aug 1916


NC Gov. 1585-1979 Leg. Branch: p.513: House of Rep., Ass. of 1939 Sheldon N. Roper, Lincoln
p.520: Senate, Ass. of 1947: Sheldon N. Roper, Lincoln


Cleveland Co. Heritage (NC): #832: Thomas Norman, Sr.:..Odus Norman married Lucy Sam. To this union were born ten children: Gene Franklin, Sibyl (Mrs. Robert L. Poole), Sherrill Fletchel, Janice (Mrs. Lee Roper), Milba, Joe, Frances (Mrs. David Pittman), Stanley, Anita and Patricia "Pixy" (Mrs. Derex Owens). (about 1930)
#52: Grace United Methodist Church: On February 17, 1946, this church was gutted and destroyed by fire...a building committee composed of Frank Greene (chairman), Forest Huffstetler, Frank Roper, ...undertook the heavy task of rebuilding.


North Carolina Government, 1585-1979: p.513: House of Rep. 1939: Sheldon M. Roper-Lincoln Co.
p.520: Assembly of 1947: Sheldon M. Roper-Dist.25-Lincoln Co.


Martin Co. Heritage (NC): #800: David Lee Reynolds: ...came to Williamston, Martin Co., August 25, 1945,...his twin brother John Clee...John Clee Reynold ...attended Wake Forest University, went to sea for a while, and in 1943 went to Newport News shipyard in VA... He married Elizabeth Roper of Bath.


Allegheny Co. Heritage (NC): #294: Edwards, Mamie Elizabeth Carpenter Family: ...4. Richard Hershal Edwards, the 4th child of Clyde and Mamie, was born 28 Oct 1925. He married first Betty Richardson, daughter of Meredith and Ethelyn Richardson on 2 Oct 1943. Hershal and Betty had two children: Christine and Dennis... Dennis Edwards was born 18 Mar 1948. He married Betsy Roper and they have three children: Twins, Kelly and Heather and Melanie. #646: Richardson, Meredith Leftrid Family:...Children of Meredith and Ethelyn Richardson were:...4. Betty Richardson married Richard Hersel Edwards and they have two children: (1) Mamie Christine... (2) Richard Dennis Edwards who married Betsy Roper of Wilmington, DE and their children are Kelly and Heather (twins) and Melanie. Betty Edwards has been employed as bookkeeper with Silverbrook Memorial Park in Wilmington for the past twelve years.
#440: artistic alias of "Mark Steven Roper." Most recently, I have used my new legal name of Mark Steven Roper for all my work (sculpture)...-James M. Jones


Wake Co. Heritage (NC): #681: James Raper's Spouse and Family: For the past 34 years James W. Roper and wife Faylene Morgan Roper have lived in Raleigh, NC. ...They were married 19 Mar 1949 and had their first child Danny Wilton Raper three years later.

Apparently these are Rapers who changed their name to Roper.

Catawba Co. Heritage (NC): #591: On March 1, 1965 Dr. Penley accepted a position as Director of Adult Education and News Bureau at Catawba Valley Technical College. ...He said "I owe a lot to my mother and my wife,...I am also grateful to the Louis Lavitt Co., the Fresh Air Market, Blue Ridge Ice Cream, Ralph Roper and Sam Caldwell for providing work-they helped make my success possible and I will never forget them."


History of Anson Co. NC 1750-1976: p.278: Elizabeth Divine Horne & her sister, Mary Virginia, are known for their work in state history & patriotic org. Born in Wadesboro, to the late James Dadley Horne & Sarah Augusta Divine Horne, the sisters' ancestral line includes the names of Horne, Baldwin, Roper, Stuart, Randolph, Howle, Williamson, Brown, Collier, Briggs & Lewis.


Charlotte NC Observer: 6 Dec 1989: N.C. Man's Rock A Star among Gems: By David Perlmutt, Staff Writer: There was nothing remarkable about that morning last June. It was Saturday, long before sunrise. And like most summer Saturdays, Harold Roper had already loaded picks into his Dodge four-wheel pickup truck and driven from his home in Marble deeper into the NC mountains. With him was Rob Cutshaw, his rock-hunting buddy of 25 years. ...  But on this remarkable morning, Roper made a spectacular find that threatens to make a millionaire out of a man who's rarely left his native Cherokee Co. Two feet below a vein of earth-where the two had dug for a year and found only chunks of rubies and sapphires-Roper pulled up a deep-blue star sapphire too big to stuff into his pants pocket. Uncut, it weighed 10.5 pounds. Cut and polished, it's the size of an egg-shaped cantaloupe and weighs 9,719.5 carats. That's almost nine times larger than the world's previous largest star sapphire, the "Star of America" weighing 1,154 carats. "Rob threatened to kill me when I found it," said Roper, 44, who operates a small tool and die plant in Marble, population 500. ... Roper's stone, called "The Lone Star," was certified last month as a star sapphire by Roger Harding, curator of gems at the British Natural History Museum.  Harding recently evaluated the crown jewels of England. Gemnologists in Texas and London estimate the sapphire's worth in the millions of dollars. They say the color is good, blue with a hint of lavender; the clarity opaque. "It's a spectacular find," said Texas gem broker Daniel Banks, who is selling the stone for Roper. "Like a fairy tale that's come true. Everyone always wants to find a treasure. Mr. Roper has found a treasure. ... The stone will go into the next Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest cut and polished star sapphire, Banks said. Soon it will hit the road for a year's tour. ... Last week, the stone was put on public display for a day in a Dallas jewelry store. A thousand people showed up. Banks will sell it through sealed bids. He says he already has gotten three inquiries, two from collectors, one from a corporation. Like any boy who digs in the bountiful NC mountain dirt, Roper always dreamed of making such a find. In his teens, he'd go with his late father, Harley, a rock mason, to dig for Indian relics. "My father got me hooked," Roper said, "He liked relics, I liked gems." In high school in nearby Andrews, Roper met Cutshaw. After Roper made his big find-at a location they refuse to pinpoint-the two loaded it into a canvas sack and took it back to Roper's rock room in his 4,000 square-foot brick and cedar house. Curiosity got the best of them and Roper ran the edge of the rough rock over a grinding wheel, deep blue spilled out. So in October, they took it to Dallas and gem cutter John Robinson, who had cut Cutshaw's sapphire. "We took some other stones with us, but when he saw this one, he grabbed it and didn't want to see the others," Roper said. Robinson wanted the stone cut in London and in November he and Banks took it to R. Holt & Co., known for its gem cutting. It took three weeks to cut and polish the stone. Then curator Harding had to pass on it. He told a Dallas newspaper that he knows of no other star sapphire the size of Roper's stone. They met with Guinness editor Donald McFarlan. Wealth probably won't change Roper. "I could never leave Marble," he said. "I have seven men who work for me who depend on a paycheck. I'd probably spend less and less time at the plant and let my son take over. "But I'm not going to dance until I see the money."