Roper Families in North Carolina


L. David Roper
4 April, 2002


            The First Two Centuries of Ropers in North Carolina (1600-1799)

Except data for Burke County, see


The Formation of NC Counties 1663-1943: p.xii: Charles II, in 1663,...issuing his charter to the eight Lords Proprietors, by which he created Carolina....p.xiv: Only two counties were permanently organized. They were Albemarle, which embraced the territory lying north and northwest of Albemarle Sound, and Craven, which embraced the territory south of Cape Romaine....Albemarle was the only permanent settlement inNorth Carolina...

North Carolina Headrights: A List of Names, 1663-1744, Compiled by Caroline B. WHITLEY, Prepared for Publication by Susan M. TRIMBLE (Raleigh: Dept. of Archives and History, 2001): A land patent exists for Roger Williams for 350 acres on N. side of Carolina River. 25 Sept 1663, Page 97(590). Trans. of 7 pers: Man. Rogers, Thos. Jones, Thos. Jeffries, John Rosse, Cha. Seward, Jno. Daniell, Jone Roper.

(This very well may be the Joan ROPER , dau of Hugh ROPER, of Burnham, Somerset, who married William COOKE.  The timing and geographic proximity of the Albemarle to Isle of Wight makes this plausible.)


John RAPIER 2 rights: himself and one for Wm. HOGPEN and two bought from Saml. WEST.  Certified.  Warrant given 11 Jul [1694].  Pasquotank.  (At Page 107)


Perquimans County, North Carolina, Deed Abstracts, 1681-1729, Vol. I ” compiled by Weynette Parks Haun: [84] 20 January 1693/4 John RAPER was a witness of a deed of gift from John TOMLIN of Little River, Perquimans precinct, Albemarle County, to his sons John and William TOMLIN and daughter Elizabeth TOMLIN, all seemingly minors (“to be equally divided amongst them three when they come of age).

[588] 16 Mar 1723/4 Henry RAPER witnessed a deed from Thomas STAFFORD , Perquimans Precinct, to Edward TURNER, of same, for 25 pounds, 115 acres on the South West side of the Little River and NW side of Deep Creek.  Thomas STAFFORD’s wife Amey STAFFORD consents.


Abstracts of Wills 1690-1760: p.176: Richard Humphreys, Albemarle Co 7 Oct 1688, 25 Jul 1689. Mother mentioned but not named. Other legatees: William Nickole, John Hunt. Exec: Thomas Pollard. Wit: Elizabeth Barcliff, John Roper, William Barcliff. Prov: Seth Sothell


Fifty Years of Public Life by Daniel Calhoun Roper: There seems to be little doubt that my family descended from John Roper, a vestryman of Blisland Parish (VA) in 1678. My great-grandfather was Richard Roper, who settled in that part of Brunswick County which later became Greensville County. Richard Roper moved to Northampton County in NC in 1700 with his second wife, Ann Lewis. This Richard Roper served in the American Revolution. My grandfather was Thomas Roper, who in 1802 married Hannah Hunter of VA. She was the granddaughter of Captain William Hunter, a Revolutionary cavalry officer who was a cousin of the famous cavalryman Andrew Hunter, the hero of the well-known exploit of David Fanning, who rode the famous horse known as Blue Doe. Thomas and Hannah moved to Mountain Creek in that part of Richmond County now incorporated in Montgomery County, NC. Their children, all of whom reached maturity, were: Rebecca, Charlotte, Green Hill, Mary Ann, Mourning, James Turner, Nancy Ann, Martha, and John Wesley. The last named was my father. I married Lou McKenzie of Gibson, NC, in 1889. She was the daughter of William A. McKenzie. The children of this marriage are May (Mrs. David R. Coker), James Hunter, Daniel C., Jr., Grace (Mrs. Frank Bohn), John Wesley, Harry McKenzie, and Richard Frederick.
1990 letter to compiler from Floyd Ray, 300 Top Hill, Tyler, TX 75703-3622: In a few cases I have seen Richard Roper m to Hannah Hunter. This is not right. Richard's first wife we do not know, the second was Ann Lewis and, among other children had son Thomas. He married Hannah Hunter...Richard b 1735 probably Brunswick Co., VA.


Bath Co.: Book 1 1695-1748, p.69: Thomas Roper of Maryland to John Bayley of Phildelphia. Lot on Front Street in Bath Town, known as David Perkins lot. 8 Jan 1706/7. Wit: Chr Gale, Hanna Smith
p. 117: John Roper to John Carry, Warrens Patent assigned to John Roper, p.56, 29 Jan 1708/9
John (JR) Roper. Emanuel Cleares Samuel Mathew
p. 143: Thomas Roper to Thomas Cary - Bear Creek, conveyed to Roper by Thomas Taylor 6 Jul 1719. Thos Roper X
p. 267: John Roper to Wm Cording 170 acres between Roper & Cording. Laws Harvey, Wm Webster 13 Nov 1711.
p. 408: Thomas Roper, bricklayer of Albemarle Co to Thomas Unday of Bath Town in the County of Bath. Ordinary keeping for 40 barrels of good pitch, 1/2 acre lot in Bath Town. 20 May 1721
Wm Baham, Wm Dowerd.
Devisees: Joell Martin et al to Thomas Roper deed May 1707 Book 1, p.67. Thomas Roper of Maryland. Lord Prop to Thomas Roper, Bricklayer, lot in Bath Town (not improved). 6 Oct 1716 Robert R. Aldershire, Thomas Harding, Jno Swinson ? Jno Drinkwater


Records of the Executive Council of NC: p.430: Petition to President and Council c1708-1711...The Inhabitants of the Precinct of Wickham In the County of Bath...humbly crave that Wee may have a Court... Seated very inconvenient from Bath County...Jno. Roper


NC Gen. Soc. Jour. 1, p.52: Claims arising from the Tuscarora Indian 1711-1713. A list of claims paid in Craven Precinct...1714.
p.73: Tho Roper [or Raper?]; p.74: Tho Smith, paid to Tho Roper [or Raper].


The Colonial Records of NC, V.1, 1662-1712: p.869: Council Journal: Att a meeting of LdsProprs eptys at ye house of ye Honble Majr Genl Pollock in Chowan on the 12 day of Sept Ani Dni 1712 here...Upon Petition of Thos Roper Showing that his bror Jno Roper is Dead without will and that he Said Jnos Widdow is a Distracted person and not Capable of taken out Administration on her decd husband Estate therefore prays Administration may be granted to him on behalf of ye said Widdow & Children. Ordered that Administration be granted to ye Said Thos on behalfe of ye said Widdow & Children accordingly.


Colonial Records of NC: V.2, p.68: Council Journal: Att a Councill holden at ye house of Capt Thos Lee in Chowan on Wednesday ye 4th day of Novr Ano Dni 1713...Thos Roper having made appeare to this Board that he hath a right to pd17 13d out of the Claime Due to Jno Toby who was killed in Warr agt ye Indyan Enemy by a note under ye said Tobys hand which said note is either lost or mislaid amongst   ye papers of ye Assbly. Whereupon It is ordered that ye said Thos Roper have ye afsd sume of pd7 13d out of ye publick Treasury if soe much of ye Said Tobeys there found to be Due & unpd.
p.181: Council Journal: Att a council holden at ye house of Captn Fred Jones in Chowan June 7th 1715...Upon Petition of Thos Roper shewing that Captn Cornelius Swillivan had Rece'd ye Wages of one Anthony Morrall which was due to ye said Morrall for his services in the Warr againt the Indian Enemie and that the said Morral at ye same time was an Indented Servent to the said Roper and therefore his said Wages was due to him and prayes whereas the said Swillivan has some money due to him in the publick Treasurie here he may have so much money of what is due to ye said Swillivan as ye said Morrall Wage Amounted to. Ordered that if there be moneys Sufficient in the Treasurie of the said Swillivan as will answer ye Said Morralls Claims or so much as there shall appear to be the same shall be stopped or Lodged in the hands of Coll Edward Moseley Treasurer and paid to ye said Thos Roper provided the said Swillivan Shew no Cause to ye Contrary within one yeare from ye Date hereof. Whereas by an ordr of Council dated ye Eleventh day of Novbr 1713 Thos Roper was Impowered to receive the sum of seven pounds Thirteen Shillings out of the Claimes due to John Toby being due to him and it now appears to this board that Captn Cornelius Swillivan under pretence of being Admintr to said Toby has received all ye claims to ye sd Toby. Wherefore it is hereby Ordered that if there be any money of the said Swillivan in the Treasurie that the Treasurer do pay to the said Roper ye Above said Sum out of ye said Moneys.


Chowan Precinct, NC 1696-1723 by M. M. Hofmann: Deed Book B #1 #1016 p.488: Richard Sanderson of Perquimans Prect., esquire to Coll. Christopher Gale of Bath Town and Edward Moseley of Chowan Prect. 1 May 1717. 15 lbs current money of N.C. 180 acres on the banks against Bertrams
Creek which land was purchased by me of Thomas Davis who patented the same. Wit.: Edmund Gale, Henry Roper. Ack. before me C. Gale Ch. Just. 1 May 1717. Reg.  31 8ber 1717.
Deed Book C #1 #1300 p.56: Laurence Sarson of Chowan Prect. to Thomas West of the Province of
N.C. 14 Jul 1720 110 lbs lawfull money of the Province. 120 acres more or less at the mouth of black Wallnutt Swamp, joing William Duckinfield, the sound side at Wallnutt Point, Jonathan Jeacocks, the sd. Sarson and the swamp. Wit.: Joseph Young, Thomas Roper. Ack. ye 19 Nov 1720 before me Fred. Jones, Ch. Just.
Deed Book C #1 #1320 p.163: Thomas Roper of Albemarle Co., Bricklayer to Richard Skinner Jr. of Perquimans Prect. 1 Mar 1720 18 pds assignment of a Pattent for 640 acres in Beufort Prect. in Bath Co. dated 10 ___ 1720 and is on the north side of Pampticough river. Wit: Denis Riordane, John Simons, Rt. Hicks. Ack: ye 4 Apr 1721 by Rt. Hicks before me Fred. Jones, Ch Just. Reg. 16 Jun 1721
Deed Book F #1 #597 p.202: Thomas Henman of Chowan Prect., Gentleman to Thomas Roper of Chowan Prect. 7 Nov 1721 for 20 shillings per Lott. Lott #52 at the Fork of Queen Ann's Creek designed for the building of a Towne. Wit: Christian Heidleberg, W. Badham. Reg. Chowan Ct. 19 Jan 1721. Test.: Wm. Badham C.C. Ct.

Province of NC 1663-1729 Abstracts of Land Patents
: p.116: 1247 p.305: Thomas Roper 10 Aug 1720 640 acres in Beaufort Precinct on the N. side of Pamlicough river and the West side of Grindal creek, joining the river pocoson-which Land was formerly Surveyed for Richard Skinner and by him Elapsed. Wit: C. Eden, Wm. Reed, Fred Jones, Fra. Foster, J Lovick
1248 p.306: Thomas Roper 10 Aug 1720 640 acres in Beaufort Precinct on the N. side of Pamlico river and on the West side of Grindal creek, joining the river pocoson and the sd. Roper which land was Surveyed for William Roper and by him Elapsed. Wit: E. Eden, Fred Jones, Wm. Reed, Fran. Foster, J. Lovick


Index & Abstracts of Deeds of Pitt Co., NC:
V.1,E-286: 1772 John Bonner...former owners: Thomas Roper (Pat.)
V.2,O-377: 1 Oct 1799 John E. Judkins...former owners: Thomas Roper (Pat. 1720)
V.4,AA-168: Feb 1816 John Speir...former owners: Thomas Roper (Pat. 1720)
V.4,BB-101: 15 Oct 1816 Peter Sugg, Sheriff...former owners: Thomas Roper (Pat. 1720)
Also BB-201, BB-309, BB-335, BB-338 (Pat. 1723) & CC-148.


Ray's Index and Digest to Hathaway's NC Reg. & Gen. Reg.: p.143: Thomas Roper sold land to Richard Skinner, Jr. of Perquiman's, in Bath Co. 1720. 2-613, 2-614


NC Historical & Genealogical Register: V.2, p.613: Deed Thomas Roper to Richard Shinner, Jr. of Perquimans 640 acres in Bath Co. on North side of Pampticough river, patented 20 Nov 1720. 1 Mar 1720/1 Test: Daniel Rierden, Jno Simmons, Robt Hicks.

V.1, p.70: Abstracts of Wills, Sec. of State: William Roper of Chowan Co. 18 Aug 1729 to a friend, Jacob Butler, Wm Refield of Pasquotank, 4 Aug 1722 - Mar 23 Sons John, James & William - all my children.

Will posted at . There is no mention of children in the will, father is mentioned as John Roper.


NC Genealogist: p.2556: Chowan Co. tax list for 1721: Tho. Roper 1280 acres

Colonial Records of NC: v.2: Council Journal: Att a Council held at the House of Wm Badham March the 30th 1721...It is commanded the Marshall that he cause to Come twelve...Thos. Roper...


Chowan County, North Carolina Deed Books: C-1, UNK, H1-1, Misc. Deeds Dated 1723-1759", Abstracted by Weynette Parks HAUN (2004) NO ROPER MENTIONS.  [An entry for Jesse and Thomas ROTLER should probably be checked.]

Abstracts of NC Wills: p.656: William Roper  1722-1735 Book, p.213
p.319: William Roper. Chowan Precinct. 18 Aug 1729, 7 Feb 1729/30.Exec & sole  legatee: Jacob Butler. Wit: Cornelius Leary & William Stacy. Prov: Richard Everard.
p.123: William Flovell. Newton, county not given. 18 Dec 1737, 1 Mar 1737...Exec: William Roper...


NC Historical Review 44, p.111: Factors in the Economy of Colonial Beufort: 22 of 39 lots sold before 1723 were later resold by the town...The remaining 17 lots were owned by Thomas Roper,...
V.47, p.370: Lot No.4 was first owned by Thomas Roper, but he too seems to have lived in the area around Bath at that time.


NC Wills: A Testator Index: p.404: William Roper Chowan 1729/30 SS 876/213 SS/AR


Edward Pleasant Valentine Papers, V.2, p.729: The next year 1728 he embarked for great Britain, with one friend Samuel Bownas,who had accomplished his journeys on this continent in the service of the gospel; and after performing a religious visit to the Meetings of friends in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, he proceeded to Barbados, and arrived from thence in this city in 1730, then went to Virginia, and in the same year performed a visit as far Eastward as Rhode Island, accompanied by his intimate friend Caleb Roper of Burlington. The following year intermarrying with Mary the widow of Richard Hill, he became a member of one Monthly Meeting and after a visit to the meeting of friends in Maryland and Virginia, he embark'd on a second visit to Great Britain, from whence he returned in the summer of 1734, between which time and the year 1738 he performed another visit Eastward and then to the southern provinces, besides one to South Carolina and Georgia, and to Boston, and in 1740 he went on a second visit to Barbados, and in the succeeding year, accompaned by Caleb Roper, he accomplished his last visit Eastward as far as Boston.


DAR Patriot Index: p. 581: James Roper b 1730 d Oct 1786 m Mary Peterson patriotic service NC


Roster of Rev. Soldiers of GA: p.106: James Roper b 1741 Northampton Co., NC d 1800 Johnston Co., NC m Alice d aft 1800. He was a Rev. soldier of NC, served as priv. in Capt. Brinkley's Co., 7 Apr 1777 for 3 yr. term; in Capt. Yarbrough's Co. 1780. Had land allotted him for his services 14 Oct 1783. His widow drew a Pension for his services. Children (not in order of birth) Elijah; Benjamin; Elisha; Isaac; John; James; Betsey (or Elizabeth); Rebecca m Johnston Co. NC 1778


(For a detailed analysis of the record above, see


Faddy Whittington b NC 12 Feb 1752 d Oct 1855 Pike Co., GA. Faddy was a Rev. War soldier.
p.117: Faddy Whittington b NC 12 Feb 1752 d Pike Co., GA 1855 m Johnston Co., NC 1780 Rebecca Roper b NC 1760 d Johnston Co., NC 1803 d/o James Roper, Rev. War soldier of NC, & Alice. Faddy is buried on the family plantation in the Seagraves Cem. near Griffin,GA. He was a Rev. War soldier of NC. ...He removed to GA after his wife's death. (Received) pension...3 May 1832 while residing in Pike Co., GA. ...bounty land...7 Apr 1855...granted, 100 acres...In 1790 census, he was living in the Newburn District with a son and two daughters. He drew land in 1820 Lottery of GA, a resident then of Jasper Co., GA. Child: Thaddeus Whittington b Jan 1798 Johnston Co., NC d 1847 Pike Co., GA m AL 2 Dec 1824 Sarah Burt. (She m2 and moved to South GA.) Children of Thaddeus and Sarah: Francis b 1825 m Lucy de Loach;  Ann m Plez Skinner; Elizabeth m McHaffey;  Howard Horton m Emily Lake Waters

Abstracts of Deeds Northampton County, North Carolina: Public Registry Deed Book One and Deed Book Two, 1741-1759, Abstracted by Margaret M. HOFFMAN
There are NO ROPER MENTIONS in the Index to this book, suggesting ROPER family arrival after 1759.  There IS a mention of a John ROSSER on page 72 [check this].
Also appearing are a number of mentions of a David ROZER or ROZAR believed to be unrelated to the ROPER family.


Revolutionary Soldiers in KY: Roll of Pensioners: p.144:
p.156: James Roper, Pvt. NC line, 29 May 1833 $66.66 age 89 (b c1744


Revolutionary War Pension Application R8996 North Carolina for James Roper and Mary Roper of Simpson Co. Kentucky, who was a private in the Company commanded by Capt. Coleman of the Regt. commanded by Col. Moore in the North Carolina line for 20 months. Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of $66.66 per annum to commence on 4 Mar 1831. Certificate of Pension issued 29 May 1833 and sent to to James Roper, Franklin. (There are 53 pages in this Rev. War record.  Enclosed here are someinteresting excerpts.) On 21 Jan 1833 appeared in Simpson County Court James Roper, a resident aged eighty eight years. He entered service in the 1st campaign under Capt. Andrew Pernoy in Caswell County, NC and marched from Caswell Court House across the Pedee River, across the Saluda River to Cambellton, SC near the Savannah River. Here the NC Militia was under Gen. Wetherford and was then dismissed and returned to Caswell County. He served a term of 6 months. Owing to the defacing hand of time & laboring under a painful paralysis which has tormented him during the last 10 years, and cannot recollect facts. In his 2nd campaign he served under Capt. Spill Coleman, enlisting in Caswell Co. and marched from the Court House to Wilmington where he was then put under the command of Gen. Butler and Col. Moon, it being a tour of 9 months and he returned to Caswell Co. In his 3rd campaign he served under Capt. Edward Dickerson and marched from the Court House to meet the brigade of Gen. Butler and marched to Ravin Town to Gen. Green's army across the Haw River along with Gen. Eaton's brigade marched to Guilford Courthouse to engage the British Army under Lord Cornwallis. The first line up to battle consisted of the North Carolina Militia under Gen. Butler & Caton. About the time Gen. Green had his army arrayed for battle Cornwallis came up with his troops, and a desparate battle ensued. This affiant states as well as he can now recollect that it was about one or two oclock of the day P.M. when the battle began between Gen. Green & Cornwallis. The battle lasted for some time with various success on both sides and at last Gen. Green had to retreat & leave the battle ground. At this battle the affiant lost a most valuable horse bridal & saddle and his Big Coat worth $10 in specie & the horse saddle was worth at least $81 in specie. As well as he can recollect the Battle near Guilford Courthouse was fought about the middle of March 1781. Within a short time after this battle he received a discharge from Capt. Dickerson in writing and returned again to his residence. In the 3rd campaign he served 5 mo. To the best information he has he was born in the latter part of Jun 1745 in Caswell Co., NC & was raised in that county. In consequence of his parents having no education & could not write their own names there was no record made of his age nor of any of the rest of his parents children & he has no education himself & cannot write his own name. Some time after the War he moved with his family to Chester Co., SC for about 6 years and then with his family to Logan Co., KY where he has resided for the last 27 years, that Simpson Co. where he now resides was cut from Logan in 1819. He put all his army discharges in a small bag & preserved them, until he was about to move to Chester Co., SC, and this bag was put into the bottom of a chest and, in traveling a space of 200 miles, the bottom of the chest bursted and the  discharges were lost. He almost has also lost his mind and memory. He has no documentary evidence of his service and does not know of any person now living whose testimony he can procure. Richard Owings, a clergyman, testified that James C. Roper is a man greatly afflicted with the paralysis and has been so for many years past, and his body is greatly emaciated, his hands are in a continual tremor, his hearing extremely bad, his voice greatly shattered, his speech indistinct & discordant, his memory has in great measure left him and his mind is impaired by age and disease. Acquaintances and neighbors of James Roper testified as to his veracity and their belief that he was a Rev. War soldier: John Brant, Wm. L. Carter, Joseph Wright, Samuel Cox, Michael Woods, Miles Baird Wm. M. Edward?, Filax? Myrs, Lucas Stanford, Neary Narents?, Wm. Davis, Jonathan Holcomb, Travis Davis, Benjamin H. Owing, G. W. Owing, Wm. Bostick, Joseph Kelley, Nevel G. Holcomb, Levi Dickey, Fredree See, Wm. Mallory, John Young, Henry Owing, & Wm. Owing. 21 Jan 1833. James Roper married the second time in Caswell Co., NC in 1788, Mary Neel who was born 22 Apr 1766 in Fauquier Co., VA. The date of death is not stated. He was allowed pension 21 Jan 1833 while a resident of Simpson Co., KY, where he died 18 Nov 1835. (added in handwriting that he had a brother George Roper who also served in the Rev. War.) Pension application of Mary Roper was rejected; cause was not found on list of 1852. (Many letters exist between Patrick H. Boisseau, Clerk of County Court in Franklin, Simpson Co., KY and advocate for Mary Roper and the pension office in Washington City about Mary Roper's claim for a pension after James Roper's death. Most of the 53 pages concern this matter.) Affidavits of James Pond and wife Elizabeth who were neighbors of James & Mary Roper in Caswell County and now  lived in Sumner Co., TN: James & Elizabeth married and had two children, and Mary Neal was in the habit of visiting this affiants house on Moon's Creek in Caswell Co., NC and that James Roper asked this affiants hand to court the said Mary who was a poor orphan girl and had no settle home of her own, which was granted, and said James Roper done as he requested, and in a short time afterward they were married at the house of John Adams, a cousin to the said Mary Neal. They were married in 1788. (An attempt to get an affidavit from George Roper, brother of James Roper, in the state of Illinois was not successful.)
James Roper was married once before he married Mary Neel. Officer note: It is no use to make mention of the widow's claim not being allowed on account of her not proving her husband's service. It was a ridiculous legal quibble on the part of the clerk who examined the widow's claim. 9 Jun 1920.

So, James Roper, was born in late June 1745 in Caswell Co., NC and died in Simpson Co., KY on 18 Nov 1835.  He was married to an unknown women and then married Mary Neal/Neel in 1788 in Caswell Co.. (See below for evidence that his first wife was a daughter of John Greer.)  He had a brother George Roper (see below) who also served in the Rev. War.

The Historical Records of NC, 1939: p. 508: Tyrrell Co. courts held in private homes until 1749, when first courthouse built on Kendrick's Creek, near what is now Roper.


Rowan Co. Deed Abstracts V.I 1753-1762 4:690-1:
John Hind, William Roper & wife Sarah to Frederick Michael for 26 lbs proc.


American Geneological Biographical Index: NC Rev. War Records:
Nathaniel Roper 175? NC:552; Richard Roper 175? NC:272


The Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Abst. of Land Grants, V.2: #3457 p.288 Arthur Harris
25 May 1756 400 acres in Northampton Co. in the Parish of Northwest, joining Rawlins line, Reavise's line, Watts line, Lashleys Run, and Arthur Jordon or: /s/ Arthr Harris Wits: Montfort Eelbeck, Jno Haywood. Surveyed 11 Apr 1752 SCC: Arthur Jordon, Morriday Roper. J Edwards D Surveyor

Is this the same Meriday Roper who was a chain carrier for the David Roper in Orange Co. in 1758 (see below) and who was in Rowan Co. in 1768, in Lincoln Co. in 1784, and in Rutherford Co. (Merideth) in 1790?

Revolutionary War pension application S30683, 22372 Kentucky for David Roper, Pulaski Co. in the State of Kentucky who was a private in the Com. commanded by Captain Walker of the regt. commanded by Col. Moore in the Virginia line for 1 year. Inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of 40 Dollars ___ Cents per annum, to commence on the 4th day of March 1831. Certificate of Pension issued the 31 day of October 1833 and F. T. Fox, Somersett. Arrears to the 4th of Sept  100.00  Semi-anl. allowance ending 4 March  20.00 = $120.00 Revolutionary Claim, Act June 7, 1832. Recorded by Danl Boyd, Clerk,
Book E, Vol. 7, Page 26. June 1776 private, $40. 27197 Roper David, Applicant for Pension. Papers. Kentucky, Pulaski County, September Four 1833 ??????? F. T. Fox,  Somerset, Ken. State of Kentucky, Pulaski County Court ??. On this 16 day of September in the year of our Lord, One Thousand eight Hundred and Thirty Three personally appeared in open Court before the County Court for the County of Pulaski, State of Kentucky, now sitting as a Court David Roper a resident citizen of Pulaski County Kentucky aged Seventy Seven years. Who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his Oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benifit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832 that he entered the service of the United States under the following named Officers and Served as herein stated that while a resident of Orange County State of North Carolina on the 16th day of September 1776 he entered the service of the United States in the Company of Captain John Walker for the Term of Six Months. Absalom Tatum was the Lieutenant. Was attached to and belonged to the Regiment of Col. Moore. The Lieutenant Col. in command was Frank Nash. He was marched to Wilmington, North Carolina and the Company to which he belonged there joined the Main army stationed at that time at Wilmington. He recollects none of the General Officers except the Adjutant who exercised and mustered the men. His name was DeKenar. He was engaged and employed in the service sometimes at Wilmington, at Brunswick Town and sometimes at a Garrison called Baldhead at the mouth of Cape Fear River and was engaged in Obedience to the orders of his Superiors marching and counter marching to and from the above named places as the Situation of the Country required. His winter quarters was on said River Cape fear between Wilmington & Brunswick. He served out fully and entirely the said Six Months and was discharged at the winter quarters and received a discharge in writing signed by the proper Officer but whose name is not now Recollected. Which Discharge was afterward stolen from him, and he understood that the individual who purloined attempted to use the discharge to his advantage. Immediatily after the expiration of the first Six Months a Call was made for men and while at the place of the winter quarters aforesaid he volunteered for the Term & period of Six months in the Company of Andrew Vanoy Captain. John Rosser & James Wilson Lieutenants and was marched to Charles Tin South Carolina and belonged to a Regiment the Col. in Command of which was a stranger, and his name is not Recollected.  The name of the Major was John Walker. The names of the General Officers of the army to which the Regiment he belonged to was attached were not familiar. They were Southern men and Strangers, and their names at this time not now Recollected. The Officers of the first Regiment to which he belonged marched after he volunteered in the Company of Andrew Vanoy a different direction and Frank Nash was afterward killed in the Battle of Brandywine after reaching Charleston, South Carolina. Was engaged then in the Service sometimes was then marched by his Officers to George Town, South Carolina from thence was marched to Augusta, Georgia and from thenn we was marched back to South Carolina and at the expiration of the Term of Six months which he states he fully served out at a Town called Pinetree in the State of South Carolina he was discharged in writing. He was born in the County of Orange, North Carolina on the __ day of October 1755 the day I do not recollect. Is entirely illiterate. Can neither read or write. He knows of no record of his age and states his age from information given him by his father ___ _______. Lived in said County of Orange until about the time he arrived at the age of Twenty five years. Then removed to the Southern part of the State and settled on Broad River near Gilbert Town where he lived 16 or 17 years, and from hence heremoved to Garrard County, Kentucky and lived there one or two years, from where he removed to his present Farm in Pulaski County upon which he has resided ever since, and in which County he still lives. That he has now no documentary evidence whatever of his Services and knows of no person whose Testimony he can procure who can testify to his Service. He is known to Joseph M. James, a Clergyman and Genl John Griffin in his present neighborhood who can testify to his character for veracity and their belief of his Service as a Soldier of the Revolution. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and Declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State or Territory. Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid.  David X Roper (his mark) We Joseph M. James, A Clergyman residing in the County of Pulaski Kentucky and John Griffin residing in the same, Hereby Certify that we are well acquainted with David Roper, who has Subscribed and Sworn to the above Declaration that we believe him to be Seventy Seven years of age that he is and has been reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to having been a Soldier of the Revolutionary and that we Concur in that Opinion. Sworn to & Subscribed the day and year aforesaid. Joseph M. James, John Griffin And the said Court Do hereby Declare their Opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogtones, prescribed by the War Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and Served as he States. And the Court further Certifies that it appears to them that Joseph M. James who has Signed the preceding Certificate is a Clergyman resident in the County of Pulaski and that Genl John Griffin, who has also signed the same, is a resident in said County of Pulaski and is a credible person, and that their Statement is entitled to a credit. Bourne Goffin, Levi Hubble, John Cowan

Thus David Roper was born in 1755 in Orange County, NC, moved to Gilbert Town (Rutherford County) in 1780, moved to Garrard County, KY about 1796 and on to Pulaski County, KY about 1798.

Ashe County, NC Heritage, Vol.1, #671: ...John Yates Sr., a Rev. War soldier, born in March 1754 in Pittsylvania Co. VA. He married 8 Mar 1779 in Caswell Co. NC Jemima Roper, born in 1755 in VA. After their marriage they settled on the North Fork of Lewis Fork Creek in Wilkes Co. NC, where John owned 400 acres of land. John Yates Sr. died 16 Dec 1835 and Jemima died before 2 May 1853. (This article gives many names and dates of their descendants.)


Orange Co. Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, June 1757: David Roper appointed Overseer of the Road from Hogan's Creek to the Country line Creek & James Crawford from thence to Solomon Dobbs."


Orange Co. Records, V.1: Granville Proprietary Land Office: David Roper warrant 12 May 1757 640 acres on Rattlesnake Cr. Entered 26 (torn) 1757. Deed for 642 acres 23 Jul (torn) V.V: Granville Proprietary Land  Office Deeds & Surveys, 1752-1760:
#413. 2 Aug 1760, Benjamin Carter, planter, ten shillings, on both sides of Rattlesnake Cr., ...13 Jan 1758. David Rosser & Mriday Rosser, SCC  (Obviously, these should be Roper, not Rosser.)
#349. 22 Jul 1760, David Roper, planter, ten shillings, on both sides Rattlesnake Cr., begin on W side of creek at a pine, S260 p. crossing creek to a poplar in a brance, E260 p. crossing creek to a white oak, N260 p. to a hicory in Alexander Montgomery's line, his line W260 p. to beginning, 422 acres, sixteen shillings eleven pence per year, surveyed by Sher. Haywood 14 Jan 1758, Meriday Roper & Benjn. Carter, SCC.
#506. 7 Jun 1761. John Roberts, planter, ten shillings, on ridges in fork of Rattlesnake Cr.,...surveyed 10 Dec 1760, Meridy Rooper & Wm. Gladdin, SCC.

North Carolina Gazetteer: Rattlesnake Creek is formed in north Caswell Co. by the junction of the North Fork of Rattlesnake Creek and the South Fork of Rattlesnake Creek and flows north into the Dan River. (near the Virginia border)

Granville Grantees, Halifax Co., NC by M. M. Hofmann:: p. 289 John Roper of Edge Co. 28 Jun 1760, 330 acres on both sidesof Alston's swamp. Wit: Thomas Jones, Joseph Montfort. Registered Halifax Co. June Ct. 1761. Joseph Montfort C. Ct.
The Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Abst. of Land Grants, V.2: #3012 p.164 John Roper 28 Jun 1760  330 acres in Halifax Co. in the Parish of Edgcomb on both sides of Alstons swamp or: /s/ (mark) Wits: Jos Montfort, Thos Amis. Surveyed 23 Apr 1757. SCC: Thomas Marler, James Banard. Egbert Haywood Surveyor (?) Plat reads: " in Edgcomb County"


Orange Co. Granville Land Grant for David Roper, 27 Jul 1760. Beginning on the West Side of Creek at a Pine then run South 260 poles crossing a Creek to a poplar in a brance then East 260 poles crossing a Creek to a White Oak then North 260 poles to a Hicory in Alexander Mongomery's line then by his line West 260 poles to the Beginning. 422 Acres of land for the Yearly Rent or Sum of 16       shillings and 10 pence.  David X Roper (his mark) Plot shows two creeks, one coming in at south edge and second coming in at west edge; about one-fourth way they join in a winding course to the east side of the north edge of the property.  The top of the map is the south side of the property. Surveyed land 7-14-1758 for David Roper. 422 acres of land according to the above plan lying in Orange County on both sides of Rattlesnake Creek.  Meriday Roper, Benjm Carter CC  S Haywood C.S.
The Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Abst. of Land Grants, V.2: #2123 p.28 David Roper 22 Jul 1760  422 acres in Orange Co. in the Parish of St. Matthew on both sides of Rattle Snake Creek, joining Alexander Montgomery and a Branch or: /s/ (mark) Wits: Richd Vigers, W Churton. Examined by: Richard Vigers. Surveyed 14 Jan 1758 SCC: Meriday Roper, Benjn Carter. Sherd Haywood Surveyor


The Granville District of NC 1748-1763, Abst. of Land Grants, V.2: #2381 p.153 Edward Montfort 10 May 1762  568 acres in Halifax Co. joining David Curle, John Mills, Joseph Perry, John Roper, and Thomas person or: /s/ Edwd Montfort. Wit: Jos Montfort. Surveyed 18 Nov 1762. SCC: Willm Mills, Edward Good. Christopher Jaynes, Sur.


A Charles City County deed in October Court 1762, p. 495:
David Roper of Orange Co., NC to David Roper of same, recorded.

Apparently a David Roper in Orange Co., NC deeded land in Charles City Co., VA to another David Roper in Orange Co., NC.  Presumably the latter David went to Charles City Co. to occupy the land.  Perhaps they are father and son or cousins, and the son or one cousin went back to the family land left in Virginia.  A David Roper received a Granville land grant in Orange Co., NC in 1760 (see above); this is probably the father or remaining cousin and his new land.

Abstracts of NC Wills by Olds:
Pasquotank Co. 1762 Josiah Raper - Mary (wife), Cornelius, Penelope, Benjamin, Margaret.
Anson Co. 1781 James Roper - wife not named, Martha, Lucy, Mary, William, Susanna and Green.
Perquimans Co. 1789 Enoch Raper - Like, Robinson, Fanny
               1791 John Roper - Margaret, Henry, John, Priscilla, Penelope, Grace.

Some of these may be Raper instead of Roper; see censuses below.

N.C., John Roper, S31945, State of Georgia, Gwinnett County, Inferior Ct. by October adjourned Twice. 1832 On this fifth day of October in the yar 1832 personally appeared in open court (it being a Court of Record) John Roper a resident of said County aged sixty nine years who having first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain he benefit of the Act of Congress passed 7th June 1832. That he entered the       service under the following named officers & served as herein stated towit. In the year 1780 in Northampton County & State of North Carolina where he then resided he entered the service as a Volunteer for three months in the Company commanded by Capt. Samuel Lockhart and Lieutenant Bonnett, Marched to Halifax & then Joined Col. Etherington Regiment & was attached to
Maj. Robert Peeples Battalion which belonged to Genr. Alli? Brigade. then to Camden in South Carolina & Joined Genl Gates Army in ? way near the mouth of Rocking River. and was in the Battle when the Army under Gates was defeated and the army dispensed. in about one month the army was again collected or that portion to which he was attached, and marched under the command of Brig. Genl. Jones to Smithfield in the State of North Carolina and was then discharged. In the month of February in the year 1781 he was drafted in the same State and County for to serve a tour of three months and marched under the command of Captain Bayard? Drew? and attached to Major John Shorts Battalion which was marched to Halifax County in North Carolina and attached to the Regiment under the command of Colonel Andrew Haynes from whence he was marched to Guilford County and joined Genl. Eaton about the 10th day of March and about the same time united with the army under the command of Genl. Green. was in the battle of Guilford in the same month, in which he was wounded slightly on the head. After the Battle of Guilford the Army retreated to a place called Spudwell Iron Works from whence in a day or two they were marched in pursuit of Cornwallis to a place called Ramseys Mills on duss? river from thence they marched to Camden in the State of South Carolina at which place Caponents? time of service ? training ? he received his discharge. John A? was one of the ? in this service. & he then returned service. in a short time again entereded the service as a ? for a term the term of three months and after having served that tour out. About the 1st March 1783 he was again drafted for three months as one of guard of a military store in the County of Northampton during which time he was under the command of Captain Thomas Williams when son Benjamin Williams was Leuitenant & Benjamin Peoples Ensign Thomas Durret was Commissary during the period and had charge of the Store. After the expiration of this period about the month of September he again entered the service as a Volunteer for three months and marched under Captain Johnathan Jackson to Little York in the state of Virginia and from thence to Williamsburg as a portion of the guard of a Magazine at which place he again received his discharge this time for which he entered the service having expired. After this time until the Cl? the Wor? he was variously engaged in scouting parties after the Tories at one time under Col Polk & often times under Capt. Burt. this ? a Copy of the Record of his age which shows that he was born 24 February 1763 in Brunswick County & state of Virginia. after the War he resided about 2 years in Northampton County then removed into Cumberton County then to Meckinburg County. in North Carolina. Then to Gwinnett County Georgia where he now resides. That he knows of no persons living by whom he Can frove said service nor has he any documentary evidence whereby he can establish the service. That all his discharges have been long since lost. He hereby relinquishes any claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of this agency or any state.    John Roper    Sworn and subscribed the day & year aforesaid in open Court. Attest. Wm. Maltbie Clk State of Georgia Gwinnett County. W. Mitchel Bennett Clergyman residing in the state & County aforesaid and James W. Moore residing in the same do Certify that we are well acquainted with John Roper who has sworn to ???? the above declaration. That we believe him to be sixty nine years of age. That he is reputed & believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution. And that we concur in that opinion. Sworn to & subscribed in ?? County the day & year aforesaid.  Mitchel Bennett Jas W. Moore. Attest Wm. Mattbee Clk. State of Georgia, Gwinnett County. Inferior Court October adjourn?? ??? 1832. And the said Court do declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter & after putting the interrogations ??? by the War department that the above named applicant was a soldier of the Revolution & served as he states. And the Court do further Certify that it appears to them the Mitchel Bennett who has signed the above Certificate is a Clergyman resident in the state and County aforesaid. And that James W. Moore who has also signed the same is a resident of the said state & County & is a credible person And that their statement is entitled to Credit. Given under our hands & seal of Office this 5th October 1832.  Clifford Woodroof 996 James Wardlaw 996 Ruebin M. Clung? ??? October 30, 1928. Lota W. Orr, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta Georgia. Madam: I advise you from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, S.31945, it appears that John Roper was born February 24, 1763, in Brunswick County, Virginia. While residing in Northampton County, North Carolina, he enlisted and served as a private with the North Carolina Troops as follows: in 1780, three months in Captain Samuel Lockhart's Company, Colonel Etherington's Regiment and was at the battle of Camden; from February 1781, three months in Captain Benjamin Drew's Company, Colonel Andrew Haynes' Regiment and was at the battle of Guilford where he received a slight wound on his head; from March 1, 1782, three months in Captain Thomas Williams' Company; from September 1782, three months in Captain Jonathan Jackson's Company. He also had various other tours sometimes under Captain Burt and Colonel Polk, no further details of his service given. He was allowed pension on his application executed October 5, 1832, at which time he was living in Gwinnet County, Georgia. The soldier state in 1839 that most of his children (names not stated) lived in Alabama and that he moved to Denton County, Alabama, to be near them. One Charles or Carles Roper testified in the case in 1839 in Benton County, Alabama, no relationship shown. There are no further family data. Respectfully, E. W. Morgan, Acting Commissioner. Application for a Transfer. Alabama, County of Benton. On this the fifteenth day of November 1839 before me the Subscriber, a Justice of the peace for the said County of Benton, personally appeared John Roper, who on his oath declared that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the Company Commanded by Captain Samuel Lockhart - in the Regiment Commnded by Colonel --- in the service of the United States; that his name was placed on the pension roll of  the State of Georgia, from whence he had lately removed; that he now resides in Benton County State of Alabama where he intends to remain and wished his pension to be there payable, in future. The following are his reasons for removing from Georgia to Alabama; he is becoming quite old and infirm in addition to which he has suffered in a great measure the loss of his sight; his Children mostly migrated to the state of Alabama upon the Conclusion of the treaty with the Creek tribe of Indians, and for the purpose of enjoying their society, support and protection in his old age, and almost helpless condition he emigrated also to Alabama.  John Roper Sworn and subscribed before me the day and year aforesaid. William Garnet? a Justice of the peace for Benton C. Alabama Benton County. On this fifteenth day of November 1839 before me, William Garntt?, the subscriber, a Justice of the peace for the said County of Benton, appeared Charles Roper - who on his oath, declared that John Roper, the person who has taken the above oath in presence of this affiant, is the identical person described in the affidant.  Carles Roper Sworn & subscribed before me the 15th day of Nov. 1839.  William Garntt? a Justice of the peace for Benton Co. Paid at the Treasury under the Act of the 7th April 1838 from 4th Sept 1831 to 4 March 18238. Agt. notified 3 July 1839. Set to W. Ganet Dec 3 1839. Inscribed on the Roll of Georgia at the rate of 50 Dollars __ Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831. Certificate of Pension issued the 2d day of Augt. 39 and Sub. N.? L. Hutching Lawrenceville, Geo. Arrears to the 4th of March 1839 100 Semi-anl. allowance ending 4 Sept.: 25 . Total: 125

We see that John Roper was born in Brunswick County, VA on 24 Feb 1763 and that he moved to Northampton County, NC before 1780.  He moved to Cumberland County c1788, then to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  Then he moved to Gwinnett County Georgia before 1832.  He moved to Denton County, GA before 1839 to be near his children.  Apparently one of his sons was Charles Roper.

DAR Patriot Index: p. 581:
John Roper b 24 Feb 1763 d 26 Jul 1850? m Sarah Lewis Pvt NC, pen.
George Roper b 1765 d 28 Feb 1845 m Soldier NC, pen.


A Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers & Patriots in AL: p.518: John Roper b 24 Feb 1763 Brunswick Co. VA d 25 Jul 1852 Oak Level AL Buried: place unknown. Service: Pvt. NC Troops. Enlisted in 1780 & served in Capt. Samuel Lockhart's Co.; Col. Etherington's Regt. Was
in Battle of Guilford. Served other tours. Pension: Allowed pension on Cert. No.16 357 which was issued 2 Aug 1833 GA Agency. On 1 Jun 1840 he was on list of pensioners, aged 76 and residing in Benton Co AL. Last payment made at Savannah GA on 9 Mar 1852 to Charles Henry as attorney for pensioner. No.S 31,945. Residences: In 1780 resided in Northampton NC. In 1832 was living in Gwinnett Co. GA. In 1840 he lived in Benton Co. AL. On 5 Mar 1852 he certified he had lived in Benton Co. sixteen years. Family: m Sarah Lewis. Children:
1. Mary Fincher Roper m William Howell 1813:  Hudson Howell b 1835 d 1864
m M. J. Earp b 1834 d 1892; 2. Joseph F. Roper m Margaret H. McEwen:
Rachel Elizabeth Roper m Samuel Smith Booth.
Members: Mary G. (Mrs. R.L.) McPhaul    Natl. No. 350567
         Ada Howell (Mrs. William) Cannon  Natl. No. 65738; Olive Judson (Mrs. B.F.) Giles   Natl. No. 56074 Ref: DAR Lineage Book V.102, p.193; AL Archives & Hist. 1911 List of Rev. Soldiers p.106; Gandrud AL Records V.152, p.50; Pension S 31,945; information submitted by Mrs. Meredith Ward,Regent Tuscalossa Chap. DAR; and information submitted by Gen. Sumter Chap. DAR.


Revolutionary War pension record S36261, George Roper, NC 19.388 to Illinois from West Tennessee, George Roper of Williamson Co. in the State of Tennessee who was a private in the Compy commanded by Captain Sharp of the regiment commanded by Colonel Dixon in the N. Carolina line, for the term of 1 year from 15th April 1781 to 15th April 1782. Inscribed on the Roll of West Tennessee at the rate of 8 Dollars per month,to commence on the 28 of December 1824. Certificate of Pension issued the 11th of March 1823 and Sent to Thomas Hardin Esq., Franklin, Tennessee. Arrears to 4th of March 1825. 18.6. Semi-anl. all'ce ending 4 Sept. 1825. 48=66.6. Revolutionary claim, Acts March 18, 1818, and May 1, 1820, & March 1, 1823. Transferred from West Tennessee to Illinois 24 Mov 1828 from 4 September 1828. The State of Tennessee, Williamson County Court of Pleas & quarter sessions July Session A.D. 1824. This day George Roper appears in open court and files his declaration for the purposes of obtaining a pension which is in the words and figures following towit, "On this day appeared in open court towit the court of pleas and quarter sessions for Williamson County in the State of Tennessee which is a court of record by act of assembly George Roper aged fifty nine years who being first sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the acts of Congress of the 18th of March 1818 and the first of May 1820 that he the said George Roper enlisted for the term of one year in the month of February 1787 in the State of North Carolina in the Company commanded by Capt. Anthony Sharp and the Regamint Commanded by Col. Henry Dixon & Major Donaho in the North Carolina line first regemint in the Continental establishment, that he continued to serve in said Corps until within a few days privious to the expiration of the term for which he enlisted when he was transfered to Captain Nation's Company in which he continued to serve until he was discharged from said service at Ashley Old Field in South Carolina in the month of June 1782 by Col. Henry Dixon which discharge is lost that he was in the battle of Haysnand fought in the month of March 1787, that he was in the battle of Guilford Courthouse fought in the same month & year that he was in the battle of Eutaw Springs in South Carolina fought in the same year and that he has no other evidence now in his power of said services except that of Capt. William Lytle Suit & Adjt Militia Haynil(?). And in pursuance of the Act of Congress of 1st May 1820 I do solemly swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1878 and that I have not since that time by gift sale or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent  thereby to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of an act of Congress emitted "an Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the land and naval Service of the United States in the Revolutionary War passed on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities contracts or debts due to me, or have I any income other than what is contained in the schedule here is answered and by me subscribed towit, that he is possessed of no property whatsoever except his wearing apparel. Then said George Roper doth make oath that he is by occupation a farmer and that he is not able to pursue his occupation from age and infirmities that he had a son named David C. Roper aged about 23 years who resides at a great distance from this applicant that he this applicant resides in Williamson County in the State of Tennessee. Sworn to in Open Court this 5th day of July 1824.  George X Roper (his mark) Whereupon on the examination of testimony It is considered by the Court that the total amount of the value of the property mentioned in the said Schedule does worth the amount of ten dollars at the same time it appeared from the affidavit of William Haynie when before John Chambers a Justice of the Peace for Smith County Tennessee that said applicant was in the Service of the United States to his knowledge the length of time sworn to by him which affidant in the following words and figures State of Tennessee Smith County Where William Smith Esq. states that he was well acquainted with George Roper in the army of the revolutionary War and that he the said George was drafted for a three months tour of duty and from some cause unknown to him the said Roper did not go into service until I took him out myself and when I arrived at head quarters the continental Officers informed me that he was turned over to twelve months in the regular army. I then interfered with the said Officer and took him out of their possession then informed the Colonel of my regiment the nature of the business how he became turned over into the regular army for twelve months the Colonel then told me to keep him there in my possession and to promise him if he would serve his three months sower? which tour he did serve and it should clear him of the regular army. Then shortly after I left the army the Regular Officers came and took him into theirservice and he the said Roper having no friends to act for him was continued in the United States service for twelve months in Capt. Anthony Sharp's Company of Regulars and Col. Henry Dixon'sRegiment of North Carolina General Summer's brigade and I believe obtained his discharge. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 29th day of March 1824 John Chambers, Wm. Haynie State of Tennessee Smith County. I Jonathan Puckett Clerk of the court of pleas and quarter sessions for said county do hereby certify that John Chambers before whom the written affidant was made and who has subscribed his name thereto in his Official Capacity now is and was at the time the said affidavit was made and by him  Subscribed as aforesaid an acting Justive of the Peace in and for the said County of Smith duly commissioned and certified according to the law and that full faith and credit is due and ought to be given to all his acts as well. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Courtat Office in Carthage the 3rd day of May AD. 1824 and 48th year of Our Independence. J. Puckett Clk. And came sure in Open Court at the same time William Dunnigan Esq. a man of reputable character who being first duly sworn according to law doth state that he is well and intimately acquainted with George Roper the declarant that said George Roper is a very poor & needy man owns nothing more than his clothes and that believes said Roper is eminently entitled to the charity of his country. Out of which is ordered to be certified that it is of the opinion of the Court that the said declarant & witness are (the rest is missing). Tennessee State, Williamson County, Whereas George Roper Signior a Citizen of the County and State afforesaid a Revolutionary Soldier also Applicant for a Pension declares on Oath that the Schedule are correct as it stands stated here that in the following years 1818 no property $00.00; 1819 no property $00.00; 1820 no property $00.00; 1821 one Horse worth $130.00; 1822 the same Horse $00.00; 1823 the same Horse $00.00; 1824 the Value of the $00.00. Horse retained and all $130.00 ($13?) Which Horse were gave to him to enable him to Apply for a pension and Sampson Powell furnished money and Conducted me about as I were a large part of my time incapable of traveling by myself and through the help of the said Sampson Powell and George W. Roper I Senior I made Application. And the reason I did not Apply before was this I was so poor and Infirm I could not Until I got ??? and I have a Represented. And I have not disposed of any Property of any Kind or put any out of my hands in any way nor Money in order to become a Pensioner.   George X Roper Senr (his mark) State of Tennessee Williamson Co. On this 22nd day of Decr 1824 George roper L???? carrie before me John C Stewart as notice of the Peace for said county and State and made oath that the facts sated in the above afidavit and the whole witness thereof are true. J. C. Stewart JP State of Tennessee, Williamson County. On this 22nd day of Decr. AD 1824 persons appeared before me Jeffr C Stewart a Justice of the Peace in and for the said Court George W. Roper & Laughson ?????? and ???????? that they have been well acquainted with the circumstances of George roper ??? for fourteen years and that at the time embraced by the statement in the above aforesaid wit as to the property of said George roper and said statement of property is just and true.  Sampson Powell. Sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and date above written. Goe. W. X Roper (his mark)    John C. Stewart August 27, 1931, letter to Jessie R. McClellan, 609 E. 11th St., East St. Louis, Illinois, Dear Madam: You are advised that it appears from the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, S.36261, that George Roper enlisted in the state of North Carolina, in February 1781, and served in Captains Anthony Sharp's and Watson's companies, Colonel Henry Dixon's North Carolina regiment, was in the battles of Alamance, Guilford Court House, Eutaw Springs, and was discharged in June 1782.  It is also stated that it he served a three months tour, prior to the above, names of officers and dates not given.  He was allowed pension on his application executed July 5, 1824, at whichtime he was living in Williamson County, Tennessee, and was aged fifty-nine years.  In 1824, he stated that his son, David C. Roper, was aged twenty-three years. In 1828, the soldier was living in Jefferson County, Illinois, to be near his only child, David Roper, who was living there. Very truly yours, A. D. Miller, Assistant to Administrator

Thus, George W. Roper, Sr. was born about 1765, probably in North Carolina, and his son David C. Roper was born about 1801 either in North Carolina or Tennessee.  The one reference to Senr in his signa­ture would imply that a George Roper, Jr. existed, probably his son.
This appears to be the George Roper that James Roper (see above) men­tioned as his brother in his pension application, although they were born twenty years apart.  Since James did not mention a brother named David who served in the Revolutionary War, perhaps the David whose pension application is given above was a cousin.  All three were apparently from Orange/Caswell County, NC.


The Deeds of Northampton County, North Carolina, 1759 – 1774”, abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. BRADLEY, Jr. (1990).
[Deed Book 4] 1797-(135) BENJAMIN PERSON of Northampton Co. to JAMES ROPER of same. 26 Sep 1767. 100 pounds VA. 490 acres where BENJAMIN PERSON the elder "has occupied for a considerable time past" which was patented by JNO. PERSON dec'd father of the sd BENJAMIN PERSON, joinin the old country line. BENJMAJN PERSON. Wit BRITAIN CLAYTON, JAMES STANTON, MORRIS(x) FLOYD. Mar Ct 1768. CC: Willie Jones
NOTE:  This is the first appearance of James ROPER within the Northampton records.  His purchase of land in 1767 probably implies that this James ROPER was b bef 1746.
[Deed Book 5] 955-(3) SION HILL & SARAH HILL to RICHARD ROPER .  SION(x) HILL, SARAH(x) HILL.  Wit: JAMES ROPER, EPHRAIM(x) PEEBLES, WM. SHARP.  Mar Ct. 1770.  CC: Willie Jones
NOTE:  James ROPER appears to have preceded Richard ROPER to Northampton.  This record is also the first mention of Richard ROPER in the Northampton, NC, records.  This Richard ROPER must have been b bef 1749.  The sale of land by the HILLs to Richard ROPER may also be suggestive that Richard might have been marrying into the HILL family.  We need to look at other HILL records.
[Deed Book 5] 980-(27)  JOHN BIRDSONG of Northampton Co. to John PATTERSON of same.  3 Sep 1770.  25 pounds VA. 100 acres on westward side of Jacks Swamp, joining ELMS.  JOHN BIRDSONG, MARY(x) BIRDSONG.  Wit: BENJAMIN(x) PATTERSON, JAMES ROPER , BENJAMIN PATTERSON JR.  Sep. Ct. 1770.  CC: Willie Jones.
[Deed Book 5] 1038-(85)  THOMAS OWEN of Northampton Co. to JOHN SIMMONS of same.  25 May 1771. 17 pounds VA. 95 acres, joining Roger's Creek, JAMES, the old country line, MARK MOORE, ABRAHAM ALLEY.  THOMAS OWEN. Wit:  THOMAS ROPER , ROSSER ALLEY, ELIZABETH OWEN.  Jun Ct. 1771, CC: Willie Jones.
NOTE:  There are also entries suggesting that this Thomas might be a ROSSER rather than a ROPER.
[Deed Book 5] 1138-(189)  CHARLES JORDAN of Northampton Co. to JAMES JORDAN of same. 20 Dec 1771. 140 pounds. proclamation.  230 acres which sd CHARLES JORDAN had patented, on east side of Jacks Swamp, joining Ihe old country line of VA & NC, JAMES ROPER , Meadow Branch, BENJAMIN BROWN. CHARLES JORDAN. Wit: BURWELL BASS, SAMUEL MORRIS. Mar Ct. 1772.  CC: Willie Jones.
[Deed Book 5] 1139-(190)  JOHN PATTERSON of Northampton Co. to JAMES ROPER of same. 21 Feb 1771. 32 pounds VA. 100 acres, joining Jack's Swamp.  JOHN PATTERSON, his wife MARTHA(x)PATTERSON. Wit: JOSIAH REAMES, BENJAMIN PATTERSON.  Mar Ct. 1772.  CC: Willie Jones.1
[Deed Book 5] 1140-(190)  JOHN BIRDSONG of Northampton Co. to JOHN PETERSON of Brunswick, VA.  26 Oct. 1771. 150 pounds VA.  351 acres, joining Cateshole [Swamp], JAMES ROPER , PETER SMITH, Long Branch, JOHN CAPELL, ANGELICA LEWIS , ETHELDRED JELKS.  JOHN BIRDSONG, MARY(x) BIRDSONG.  Wit: RICHARD ROPER , BATT PETERSON, SALLY BIRDSONG.  Mar Ct. 1772.  CC: Willie Jones.
NOTE:  Of these neighbors, Angelica LEWIS seems likely to be the Angelica LEWIS whose daughter Ann LEWIS married Richard ROPER.
[Deed Book 5] 1152-(204)  JAMES ROPER of Northampton Co. to DRURY JORDAN of same.  18 Dec 177?.  150 pounds VA. 490 acres which BENJAMIN PERSON the elder [owned?], joining the old country line, Jack Swamp.  JAMES ROPER , his wife MARY ROPER .  Wit: LAURENCE SMITH, JOHN COKER, JOSHUA COKER.  Sep. Ct. 1772. CC: Willie Jones.
NOTE:  This record gives us James ROPER’s wife’s name “Mary” .  The DAR Patriot Index: Shows a James Roper b 1730  d Oct 1786 m Mary Peterson patriotic service NC (at p. 581:).  It should probably be noted that the first deed to James ROPER in Northampton was purportedly from Benjamin PERSON (26 Sep 1767) and the second grant was from John PATTERSON , witnessed by Benjamin PATTERSON .  PERSON seems likely to be a spelling variant or mis-transcription of PATTERSON.   The DAR Patriot Index indication of Mary PETERSON may also reflect a marriage into this same family.


History of Anson Co. 1750-1976 by M. L. Medley: Reference of Roper in lineage of Elizabeth Divine Horne, born in Wadesboro, NC to James Dudley Horne & Sarah Augusta Divine Horne.
p. 112: Died 29 Sep 1846 Mrs. Martha Roper, consort of late John Roper of Harleesville, SC, born in VA 10 Apr 1768. Sister of Rev. Capel.


Orange Co. will for John Greer, 18 Aug 1769, proved Jan 1770: Beloved wife, name not stated. Sons: Frederick, William, John Daughters: Mimma, Tabitha, Mary Burnett, Siny (?), Sarah.
Son-in-law: James Roper. Witnesses: Jacob Garrard, Jr., Michael Dent

This James Roper is probably the one whose Rev. War pension (see above) mentioned his second wife Mary Neal/Neel (m 1788 in Caswell Co.).

Bulletin of Gen. Soc. of Old Tryon Co. NC 1973: p.26: The Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions began Apr 1770 Tryon Co. NC. A deed of sale from Frederick Ropper to Daniel Will
30 Dec 1769 for 200 acres proved by (blank).


The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. IX-1771-1775, p. 809: [From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.] To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire, Captain General, Governor, in and over the Province of No. Carolina, The Honourable Council, and Gentlemen of the House of Burgesses: The Petition of the North Part of Orange County, Humbly Sheweth, That whereas by the large Extent of sd County, it renders it very Burdensom to attend Courts, Generl Musters &c, We pray that a line Beginning where Granville County line corners on the Virga line, then Running South with Granville line twenty five miles, then West to Guilford line, then with Guilford line North to the Virginia line, then sd line East to the first station. And Your Petitioners
as in Duty Bound, shall ever pray. ...David Roper...(148 signers)
(Date of 1773 is on both sides of this record.)


Abstracts of County Records, Anson Co. by M. W. McBee: Abstracts of County Court Minutes 1771-1777: 13 Apr 1774 Wm. Griffin Hogan to James Roper, deed acknowledged.
13 Jul 1774 Ord. James Roper, overseer of road where of Whitmell Harrington was former overseer.
Abstracts of Deeds: Book 7, p.494: Jany 1777 James Hogan to James Roper & Wm Collson for 10 lbs on Southwest side of Rocky River. Wit: John Hogan
Montgomery land entries. Benjamin Baird - entry later - 1779 5 May 1779 William Griffin Hogan 100 acres on water of P D and Rocky River, own line & James Roper


Marriage Records of Halifax Co., NC: Martha Roper m Henry Haws Tucker 8 Nov 1774


The Deeds of Northampton County, North Carolina, 1774 – 1787”, abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. BRADLEY, Jr. (1993):
[Deed Book 6] 324-(331)  RICHARD ROPER of Northampton Co. to JAMES ROBERTS.  22 Jan 1779.  300 pounds VA. 250 Acres which had belonged to RICHARD ROPER on the east side of Cates Hole Swamp, joining GEORGE JORDAN, JOHN PING, Miry Branch, Milpond.  Also signed by NANCY(x) ROPER.  Wit:  JOSIAH JORDAN, GEORGE JORDAN.  Mar. Ct. 1779.  Jeph. Atherton CC.
NOTE:  The assertion that this is land “which had belonged to RICHARD ROPER” seems to suggest that either the Richard ROPER who owned this land is dead OR that this Richard ROPER had previously SOLD the land.  Unless the former Richard ROPER had sold it to the Richard ROPER making the conveyance, the only explanation which seems reasonably consistent with the wording is that the former Richard ROPER is dead and that the latter is his heir!  What remains unclear is whether the land being sold is that which Richard ROPER purchased from the Hills in 1770 or whether it is another parcel.  The “Nancy ROPER” shown in this record seems most likely to be the wife also known as “Ann ROPER”.  Alternatively, Nancy could have been a previous wife.
[Deed Book 6] 356-(360)  BURRELL LUCY of Northampton Co. to JESSE ROPER of Dinwiddie Co. VA.  12 Jan 1779. 165 pounds VA. 100 acres which was part of a patent to CHRISTOPHER JEAN, joining Spring Branch, ROY, HORTON, HODGES, MEACHAM, SORREL.  Wit: WM. HUDSON, JOSEPH CARTER, HENRY MASON, ROBERT MALONE.  Sep. Ct. 1779.  Jeph. Atheron CC.
Note:  We have Jesse ROPER, of Dinwiddie, the son of Charles ROPER and Anne GOODWYN, make an unexpected appearance in Northampton, Co., NC.
[Deed Book 7] 457-(52)  SAMUEL LOCKHART of Northampton Co. to WILLIAM HUDSON of same.  1 Jul 1780.  550 pounds Proclamation. 437 acres which was part of a patent to sd. LOCKAHART, joining Arthur’s Creek, THOMAS COLLINS, LUCY WOOTEN.  Wit: HENRY MASON, JESSE ROPER .  Sep. Ct. 1780.  Jeph. Atherton CC.
[Deed Book 7] 570-(134)  HENRY MASON of Northampton Co. to CHARLES THOMPSON of same.  17 Dec. 1782.  205 pounds VA.  205 acres, joining Arthur’s Creek.  Wit:  JESSE ROPER , ROBT. HANCOCK, HENRY MEACHAM. Mar. Ct. 1783.  Jeph. Atherton CC.
[Deed Book 7] 702-(241)  ROBERT HORTON of Northampton Co. to ROBERT CRITTENDEN of same.  1 May 1784. 40 pounds VA.  100 acres, joining RIVES, HODGES, ROPER , ROY, LOCKHART.  Wit: EATON HAYNES, J. WOOD.  Jun. Ct. 1784.  Jeph. Atherton CC.
[Deed Book 7] 725-(259)  ALEXANDER MARTIN[a state grant] to JOHN KING.  9 Oct 1783.  290 acres, joining his own line, GULLEY, ROBERT SKIPWITH, ROPER , LEWIS WILLIAMSON, JOHN COOK.  Wit:  J. GLASGOW sec.  Registered 10 Sep. 1784.
[Deed Book 7] 899-(391)  JESSE ROPER & his wife BIDDY of Northampton Co. to JOHN MAHOLLAND of same. 27 (no month) 1786.  (no amount) 100 acres which sd. ROPER had purchased from BURWELL LUSY, joining Spring Branch, HORTON, MEECHAM, SORET.  Wit:  JEENCY(x) MAHOLLAND [a female], JOHN(x) PARKER.  Sep. Ct. 1786.  Ea. Haynes DCCt.
NOTE:  This record reveals the identity of the Biddy ROPER .  She is clearly Obedience ROPER , known as “Biddy”.  It is unclear as to whether this is the SAME Biddy ROPER who later married James W. ROPER in Mecklenberg, NC, in 1821.  It is possibly noteworthy that Jesse ROPER purchased the Northampton property after the beginning of the American Revolution and then sold it after the war ended.  He may have desired to remove his family from Petersburg.

North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, May 1984, p. 99: Poll of Orange County for election on 10 December 1776 election for delegates to represent said county in Congress: ...
Thos. Merideth,... Wm. Roper ... Davd Roper ... John Roper ...


GA DAR Historical Collections: p.336: Roper. Bible in possession of A. J. Roper, Sylvester, GA: Lewis Griffin Roper s/o Thomas (b 1777) & Hannah Roper of Rockingham Co., NC came to GA from Mountain Creek, NC, gs/o Richard Roper & his 2nd wife ? Lewis Roper of Northampton Co., NC. Richard Roper b near Greenville, VA c1700.
Lewis Griffin Roper b 6 Nov 1812 d 21 May 1847 m1 Miss McMichael of Fort Gaines,
m2 7 Sep 1837 Emily McLendon b 22 Aug 1819 d 27 Sep 1882.  Emily m2 7 Jun 1855
Peter Willett

Child of Lewis G. Roper & Miss McMichael: John T. Roper 10 Aug 1836
Children of Lewis G. Roper & Emily McLendon: Amos Wesley 21 Oct 1838
Lewis Simeon 24 Feb 1840; Martha Caroline 1 Oct 1841
Lamitha Jane 30 Apr 1843; Georgia Amanda 22 Jul 1844
William Taylor 12 May 1846; Geo. Washington 12 Sep 1847
Andrew Jackson 12 Sep 1847; Emma Louise Willett d/o Emily's m2
Grandchildren of Lewis G. Roper: Charles Wesley Hillhouse 1 Dec 1861
John Henry Hillhouse 14 Sep 1864; Ethlyn V. Manham 12 Jun 1867
Ella B. Roper 26 Sep 1867; John D. Grubbs 18 Oct 1867
Emily R. M. Grubbs 22 May 1869; Lewis W. M. Roper 15 Jun 1870
Amos A. S. Roper 21 Jan 1876
Marriages: Georgia Amanda Roper & Richard Henry Hillhouse 26 Jul1861
Georgia Amanda Roper Hillhouse & Willoughby Hill Mangham 2 Sep 1866
George Washington Roper & Ellen Page 26 Dec 1866
Lamitha Roper & James Monroe Grubbs 27 Dec 1866
Andrew Jackson Roper & Mattie E. Callaway 4 Jan 1874
Emma Willett & Z. W. Mathews 24 Dec 1874
Deaths: Martha Caroline Roper 20 Jul 1852; Peter Willett 6 Jun 1863
Lewis Simeon Roper 5 Feb 1863; John T. Roper 22 Dec 1863
Richard Henry Hillhouse 21 Feb 1864; Amos Wesley Roper 12 Aug 1864
Emily McL. Roper Willett 27 Sep 1882; Lamitha Roper Grubbs 30Dec1915
Geo. Washington Roper 21 Jan 1925; James Monroe Grubbs 20 Jun 1925
Georgia Amanda Hillhouse Mangham 6 Jun 1927
Mattie E. 1st wife of A. J. Roper 19 Jul 1907


Caswell County North Carolina Land Grants, Tax Lists, State Census,
Apprentice Bonds, Estate Records, by Katharine Kerr Kendall: 1777 Tax List: Amount Taxable Property of the Inhabitants of the Several districts in the County of Caswell also those who by law are liable to pay a poll Tax returned by the several assessors to December Court 1777. NB Those left blank are liable to pay a poll tax.  Signed Wm Moore C.C. May 2d 1778. ... David Roper Sen., Richmond District, 403 pounds & 8 shillings David Roper Jun., Richmond District; James Roper, Richmond District; William Roper, Richmond District State Census of North Carolina, 1786, for Caswell County. The reportfor Richmond District is missing. No Roper is listed.


Anson Co. Deed Books: Book H, p.110: Wm. Dry to James Roper 25 May 1773, between Wm Dry of Brunswick Co. to James Roper of Anson Co....180 lbs proc money South Side of Rocky River 300 acres patent dated 5 Oct 1751. Wit: Thos. McQuyre, James Stanton. Signed:
William Dry proved Oct Court 1785
Book K, p.494: James Hogen, planter, to James Roper and Wm. Collson, planter, 1 Jan 1777. 10 lbs proc. money SW side of Rockrery River 3 miles above mouth...Wm. Drys corner, 1.5 acres being part of tract granted to Walter Gibson from King 5 Dec 1760, conveyed by deed 23 Feb 1771. Wit: John Collson, John Hogan, John X Lee. Signed: James Hogan. Proved
Jan Court 1778.

Book B-1, p.49: 24 Oct 1782 100 acres to James Roper for 50 shilling in Anson Co. on SW side of PeeDee River on North side of North Fork of Buffalow Creek, beginning near Brewer's improvements #440
Book D, p.152: 4 Nov 1795 Green Roper to Elijah Hagen, both of Anson Co....100 lbs on South side of PeeDee River lying in the fork of Buffalo Creek, James Roper's line, surveyed for James Roper 19 Oct 1779, containing 100 acres. Wit: James Marshall, Wm. Marshall David Hogan. Signed: Green Roper. proved Apr 1796
Book D, p.192: 5 Apr 1796 Green Roper of Anson Co. to Reuben Hildreth of Montgomery Co. for 100 on SW side of PeeDee River lying on the North side of the North Fork of Buffalo Creek, beginning at Brewer's improvement...100 acres being same granted to James Roper by State latter grant dated 24 Oct 1782. Wit: Jno. Lily, Job David. Signed:
Green Roper Rec. Jul 1796


Colonel Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774:
p.825: Muster Roll of Captain John Birdsong's Company: #17 Priv. Tho:s Roper


Rev. War pension application #S7413 for James Roper: North Carolina Richmond Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions. On this the 20 of July 1832 Personally appeared before the worshipful ? of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of the County of Richmond James Roper a resident of sd County and State aged seventy years who having first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obatin the benefit of the Provision made by Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832 - that he enlisted in the Army of the United States in May 1777 and served in the Second Bat. of the North Carolina Line under officers whose names and Ranks he thinks were as follows viz, Craddock Capt. H. Murfree, Major Aul Pottors - that he resided in the County of NorthHampton, NC at the time he entered the Services. That he marched to Alexandria and after some delay at that place occassioned by the Small Pox he proceeded to or near Valley Forge where he Joined Genl. Washingtons Army & passed the Winter that in the Succeeding Spring he marched towards New Jersey and was at the Battle of Monmouth that sometime afterward he marched to Charleston SC passing through Wilmington NC and was discharged sometime in Nov 1780 which discharge he now has in his Possession. He further states that sometime after his Return home he hired as a substitute for Robert Boykin for three months during which time he was in the Battle of Guilford NC where he ? a wound on his Head & Arm; that soon after the Expiration of sd service he hired again as a substitute for twelve months in the place of John Garrison and that during that Service he was in the Battle at the Eutaw Springs SC. The spring following he was discharged which discharge he has Lost.  He hereby Extinguishes any Claim whatever to a Pension or an Annuity except the Present & he declares his name is not on the Pension Roll of Any Agency in Any State.  Sworn to and subscribed the day & year aforesaid. James Roper  Test: M. B. Crawford 20 Jul 1832 #2485 NC James Roper of Richmond NC who was a private in the Co. of Capt. Craddock & Regt. of Col. Patton. Inscribed on the Roll of NC at the rate of 80 Dollars per annum to commence on the 4th day of Mar 1831. Arrears to 4th Sep 1832: $120 Semi-anl. allowance ending 4 Mar 1833: $40.  Total: $160 (The discharge paper is attached.) (One page is headed: INVALID) James Rooper do acknowledge to have Recd. all my pay arrears of pay clothing of all sorts and all Just demands from the day of my Inlisting into the said Battn. to this day of my discharge. Witness: Lewis Castes?   James x Rooper   (James Roper S.F.7413 NC) Payments to be made at Fayetteville, NC by the Presd. U.S. Br. Bk... 626 Seventh St., Washington, DC Dec 22, 1903 Hon. Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC. Dear Sir: I would be greatly obliged for the Military record of Frederick, James and John Roper who served in the Revolutionary War from that section now known as Northampton Co., North Carolina. Kindly advise me whether the records of the Pension office carry these names. Thanking you in advance, I am   Daniel C. Roper

Thus, James Roper was born c1762.  The last part is apparently a letter from Daniel Calhoun Roper, born in NC and raised in SC, who held several high offices in Washington, including cabinet offices under President Franklin Roosevelt.  (See the SC document.)

Montgomery Co. Voter List for 1779: Poll of voters at an election held the 10 & 11 of March 1779: Mr. John Kimborough  His Number of Ticketts  239
Mr. Solomon Gross  His Number of Ticketts  223; Jas Roper  His Numb of ticketts  152
Buckner Kimbell  His Number of ticketts 136


Caswell County marriages in the 1700s are:
John Yeats & Jemima Ropper  8 Mar 1779 BmW: James Ropper, W. Campbell
William Roper & Kiziah Yates  31 Aug 1781 BmW: John Yeats
James Roper & Mary ONeill  27 Mar 1792 BmW: John Peterson

The last record could be the marriage of James Roper to Mary Neal/Neel in 1788 that is mentioned in the Rev. War pension record of James Roper given above, although a four year discrepance seems much. That James moved with his family to Chester Co. SC about 1800. Or it could be the marriage of James Roper who was in Burke/Rutherford Counties, NC in 1786, 1788, 1790, 1793, 1796.

Roster of Soldiers from NC in the American Revolution:
p.18: Pierce's Register: 90223. George Roper
p.51: Roster of the Continental Line from North Carolina:
Pt. Jas. Roper, Brinkley's Co., 7 Apr 1777 3 yrs
Pt. Geo. Roper, Sharp's Co., 15 Apr 1781 Left service 6 Jun 1782
p.179: NC Revolutionary Army Accounts: James Roper, soldier; John Roper, soldier;
p.207: 2838. George Roper 9 mo's man to the Southward
p.233: Military Land Warrants, Continental Line:
Pri. Richard Roper 228 acres, service 30 months, 15 Jul 1785
  {to be retained J. Macon. Rec. Thomas Smith}
2268. Privt. James Roper 274 acres service 36 months 17 Sep 1785
3914. Pri. Caleb Roper, or (Raper) 640 acres deed to Col. Murfree  28 Nov 1795
p.448: Northampton Co.: Private James Roper $160 NC Cont'l line  4 Mar 1813 age 72
p.504: State Records of NC; Army Accounts-Halifax & Warrenton 1781-5
140. Nathaniel Roper received by John Ingles
NC Rev. pensioners: 1320. Privt. James Roper
p.607: Roll of Capt. John Ingles' Co., 2nd NC Batt., Com. by Col.John Patton. 9 Sep 1778: 29. James Rooper enlisted 7 Apr 1777 3 yrs


The State Records of NC: V.24: p.157: At a General Assembly, begun and held at New Bern on the 14th day of Apr it enacted,... that James Roper and William Sheppard be appointed Contractors for the District of Salisbury.
p.299: An Act to appoint Commissioners for fixing a place within the County of Montgomery to build a Court House, Prison and Stocks, and other purposed therein mentioned....Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of NC, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that James Roper, James Allen, Cornelius Robeson, Samuel Person, and John Colier...are appointed commission- ers,,


The State Records of NC: V.13: p.791: House of Commons: Sat 15 Aug 1778 Mr. James Roper, one of the contractors for Salisbury District, having signified his desire of resigning that appointment after settling and adjusting his neces sary business. Resolved, therefore, that the said Roper's appointment as contractor cease after the twenty-eighth day of this instant


Caswell Co. Deeds: A:186-20 Jan 1779 224 acres. David Roper to William Roper (both of Caswell Co.). Land in Caswell Co. on both sides of Rattlesnake Creek. [Description identical to that of Orange Co. deed 3:454. Wit: James Bradley & David Cochran. David X Roper
A:236: NC#24 to Michael Montgomery 250 acres on NW side of Rattlesnake Creek adj David Roper 3 Mar 1779. CC Jas. Montgomery, Peter Baxter.
A:339: NC#116 to James Stringer 640 acres on both sides Main Road on Rattlesnake Creek adj David Shelton, David Roper 20 Dec 1779.
A:454: NC#143 to William Morrow 638 acres both sides Rattlesnake Creek adj David Roper, John Carmon, claim of Jacob Miles, Henry Wilson, claim of David Shelton 20 Dec 1779.
A:520: William Lea to Major Lea for 100 lbs, 240 acres on Country Line Cr adj Wm. Lea's corner, a beach on Roper's Br, corner James Lea's line. 19 Dec 1780.
A:565: James Stringer to Jacob Williams for 100 lbs 640 acres both sides of main road on waters Rattlesnake Creek adjacent David Shelton, David Roper 5 Dec 1781. Wit: Adams Sanders, Robert Payne, Mat Hubert.
B:92: NC#366: to David Shelton 228 acres on Rattlesnake Creek adj.Wm. Morrow, David Roper, Powell, James Stringer, John Davis, Peter Baxter, Montgomery 29 Oct 1782.
C:1: William Roper to Robert Morroe for 400 lbs 38 acres adjacent David Roper, the tract Morrow has now in his possession. Also signed by Keziah Roper 13 Jan 1784 Wit: Thomas Tarpley, James Bradly.
C:5: William Morrow Sen. to Robert Morrow Jun for 100 lbs 140 acres adj. David Roper, Jno. Carman, Slade's corner. 13 Jan 1785 Wit: Thos Tarpley, Jos Bradley.
C:142: David Shelton to Jacob Williams for 100 lbs 228 acres on Rattlesnake Creek adj. Willm Morrow, David Roper, Powell's line, James Stringer, John Davis, Peter Baxter, Montgomery's corner. 17 Jan 1785 Wit: James Stringer, Thos Neeley, Robt Morrow.
E:231: Robert Morrow to Ralph Hubbert of Lunenburg Co. VA for 100lbs140 acres crossing Rattlesnake Creek adj. David Roper, John Carmon 26 Nov 1787 Wit: David Cochran, Jacob Williams, Joseph Hurley.
E:260: Robert Morrow to Ralph Hubbard (Hubbert) of Lunenburg Co. VA for 500 lbs 38 acres both sides Rattlesnake Creek adj. David Roper, land where Hubbert now lives. 26 Nov 1787 Wit: David Cochran, Jacob Williams, Joseph Hurley.
H:13: William Roper to James Montgomery for 30 lbs 16 acres and 63 poles on Rattlesnake Creek adj. Roper, Saml Welch. 18 Oct 1791.     Wit: Lancelot Johnston.
H:20: Jacob Williams & Thomas Donoho to Edward Swan for 200 lbs 406 acres on Rattlesnake Creek adj Geo Wite, Morrow, Hubbert, Roper, it being tract Jacob Williams has possessed and part sold by Sheriff to satisfy execution at Hillsborough for Dudly Runnals and purchased by Thomas Donoho. 22 Nov 1791. Wit: David Cochran, Edmund Alley.
H:55: Jacob Williams & Thomas Donoho to Edmund Alley for 42 lbs 63 acres on Rattlesnake Creek adj. Edward Swan, Wm. Roper, John Davis, Samuel Welch, being part of tract on which Williams lived for 9 or 10 years. 22 Nov 1791. Wit: David Cochran, Edward Swan.
H:85: William Roper to David & Sarah Roper 25 Sep 1792 (see below)
H:219: John Low to Job Siddall for 30 lbs 41 acres on Reedy Fork of Hico adj. William Richmond, Meshack Morton being a tract granted Low 1790. 21 Nov 1792 Wit: William Roper, Elisabeth Low.
H:251: Edmund Alley to Job Siddle for 80 lbs ? acres on Rattlesnake Creek adj. James Montgomery, William Roper, Edward Swann, Jno Davis, Samuel Willeke?. 22 Dec 1792 Wit: Jesse Carter, Joshua Hudson.
J:2: Ralph Hubbard to Jesse Carter for 89 lbs 2 tracts on Rattlesnake Creek 140 acres adj. David Roper, John Carmon, Slade; 2nd tract adj Roper with 178 acres 4 Oct 1793 Wit: W. W. Cunningham, William B. Burton.
J:344: Major Lea to Hearndon Lea for 50 lbs 86.5 acres on Country Line Cr adj John Lea, Roper's Br, being part of tract major Lea surveyed for himself. 3 Mar 1796. Wit: J. Carter, John Lea.
K:104: George Samuel to John Roper of Halifax Co. VA for 200 lbs 255 acres on creek near Ragsdale's old mill. 12 May 1797. Wit: Asa Thomas, James Robertson, Will Thomas.
N:133: John Roper to William Yates for 50 lbs 50 acres W side Country Line Cr. at Roper's Spring Br. 13 Nov 1798 Wit: Saml S. Farley, Abner Robinson.


North Carolina Government, 1585-1979: House of Commons 1780
James Roper-Montgomery Co.


The State Records of NC: V.19: A list of all the Allowances which have originated in the House of Commons...May Session 1780...James Roper  885 pounds


The State Records of NC: V.17: p.242: The Army Accounts of NC Line:
140. Nathaniel Roper pd 116.11 received by John Ingles
p.1150: 10th Regiment:
Pt. Jas. Roper Yarborough Comp., enlisted 12 Apr 1781 12 months serv  Omtd in 1782
p.244: 2838. George Roaper pd41.15.1 received by Thos. Donoho
p.1149: Pt. Geoe. Roper Sharp's Co., enlisted 15 Apr 1781 Left  service 6 Jun 1782


Anson Co. Will Abstracts 1745-1795, V.1 by B. Holcomb:
p. 35: James Roper-dau Martha, 300 acres on Long Creek; dau Lucy Roper, 200 acres on Long Creek, patented by William Hogan, also 100 acres adjoining Wm Taylors line on Long Creek; son Green, plantation where I now live, 300 acres purchased of Colo. Dry; dau Mary, 200 acres on Davids Creek, surveyed by Moses Hall; son Wm Roper 200 acres patented by Em. Hildreth on Cedar and 200 acres on the Ridge surveyed by Geo. Davison, and the mill; dau Susannah Roper, 400 acres Buffelow surveyed by Colo. Davidson; to wife (not named) 50 acres where I now live; wife and John Lilley, exers. 17 Aug 1781. Wit: Van Swearington, John Johnson, Dennis McClendon
Colonial Granville Co. and Its People by W. S. Ray:  p. 195 Some notes from the records of Anson Co.: James Roper inventory of his estate in 1782. Mary Roper mentioned.
Anson Co. Will Abstracts 1745-1795, V.1 by B. Holcomb: p. 145 27 Sep 1782 Inventory of estate of James Roper. Part of estate left out. Mary Roper, adm.
p. 221: 4 Nov 1782 Sale of estate of James Roper, Mary Roper, buyers Jonathan Jackson, Sheriff.
p. 312: 7 Jul 1783 Account of James Roper's estate with John Lilly. To Peter Randall, McKendle, Charles Ray, Joseph McAllister, Mrs. Roper. Contra: Geor Goodwin
p.337: 4 Oct 1784 Estate of William Griffin Hogan...Mary Roper, note
Abstracts of County Records, Anson Co. by M. W. McBee:
Will Book #I, p. 35: John Roper-very sick; dau Martha Roper 300 acre in Montgomery Co. where I formerly lived; dau Lucy; son Green; dau Mary Roper; son William Roper; dau Susannah Roper; loving wife, 50 acres. She & John Lylly exrs. 17 Aug 1781 Signed John Roper Wit: Van Swearington, John Jonson, Dennis McLendon.

It appears that "John" should be "James" in the last entry.

Abstract of Wills of Orange Co. 1752-1800: A-257: Will in Archive. 20 Apr 1781 proved Aug 1782. Amos X Thomson or Thompson, wife: Martha son: Littlebury Thomson, brother: Charles Thomson "all my land in Donwoody Co., VA Exec: Lewis Kirk, Richard Cate, brother Charles Thomson, Jesse Roper. Wit: Hen. Hancock, Robert Peebles, Buckner X Floyd, Benjamin Tarver.


Marriage Records of Wilkes Co., NC: Agness Roper m Thomas Powell 17 Jun 1782 (Ambrose?)
The Powell Families of Virginia and the South: p.579:
Wilkes Co.: Ambros or Thos. Powell m Agnes Roper 17 Jun 1782


Hollingsworth Gen. Card File: James Roper in deed Anson Co. NC 1806 by Reuben Hildreth to Chas Coppedge, qv, one tract was gr to James Roper 24 Oct 1782, on N. Fork Buffalo Creek. He adjoined the other two.


Report of Daughters of the American Revolution: p.437: George Roper $34.60 Regiment under Col. Thomas Clarke, NC, paid to 15 Nov 1783 R. Fenner, agent


SC US census: Aaron Roper b 1784 NC (s/o Benjamin Roper)


State Census of NC 1784-1787: p.45: Granville Co.: The number of Inhabitants in County Line district in the Year 1786: James Roper 1 0 1 0 0 (WM21-60 WM>60 WF B12-50 B<12&>50)

The NC census of 1786 lists no Ropers for Caswell County.

Index of NC Ancestors: p.215: Joshua Wilson b 1749? VA d 1844 AL m1 1783 Molly Williams m2 1786 Barbara Roper Halifax Co.
p.220: John Yates b c1750 m 1779 Jemima Roper Caswell Co.


NC Land Grants in TN 1778-1791: p.98: p.92: William Wykoff & Lardner Clark, 274 acres 1787 on the waters of North Cross Creek; assigned by James Roper, Pvt.
Patsy Robertson 640 acres 1788 Davidson - on the waters of Caney fork; assigned by heir of Stephen Roper, Sgt.


MO US census: John Roper b 8 Jan 1788 (d Wright Co., MO Oct 1863)


Surry Co. Deed Books: Book D, p.64: 8 Feb 1788 Richard Goode, Sheriff, to Thomas Roper...
James Moore owned...200 acres on Middle Fork of Lick Creek, beginning at Isaac Garrison's corner, with James Warnocks line, joining land of Stephen Fountain, Thomas Roper. In the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions...a judgment against James Moore for 50 lbs 15/11. Wit: Stephen Fountain, Peter (Q) Fulp. Registered May Term 1788.


Marriage Records of Rutherford Co., NC:
David Roper/Rooper, Jr. m Sarah Frances 25 Feb 1788 bm Charles Rooper & James Rooper
Nancy Roper m Jesse McGlamry 17 Sep 1789; Martha Roper m John Higdon 1789
Elizabeth Roper m Thomas Boyd 23 Oct 1794; Saray Roper m Robert Boyd 18 Sep 1795


Family record from Arthur A. Roper, P.O. Box 20, Belleville, IL
6222: George Washington Roper b c1788 NC d 8 Sep 1866 Saline Co., IL
m c1820 IL/TN Rachel Stockton b 1795 TN d 8 Sep 1866 Saline Co., IL Children:
Ancel b 1823 IL d Mar 1860 m Emily Weaver 11 Mar 1841
David b 1824 IL d c1877 m Frances Davis c26 Jan 1845
William Carroll IL b 13 Oct 1826 m Malissa Henderson 7 May 1848
Jemima b 1829 IL m William Vaughn 3 Sep 1850
James Madison b 20 Nov 1832 IL d 24 May 1903 m Isabel Keith20Feb1849
George Washington b 13 Jun 1833 IL d 29 Apr 1915 m Frances L. Grigg c1859
Had a previous wife in NC and 2 children: Seth Roper b 1810
Charlotte, NC and an unknown daughter who m George Lane.


NC Gen. Soc. Journal V.3 p.191: William & Nancy Ann (Graves) Lea from Caswell Co. NC c1788 to Wilkes Co. GA. William d Wilkes Co. GA c1794. Legatees: Thomas Lea, John Lea, Jonathan Lea, Nancy Lea, & her five Chn: Rosanne Jean, Sarah Lea, William & Sarah Roper
(grandchn), wife Nancy Lea.


1790 US Census for NC:  M16up M<16 - F - other free - slaves
Burke Co.: James Roper      1 1 - 2 - 0 - 0
Caswell Co.:     Hillsborough District James Roper  - - - - - - - -  William Roper    - - - - - - - -
Chatham Co.: Hillsborough District John Roper, Sr.  1 0 - 3 - 0 - 0  Wm. Roper  1 0 - 0 - 0 - 0
Cumberland Co.:  Fayette District Jesse Roper      3 2 - 7 - 0 - 0
Halifax Co.:     Halifax District John Roper       1 1 - 2 - 0 - 2
Northampton Co.: Halifax District Ann Roper      0 2 - 3 - 0 - 0  James Roper      1 1 - 2 - 0 - 2
Rutherford Co.:
Rev. David Roper 1 1 - 5 - 0 - 0  David Roper, Jr. 1 1 - 1 - 0 - 0
Charles Roper    1 2 - 5 - 0 - 0  Merideth Roper   3 1 - 4 - 0 - 0


Abstracts of NC Wills: p.254: 1791 Perquimans Co.:
John Roper, Margaret, Henry, John, Pricilla, Penelope, Grace


Stokes Co. Wills-Deed Book B 1775-1794, V.3: John Raper-wife Margaret-Henery, son; son John & 20 others not legible; dau Prissilla, Elizabeth Bateman, Penelope & Grace. Henery Roper (son) and Thomas Bateman (son-in-law) exers. Recorded 16 Jul 1791. Wit: John Hodge, Frances Leigh. p. 84, side 481, p.85, side 482.
Josiah Roper. Wife Mary, sons Cornelius and Benjamin, dau Margaret.
Exers, wife Mary and friend Henry Roper (brother).
Taxables-Stokes Co. 1790 Capt. Hills Dist.: Thomas Raper

These may all be Raper instead of Roper.

Surry Co., NC Will Abstracts 1771-1827 by J. W. Linn: 2:177a
Inventory of estate of William Reymond. Had to send a message to Halifax to get a negro in the hands of John Roper. Rec. Feb. Ct.1791


Hollingsworth Gen. Card File: John Roper of Richmond Co. NC, grantor in deed 1792 to Crenshaw Duke of Lancaster Co. SC. Tract in Lancast. Co. S/s Catawba River...


Bulletin of Genealogical Society of Old Tyron Co.: p.23:
1792 petition from eastern Rutherford: A portion of the district of Capt. Jas. Wilson: David Roper


Caswell Co. Deeds: H:85. 25 Sep 1792. 50 acres. William Roper of Caswell Co. "for Love Goodwill & Effection that I bear unto David Roper & Sarah Roper my father & mother" Land in Caswell on Rattlesnake Creek; land where on said David Roper now lives; "beg. Edmund Alleys SW corner runing E. 61 poles thence S. with Edward Swans line to my corner thence W. with Hubberts line to Rattle Snake Creek then down the creek to white oak Saplin neare the upper part or fence of my plantation thence meare a NE Course to the first Station". "During their natural life" Test: Edmd. Alley, James Yates William X Roper

Abstracts of Land Entries: Richmond Co. NC 1780-1795, Abstracted by Dr. A. B. PRUITT (1988).  The only ROPER entry shown within the Index is item 885 on page 74: page 148 885 (456). May 14, 1793.  George Carter enters 50 ac in Richmond Co on NW side of big Mountain Cr; between Wm Bolton's and John Roper 's land "he" bought of George Slaughter; warrant issued Aug. 24, 1793 ; Treasr £0.15: fees £0.6.8.


NC Marriage Bonds: Guilford Co.:
Wm. Roper m Elizabeth Hollinsworth 2 Feb 1793 in Bdsm: Isaac Gray; Wit: John Hamilton
Elizabeth Raper m Wm. Gray Aug 1794 Bk. A, P.131
Index to Guilford Co. Wills (Film #4470, Pt.1, #019057 SLC, Utah Gen Lib: William Raper to Elizabeth Raper Feb 1795 Bk.A, p.313. Alsolists William, Thomas, & Jacob.

It appears likely that the Wm. Roper should be Raper.


The Page Family in NC 1685-1850: p.111: Johnston Co. (formed from Craven Co. in 1746) 1794 Thomas Page land grant, Jno Roper surveyor 12 Nov 1793.


They Came to KY: p.316: George Gastineau b 1776 Washington Co., VA m Polly Roper b 1795 NC. Child: Elizabeth b c1838. Washington Co.,VA records.


Letter to compiler from Marilyn Harris, Rt. 3, Box 255A, Mtn. Grove, MO 65711:
John C. (Jackie) Roper b 2 Aug 1796 VA/NC d 16 Dec 1876 Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO bur Prairie Grove m  Hannah B. Martin Children: Welcome Martin Roper; Milton T. Roper; John C. Roper; Eliza Jane Roper; James H. Roper; Emily Elizabeth Roper; Permely T. Roper; Edward Franklin Roper; Patsy Ann Roper; Mary Susan Roper; Hannah Holena Roper. m2 Anna Baker Nave b KY


North Carolina & South Carolina Marriage Records to Civil War by W. M. Clemens: p. 242: Mecklenburg Co.John Roper m Sarah Fincher 16 Nov 1797; Jonathan Fincher, Isaac Alexander.


NC Wills: A Testators Index: p.404: John Roper Halifax Co. 1797 WB-3/282 AR


History of Anson Co. 1750-1976 by M. L. Medley: p. 298 Died Mrs. Martha Stackhouse, wife of Isaac Stackhouse and daughter of John & Martha Roper - born in Richmond Co., NC 1 Feb 1798. Moved when small to Harleesville, Marion Dist, SC.
Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate 1837-
1860: p.298: Died Mrs. Martha Stackhouse w/o Isaac Stackhouse in Marion Dist. near Harleesville on 16 Feb 1852, b Richmond Co. NC
1 Feb 1798, moved when small by her parents John & Martha Roper to
this district....


Marriages in Mecklenburg Co. in NC Archives: Agness Roper to John Bigham 4 Sep 1799; James Bigham, Isaac Alexander


Letter to compiler from Lois York Hamilton, 3500 Sycamore Dr., Boise, ID 83703 23 Jun 1989:
Researcher: John R. Roper, 6720 E 60th Pl., Commerce City, CO 80022. "Needs info on George Roper born NC-moved to TN-marr. 2) Rachel Stockton. Moved to IL."
Mrs. William D. Daniels, North Star Route, Cimarron, KS 67835 Sep 1981. I am interested in exchanging info on Roper families in NC. My grandmother (paternal) was Loretta Jane Roper b 1 Dec 1862 in Jefferson Co., IL. She was the g-granddau of George Roper, a Rev. War soldier from NC. I know little about George Roper except that he was supposed to have come from the Caswell-Orange Co. area....George Roper & his descendants appear to have lived in NC, Williamson Co., TN, Marion & Jefferson Cos., IL. George Roper died ca1845 and is buried in Marion Co.